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Celebrity Myths, Celebrity myths, From an emergency room visit involving a gerbil and this leading man to surgery to remove ribs stars have long been subjects of rumors. Some have been false, but a few have been true. See if you can guess what’s what in this list of famous celebrity myths.

Halle Berry has six toes
The rumor: Photos of Halle Berry in flip-flops created buzz on gossip sites, with some saying she has an extra pinky toe – making for six toes — on her left foot. Halle Berry 5 toes + metatarsal, Marilyn monroe six toes,

Peter Billingsley’s second career
The rumor: Peter Billingsley who played the cute “You’ll shoot your eye out” kid in “A Christmas Story,” is rumored to have started a porn career as an adult. Peter Billingsley producer + porn career + not true,

George W. Bush did cocaine
The rumor: A book released during George W. Bush’s presidency claims he did cocaine before going into politics and his father helped him get the charges dropped in exchange for community service. George W. bush denied cocaine charges, Fortunate Son: George W. Bush and the Making of an American President,

Cher removed her ribs
The rumor: Cher who has admitted to having plastic surgery on her nose and breasts also had her bottom two ribs removed to give her a smaller waist. Cher did not remove her ribs,

Jamie Lee Curtis is a hermaphrodite
The rumor: “Scream queen” actress Jamie Lee Curtis has played a teenage slasher victim and a housewife spy. The long-standing myth that Curtis was born with male and female sex organs has been kept alive over the years, with believers referring to her boyish name and short hair as proof. jamie lee curtis hasn’t confirmed or denied being a hermaphrodite, jamie lee curtis praises angelina jolie,

Walt Disney had his body frozen
The rumor: According to a long-standing rumor,Walt Disney arranged to have himself frozen in a cryonic chamber full of liquid nitrogen after his death in hopes that medical technology would revive him someday. Walt Disney cremated + not frozen, Disneyland’s Pirates of the Caribbean ride,

Richard Gere had a gerbil lodged in his body
The rumor: Richard Gere was admitted into the emergency room with a gerbil lodged in his body. This rumor, which started in the 1980s, hinted at a secret sexual activity the “An Officer and a Gentleman” star practiced. richard gere gerbil rumor is false,

Marilyn Manson was on “The Wonder Years”
The rumor: Shockrocker Marilyn Manson has long been believed to have played nerdy Paul on the TV series “The Wonder Years.” The shock rocker’s fans point to the similar facial features and Manson’s age. josh saviano + paul pfeiffer,

Tom Jones insured his chest hair
The rumor: In 2008, reports surfaced that crooner Tom Jones insured his chest hair for $7 million. The policy reportedly was taken out with a world-renowned specialist insurance market. tom jones denies insuring chest hair,

Eminem was stabbed in NYC
The rumor: Earlier this year rumors started surfacing that Eminem was stabbed in New York City and left for dead. What looks to be a graphic image of the injured rapper was circulated online, adding fuel to the fire. Eminem was not stabbed in NYC, justin bieber stabbed,

Andy Garcia was born as a Siamese twin
The rumor: Cuban-born actor Andy Garcia was born with a conjoined twin the size of a softball attached to his shoulder. It was surgically removed and all that remains is a scar on his shoulder. Andy Garcia was born with a conjoined twin attached,

Blood from KISS band member was used in a book
The rumor: Blood from KISS band members was mixed with red ink used in the printing of the first “KISS” comic book. A registered nurse reportedly took blood from each KISS band member before it was poured into the ink. Yes blood from band members of KISS used in comic book, Gene Simmons from KISS had a cow’s tongue grafted on to his own.

Lady Gaga is a man
The rumor: Soon after the “Poker Face” singer became famous, some started wondering whether Lady Gaga is all woman. In 2009, Gaga’s hermaphrodite created a buzz when a YouTube video was posted showing something coming out from under Gaga’s skirt during a performance. lady gaga + not a hermaphrodite + press release,

Jennifer Lopez insured her rear
The rumor: Performer and pop star Jennifer Lopez known for her derriere as much as for her dancing, reportedly insured her butt for $27 million. jennifer lopez $27 million butt insurance true,

Jack Nicholson’s sister is his mother
The rumor: Jack Nicholson discovered in an interview that the woman he thought was his sister is actually his mother. His family hid the truth because his mother was young, did not know who his father was and wanted to pursue dancing. Jack Nicholson sister was his mother,

Sylvester Stallone starred in a porn film
The rumor: “Rocky” star Sylvester Stallone starred in a soft-core porn film called “The Party at Kitty and Stud’s” when he was a struggling actor in New York City. Sylvester Stallone porn film,

Jane Seymour was the Gerber baby
The rumor: Film and television actress Jane Seymour has long been believed to be the adorable Gerber baby, the iconic trademark logo found on the company’s baby food products. Gerber baby logo created in 1928 before Seymour was born,

Mister Rogers was a sniper
The rumor: Children’s TV personality Mister Rogers wants to just be your neighbor but, according to a long-standing rumor, he was once a sniper and Navy SEAL with more than 150 kills. Mister Rogers was not a sniper and Navy SEAL,

Mark Wahlberg has a third nipple
The rumor: Mark Wahlberg the former underwear model-turned actor known for his killer abs, may have a little something extra on his chest. Fans have long talked about an infamous third nipple, pointing out a mysterious growth on his chest in photos. Mark Wahlberg confirmed third nipple,

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