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Cash For Caulkers,President Obama announced yesterday some new measures to aid the high unemployment in America and get people back to work.  One of his proposals is now being termed as Cash for Caulkers, which will follow a similar outline to the automobile Cash for Clunkers program that ran earlier this year.  Proponents of the program say this will give consumers an incentive to make their homes more efficient by offering a rebate.  But the real winner will probably be the porn industry.

The proposal, which will have to be approved by Congress, is said to accomplish three objectives:

1. Create jobs quickly
2. Save consumers money
3. Reduce Americas carbon footprint

The fourth objective, creating jobs in the porn industry, is focused on below.

The program would include up to $12,000 in rebates for modernizing homes with energy efficient equipment.  The proposal sounds decent, but so did Cash for Clunkers when that was first announced, but ended up being terribly managed by Congress.  The program was originally conceived by 9/11 truther and Communist, former green jobs czar Van Jones.  Cash for Caulkers, like the Clunkers program, really just moves future work up to the present time.

Also, big home improvement stores such as Home Depot and Lowes will benefit from the increased sales of insulation and other products.  So the question that needs to be asked is who in the Obama administration has a niece or nephew that has a stake in these two companies!

Cash for Caulkers will be disguised in what will likely be a third stimulus bill, which House Speaker Nancy Pelosi wants to call a job creation program.  The stimulus bill didn’t work and merely paid back unions who supported Obama, and the Caulkers program will likely do the same.  Many construction workers are union, so the puzzle continues to fit together.  Pelosi has discussed using the roughly $200 billion in unused TARP funds to pay for the program, but this would be illegal under the definition of what the money is to be used for.  Maybe they’ll consider giving it back to the taxpayers or paying down the huge deficit that Obama has increased since in office.

At any rate, buying and using energy efficient light bulbs isn’t going to jumpstart our economy.  This, though, will give Obama something to talk about at the Copenhagen Climate Summit.  But Obama and Congress have forgotten one group that will benefit from just the name of the program: the porn industry.  Think of all the raunchy titles and hilarious plots that are bound to surface around Cash for Caulkers.

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