Amazing Feats By Fathers

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Amazing Feats By Fathers
, Amazing feats by fathers, Amazing real-life dads. These dads donned S’s on their chests when they took on beasts, bad guys and even the elements, and they showed their kids what a superhero looks like in the flesh.

Toby Burke bear attack
This Frontier State wildlife biologist was bird watching with his wife and three kids when a brown bear attacked them. First, Burke tried to fend off the bear using his most obvious weapon, but that backfired.

How did the desperate dad protect his family? Toby Burke bear fight used his fists.
Toby Burke bear telescope tripod, Toby Burke bear attack + minor injuries, Toby Burke state troopers shot bear.

Frank Ventola Robbery

In his daughter’s eyes, Ventola was already a hero for going to the store to get her coffee ice cream. While shopping in the Denver store (Safeway), he discovered the pharmacist was being robbed. He stepped in to help and was rewarded for his efforts.

How did he save the day? Frank Ventola tackled robber.
Frank Ventola Safeway ice cream free of charge,

Filimon Lamas
When a disgruntled neighbor who had been evicted came back with a gun and a vendetta, Lamas found his wife and four kids in jeopardy. (It happened here.) The diner owner sacrificed everything to save them.

What was his last heroic act? Filimon Lamas draped his body over the children.
Filimon Lamas and 4-year-old son died, Desmond John Moses fatal gunshot wound to the head.

Joseph Welch
Welch took his son, Joey, for a canoe ride in this Florida locale, only to have their outing turn into an ordeal. Before they had even rented the boat, Joey fell into the water and was attacked by an 8-foot alligator.

How did dad save Junior? Joseph Welch punched alligator.
Joseph Welch stranger kick the alligator’s underside,

Polo Rodriguez deep fryer fire

A family celebration (Las Vegas, NV) turned tragic when a deep fryer was accidentally knocked over. The spilt grease caused a fire that engulfed Rodriguez’s home.

What was his last heroic act? Polo Rodriguez died saving son and niece.
Claudia Parga deep fryer fire, Las Vegas fundraiser for deep fryer fire.

Robert George
When George’s daughters told him neighborhood children had fallen through the ice in a nearby pond (Mariner’s Cove, IL), he rushed out to help wearing only a T-shirt and sweatpants. Three of the kids made it to safety, but one was still in danger.

How did he save the day? Robert George tied rope around his waist saved Ryan Dugan
Robert George neighborhood kids mild hypothermia.

Dennis Weichel Jr.
This New England soldier lost his life while serving in Afghanistan, but he didn’t fall in combat. When he noticed a group of children playing in the street, the dad of three gave in to his fatherly instincts.

What was his last heroic act? Dennis Weichel protected Afghan boy from armored truck.
Dennis Weichel Bronze Star, Dennis Weichel posthumously promoted to sergeant.

Eddie Peoples
Army Sgt. Peoples had been on leave back home for a week (Army Staff Sgt. Eddie Peoples tour of duty Iraq) when he found himself in harm’s way again. He was in line with his two young sons at a local bank when a robber entered carrying a gun. Peoples made sure his boys were safe and then took action.

How did he save the day? Eddie Peoples chased down bank robber in parking lot.
Matthew Rogers bank robber, Eddie Peoples Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office certificate of recognition,

Antonio Diaz Chacon
Chacon, a mechanic father of two, was doing laundry at a relative’s house (Albuquerque, NM) when he saw a man force a young girl into a van and speed off.

How did he save the day? Antonio Diaz Chacon gave chase + rescues 6-year-old girl.
Phillip Garcia abducted girl.

Wes Michaels
When he learned a twister was headed toward his Midwest town, Michaels drove out to warn his daughter, who was managing the family’s gas station. He rushed her into the store’s cooler, then made the ultimate sacrifice.

What was his last heroic act? Wes Michaels positioned his body above that of his daughter.
Wes Michaels Cenex gas station, Wes Michaels killed saving daughter 58th birthday.

David Anderson
While his California family was visiting New York City, Anderson’s 2-year-old daughter fell into the East River at this popular port.

How did he save the day? David Anderson jumped in East River to save daughter.
David Anderson Julien Duret French tourist East River.

Ghulam Badar
This Canadian father was visiting a favorite sightseeing spot with his family and in-laws who had come from Illinois. When his 9-year-old niece was swept away by the current, he didn’t hesitate.

What was his last heroic act? Ghulam Badar jumped in to rescue girl from waterfall.
Ghulam Badar Nadim Shah, Rabia Shah pulled out of water waterfall rescue.

Patrick John Hughes
Though his son, Patrick Henry, was born without eyes or the ability to walk, he has devoted his life to making music. When he enrolled as a Cardinal, he wanted to join the marching band as a trumpet player. So, the elder Patrick quit his day job to make his son’s dream come true.

How did Dad make it happen? Patrick Henry Hughes pushes son’s wheelchair in marching band.
The Patrick John Hughes Parent/Booster Award.

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