9.5 Feet (2.9 M) Wide

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9.5 Feet (2.9 M) Wide, One meter is slightly longer than one yard or three feet.
The United States still uses the English system of measurements, such a feet and pounds, in everyday life. Scientific fields, however, tend to use metric measurements. Converting between the two systems requires multiplying or dividing the original number by a conversion factor. Finding a figure in meters when you have the original measurement in feet requires you to divide the number of feet by the number of feet in one meter. You can also form a ratio to double-check your answer.


Divide 9.5 by 3.281, the number of feet in a meter. This breaks down the number of feet into units that each equal a meter, except the last, which is the remaining portion less than a meter. Dividing 9.5 by 3.281 equals 2.895, or two meters and 0.895 of a meter.

Set up a ratio with 1 over 3.281 on one side of an equals sign and “X” over 9.5 on the other. The top numbers are in meters and the bottom numbers are in feet. Since you’re trying to find the number of meters that equals 9.5 feet, you’ll have an “X” in that spot instead of a number.

Multiply numbers that are diagonal from each other, placing the results on either side of the equals sign. So, 1 x 9.5 and 3.281 x X, giving you 9.5 = 3.281X.

Solve for X; divide 9.5 by 3.281 to get 2.895 meters.

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