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2011 Predictions, 2010 was a tumultuous year of change and the ruthless rejection of decomposition obsolete and professional organizations. Even in the Chinese Zodiac 2010 is the Year of the Tiger fierce meant to those who have eyes to see that it was a year of rough and turbulent times more scalable? Personally, I do not put much stock on any physical system in terms of zodiac forecasts show, but they do help me understand what will be, will come to be in a certain order, as I am, for it will pass. With hindsight I could not have conceived the fall of American iconic companies such as Mercury or Pontiac for example and many others.

This leads me forward to the next New Year of the Rabbit lucky. Without going much further into this, we will focus on larger more general concerns, such as our lack of financial security and well-being as a people of this great country (United States) that I love.

If you had the choice to vote on one or the other, what would you choose: freedom or financial security? The answer is very simple for me, but before I tell you my answer, let me tell you why. In the past there have been many proposed systems of government such as monarchy, communism, and even a utopia in Italian literally means “nowhere” or as I like to see (now / here). For example, communism was a system of government based on financial security or the socialist economy, which has proven it, can easily become oppressive, tyrannical and bureaucratic, as in the case of the Soviet Union before its demise in 1991.

Across the world, we have democracy, which allowed us to plunge into capitalism inexplicably in what became the American pure pursuit of profit. Do not get me wrong, nobody can survive without profit, it has been brilliantly described, but not “commercially” noted that without government supervision of the cycles of capitalist create serious financial booms and depressions along the height of acute unemployment. It also motivates the selfishness and lack of cooperation by creating wealth ego rather than being of service. In this system, people are educated to the impressive titles instead of innovation and the joy of work. This also leaves the capitalist political parties vulnerable to corruption by political contributions from holders of these rich and could also be a reflection of the “Watergate” in the Nixon administration.

After all, I vote parole. Ironically the economic infrastructure of this country was built on slavery and to a large extent it still works that way but now at a more psychological level. You can see and hear it everywhere on the highways, radio, television and internet commercially psychosomatic how they seduce you suggest or what you should buy, believe it or worse … eat! But do not despair, all you have to do to get rid of slavery is just be careful and be yourself. It’s been proven that the mere observation of an ERM process mechanical study. This may not be easy, but it is not difficult, but it is very simple which paradoxically makes life easier. Freedom is the foundation of God (the unspeakable and ineffable) countries. This is not financial security but the freedom to express yourself and pursue your own happiness, where bread (money) is simply a by-product of your real enemy is hungry, but you can not kill it.

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