Zombie Costume Ideas

October 25, 2011 by staff 

Zombie Costume IdeasZombie Costume Ideas, For the lazy person who hates to shop and be seen by foreigners, Halloween is a holiday cruel. It comes with a clever costume idea is mentally tough enough, but then you have to figure out where to buy all the parts of the suit, and then go to all places where they could sell these pieces, and then you have to put all them, then it is usually too cold to wear out fun and everyone is dressed as Little Miss Sexy prostitute or ladybugs or B**blestiltzkin. What is the possible preparation of Halloween reveler to do? Half-ass, that’s what.

Half Halloween costumes do not have to be terrible, last year I had the opportunity to meet a very horrible “sxy Abraham Lincoln” costume items that already had around my house, fishnet stockings, a pair of shorts spandex, a jacket, shirt, tie, dress hat, and a chin strap beard, I just happened to have laying around my house because one of my friends and I was disguised as a man covered, pipe to Scrabble tournament a couple of weeks ago, and chin strap beard was among adhesive facial hair do not use that day. Chinstrap beards have no place in organized Scrabble.

A suit of half-truth can be adorned with anything from simple eyes of a pun with the limit of bad taste. All you need is what you already have around the house.

Since the election campaign in full swing, you can jump on the bandwagon politician. Grab your suit brighter color job interview and some pearls, tease your hair up very big, grab your biggest bear of a gay friend and go out to Michele Bachmann and Marcus. Or, if you are a friend on the smaller side, you get a suit that is too large and that two lovers can go as Michele Bachmann and Ron Paul. Or, go based themes. Wear a color as close to their skin color as possible. Every time I see a woman, your trip or pull your hair or something. When she complains, claims he has no right of control. You’re a Republican fetus, after all, and you have more rights than she does!

Amanda Knox has been in the news lately, and dress like she is very easy. Minimum wear makeup, pull your hair halfway, dress conservatively, but casually, and if someone asks you how the hell are you Amanda Knox, explain, question in English, they are not in Italy. And that is his suit. Casey Anthony is not just about the same as that of Amanda Knox, except put the hair in a tight ponytail and wearing a crew neck shirt. This only works if you are in Florida.

The recently deceased Celebrity dress is usually a very easy to assemble quickly. Covering a uniform age band with several medals, throw in a reflective sunglasses and a hat framed wire without wings and maybe a little fake blood, and go Muammar Gaddafi. A black turtleneck sweater, dark pants cut, smooth wire framed glasses, and decades of ideas made invisible and will be given a great costume for Steve Jobs. You can also go as a zombie tribute to Betty Ford loving, Amy Winehouse, or Conoway Jeff, but is expected to get some dirty looks.

If you hate parties and will not go, you can always go the route idiot. Try to invite tons of people to his house and tell them that his party will be the best. Let’s say you have filled the place with shelf liquor and a famous local DJ Semi rotation can, but when they get there, the door is closed! Find other hand, piglets, and was only enclosed by a woman who dresses like the NBA this Halloween. Or, to the home of a friend, race immediately to the room, and refuse to get out of bed. You are a bug.

Go as someone who believes that they are invisible. Every time someone speaks to you, act surprised and ask if they are magical. Let Carlos Mencia. Just repeat what other people say back to them and then look around expecting others laugh. Walking through the tears of the party, dressed as the “drunk girl friends all left.” Sit there does not speak and act as if you are not paying attention. Use a long dress, black. Once you leave the party, say a lot of stupid sht. You are Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas!

Or not go at all. Instead of being presented to a party, send a note saying that you have employed one of his minions to steal the Eiffel Tower and will have to travel through time to find you. You are Carmen Sandiego?

Although Halloween is a time for fun and mischief, there are some general prohibitions on Halloween. Group costumes are great fun and a good way to locate their friends at the time of division. Do not use black face paint or any type of ethnic composition, for example, unless your costume is “racist dickbag will probably end up getting punched.” And if it’s just too complicated, just watch the DVD of Hocus Pocus and mourn when the cat dies again. That’s probably more fun anyway, and thus is less likely that someone dressed as Hermione Slutty throwing up on you.

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