Young Apprentice

October 25, 2011 by staff 

Young Apprentice, Yes, I was the same when I was 16 years – safe, focused, and had three profitable businesses up and running. I was money-oriented, driven by success, I wore a suit and tie, and my suitcase with wheels wheels around on tall buildings in London, talking trash. I was not fussed to make friends, or what others thought of me, I was aiming high, as the big tall buildings in London. I wanted to show people that if you have a dream can do …

Wait, no, I did not. They were not dreams, but … Well, this is probably not the place to enter. I was insecure, out of focus, all charm, hardly. I thought the girls, but could not speak with them. Or anyone really. Nobody understood it, was so unfair. I locked myself in my room, listening to music and pressed my points. I never thought to even start a business, much less three. Never have the young apprentice (BBC1).

Well, young apprentice who has not been done (fairly) started when I was 16. But I would not have done, even if they had. I’m looking at this lot – and Gbemi Harry, Hannah and Haya de la Torre, Santiago, etc. And Mahamed are a different species than I was. And of all the teenagers I know. I’ll be honest with you, young i am better. I do not like – certainly hated – Young Me.

The new candidates look pretty normal on the outside as well as being dressed inappropriately for their age. But then they open their mouth and this nonsense out, the same nonsense spoken in adult learner. They are exactly the same, only small bonsai launchers. And it makes you wonder what has happened in their lives to do this. If social services to worry about? Look at his eyes, there’s something different there too. They are dark and lifeless, like some black hole, the vortex of nothing – or worse, evil. Just thinking about them sends a shiver cold in the back.

Lord of sugar you like though. The love he says. She loves to encourage young people, who loves to give them opportunities, which is full of love today. The first task is set to make ice cream. Return to the house, a mansion in San Juan wood with a roof terrace, dressing, and a horrible piece of art as an anchor of great flashing in the hallway. One of the guys pulls out a spray can, and write a big W on the wall opposite the great anchor, remind yourself what’s on his way to becoming … No, of course not, because that would have required self-awareness, imagination, ingenuity, and a spray can. And these people have none of those things.

It’s boys against girls. One of the girls sixth sense suggests a computer name. That’s what I’m talking about – the eyes! Comply with kinetics. The boys chose Atomic. Mmmm, Atomic ice cream – it makes you glow in the dark and gives you cancer. Nobody wants to be team leader. Ja, where are all their leadership skills now?

Not very impressive in our work well. Fighting boys, girls can not add. They are all talk and nothing more? To be fair, they sell their ice cream, but mostly through intimidation and bullying. And he was not totally in front and open about some of the hidden costs. As an extra 20p for a cone!

Back in the boardroom, and it is time for the show of sugar. “I never say the mind of Ben and Jerry’s more like Tom and Jerry bloody” manages to stumble out. It’s like a machine with a handle, which in turn and comes pre-prepared line – a bit abruptly, like a music box, because it is difficult to turn the crank at a constant speed, but the joke comes at the end. “Although this was a task of ice cream, you will discover that I am not Mr. Softie.” Well done, sir, we reach the end. Anything else? Just a cheesy line, give it to me, questionable humor, Lord of sugar … After shooting Mahamed, his dream shattered. But he gets a ride on Roller sugar, and suddenly he’s just a boy in the back of a big car. It is a nice touch, however, a brief taste of what could have been. Either that or all this is very, very wrong.

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