Yoga Reclined Staff Pose

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Yoga Reclined Staff PoseYoga Reclined Staff Pose, Yoga poses, also called asanas, are generally categorized into the following types: sitting; standing; forward bends; back bends; twists; inversions; and reclining. Each type of yoga pose has its own unique purpose and benefit. The sequence in which the yoga poses are performed is also important. As with any new exercise routine, consult your doctor first.

Sitting Asanas
All sitting poses bring elasticity to the hips, knees, ankles and muscles of the groin, according to yoga master B.K.S. Iyengar. Sitting poses include staff pose, hero pose and fixed angle pose. Seated poses also reduce heartburn, keep the kidneys healthy and improve the circulation in the feet.

Standing Asanas
Standing asanas strengthen the leg muscles, spine and joints, according to Iyengar. Standing poses include mountain pose, triangle pose, warrior pose and downward facing dog pose. Also, because standing poses such as tree pose and eagle pose require you to stand on one leg, they improve your balance.

Forward Bends
Forward bending poses can be performed while sitting or standing. They involve bending the head toward the feet and compressing the abdominal area. Head to knee pose and forward fold are two of the most commonly practiced forward bends. Forward bends reduce stress and regulate blood pressure, according to Iyengar.

Twisting poses can be performed while sitting, standing or laying down and involve twisting at the abdomen. All twisting poses have a positive effect on the functioning of the organs, according to yoga teacher and author Judith Lasater, Ph.D., P.T.

Inversions are any yoga position where the heart is placed above the head. Some examples of inversions are headstand, shoulder stand and plow pose.The health of your body and mind is greatly enhanced by the practice of inversions, says Iyengar. Inversions are best practiced under the guidance of an experienced yoga teacher to ensure proper alignment and avoid injury to the cervical spine.

Back Bends
Back bends are yoga positions where the spine is compressed and the front part of the body is open. They energize the body and stimulate the nervous system. Common back bends include camel pose, bow pose and cobra pose. Back bends are effective treatment for people suffering from depression, according to Iyengar.

Reclining Asanas
Reclining asanas are pose performed in a lying position and are usually held for longer periods of time. Often referred to as restorative, reclining poses soothe the body and refresh the mind, according to Lasater. Reclining bound angle pose, reclining hero pose and corpse pose are common reclining asanas.

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