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July 22, 2010 by Post Team 

Yahoo Account, (Impact Media (blog)) — The merger YaBing search has been in the pipeline for almost a year now, but for the first time we are seeing the first real signs of the transition, so you’re ready for change?

after only 51 weeks of the landmark merger was announced, Yahoo finally seems to be evidence of features Bing. Microsoft looks to take care of both organic and duties, Yahoo and its own search engine Bing, the pace of caution is perhaps understandable.

Blog yesterday Community Bing announced that the test was coming. Satya Nadella, senior vice president of Online Services Division had this to say about current activities:

“We have a couple of tests going on right now to test our ability to deliver both high performance, the quality of algorithmic results and search advertising of energy for both companies.”

While this is only being conducted in the U.S. and Canada, where a previous release is more likely (in the “coming months” apparently “), we are finally moving towards a two horse race in the search and PPC markets here in the UK.

But Bing was just officially announced their intentions, and Internet commentators realize results. For example, Search Engine Roundtable organic results collected in identical display in his post: I’m seeing the results of Bing in Yahoo. Indeed, the results are quite similar.

Unfortunately, there seem to be evidence here yet, so there is no duplication in the results between the two search engines currently. However, this is the first and the clearest sign of things to come.

So what does this mean for their efforts in search engine marketing?

In terms of SEO, your job becomes a bit easier. Instead of search engine optimization for three (or more if also target Ask, AOL, etc), soon only have to worry about the rankings of the two most important – Bing and Google.

You of course may have to be a little more aware of Bing rankings however. So make sure you have your Webmaster Tools installed and understand what you are seeing Bingbot is a necessity. For more information on this, see Mike’s post yesterday – Bing Webmaster Tools Update – Look Familiar of Google?

What about PPC?

When it comes to PPC, things might be a little trickier. If you are not currently using adCenter but have run campaigns on Yahoo Search Marketing platform, their accounts will be transferred automatically to the Microsoft platform. As they have slight differences, including the types of agreement (adCenter has three – including Google – while Yahoo has only two) and how to assign keywords, you need to optimize their accounts prepared for the transition. For a useful guide to the complexities check out details on how the Yahoo / MSN merger affect your PPC campaign SearchEngineWatch.

Yes, of course, only account AdCenter, or even both, you should be fine. Just focus on the construction of this and ads on Yahoo and Bing will be soon (for better or for worse).

For those who may not have considered using an alternative provider PPC, now might be the worst time to do so. Among them, Bing and Yahoo get a little more than 6 percent of all visits to the search engines (by comparison, Google gets about 84%). Thus, despite their combined use may be only a fraction of Google, there is still decent work. Better yet effectiveness is not diluted in water and you will not have to work twice.

This is largely going to be a continuous history. It is clear that there are still plenty of evidence that will be carried out and I would not expect any wholesale change until much later in the year in the United Kingdom. Even though, it’s always worth being prepared.

Source: Are you ready for the Yahoo / concentrations Bing?

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