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April 3, 2011 by staff 

WWE WrestleMania, WWE WrestleMania is scheduled to begin Sunday night with the return of The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin, along with the title match pitting Edge against Alberto Del Rio and The Miz vs. John Cena. But mostly The Rock and Stone Cold. Triple H and The Undertaker will also face in a game involving a lot of bleeding and loss of Triple H.
If the Heels win too, will affect the overall picture of WrestleMania? Will it affect the struggles that arise from the granddaddy of em ‘all? Will it be seen as an attempt to get more people to invest in bad, as if they were in the age of attitude? We’ll see.NTQuMjI1LjUzLjI1Mw==

As I have been saying since last Friday, he runs have never been stronger. They have two … prestigious titles in the WWE … and work well together as a unit. To lose a match no team would do absolutely no sense and would have to throw something into the wall. This is a victory for the heels.

Sheamus has only won the title outside the U.S. Daniel Bryan. We used to get rid of the nickname King of the Rings made him look foolish and strengthened his character in just two weeks after winning. To give this belt back to Daniel Bryan would make no sense.

Sheamus is the heel of the party and I cannot see Daniel Bryan won his title back, and that would end what could be an interesting fight. So we can put this as the second win heel.

Cody Rhodes has had a lot of effort put into his character and I would almost say perfect. Mysterio wins to devalue Rhodes as a character and end the feud between Mysterio and himself.

The character is a stub that if they got along, it can be very successful and a great attraction for the company. Just look at CM Punk to realize that. Can you have too many heels? No, if you have the faces behind them. There are a lot of faces in the mid-card feud with Sheamus could therefore not really a problem there. It is the main eventers who have the problem.

With only a select few superstars in the top of the food chain in the WWE, they have to be careful how many heels are competing for a title at a time. A program of the heel against the heel can be fun, but I think it would have to be balanced with a face at some point and if all these heels win at WrestleMania this could be difficult, especially if the change occurs Supper.

This attempt to make people, as evil must be handled carefully because if not people will not know who to cheer and parties end up being in disarray. Of course, this is an extreme scenario, but it could happen if the heels are not given care and attention they require at WrestleMania. WWE needs to build some of the top most expensive in my opinion.

Randy Orton has been in a super-stretch in the last month, removing all members of Nexus. CM Punk is being built to be the top heel in the company again, makes no sense for him to lose.

Randy can recover from a loss at WrestleMania and is a good opportunity to establish Punk as a heel higher than the WWE probably will not be lost. That’s four wins on the heels of my own.

The Miz. You now have a custom belt and Cena to win cleanly to prove it really is a must champion. With The Rock do not mix things up a bit; it makes the lady even more likely to retain his belt. Win No. 5 for heels. (Side note: Good chance to turn Cena heel in the process)

Finally, Alberto Del Rio. Many members of the CBI believes that can actually win the title at WrestleMania, but I’m sure what the outcome of this game will be. Something tells me that Edge will cost the championship at WrestleMania, whether Christian or Albert himself. If he did win, which is as likely as winning Edge, which would be two thirds of any given card to your heels.

So is the WWE trying to push a new era in the management heel down our throats? I would say that if these predictions turn out to be true, is an attempt to get away from the “poster boy that only appeals to kids’ trick. Before you kill me for saying that, I am in no way implies that it is a bad trick to have, in fact I think that has helped the company survive hard times in the last couple of years, by adding a demographic younger,

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