WWE Night of Champions 2010 Results

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WWE Night of Champions 2010 Results, The fourth edition of the Night of Champions WWE came to you, live on pay-per-view, from the Allstate Arena in Chicago, Illinois, where all the championships in the WWE was on the line! In his toughest test to date as WWE Champion, Sheamus defend his WWE title against five of the best WWE Superstar, four of them former WWE Champions such as Sheamus defend against John Cena, “The Viper” Randy Orton “The Rated-R Superstar” Edge, Chris Jericho, and the leader of The Nexus, Wade Barrett, a Six Pack Elimination match! In an intense rivalry extends over the last thirteen years, brothers go to war with the World Heavyweight Title on the line, for the first time since he was placed in a vegetative state in May, The Undertaker would compete in pay-per – seen as “the phenomenon” would be out for revenge against the man responsible for putting in a vegetative state, his own younger brother, Kane, with Kane’s title of the heavyweights on the line in a no disqualification, no count -outs, no rules and no mercy as the brothers face off in a no holds barred match! After using his girlfriend, Vickie Guerrero SmackDown Consultant to successfully retain the Intercontinental title in his last two defenses making apologized and told, Dolph Ziggler defend the Intercontinental title from the superstar has been a victim of the power couple Dolph & Vickie for over a month, Kofi Kingston, but this time, if Dolph Ziggler is disqualified or counted out, then you will lose the Intercontinental title to Kofi Kingston! In a rivalry going all the way back to the first season where they were a dysfunctional NXT Pro & Rookie pairing, the rivalry has become even more intense since SummerSlam where Daniel Bryan replaces The Miz on WWE Team in the battle against Nexus, a rivalry that has seen Mrs. Daniel Bryan attack and lay in Finale Skull crushing on the money-in-the Bank briefcase and has seen Daniel Bryan Miz force to exploit Insurance LeBell repeatedly and now on the Night of Champions “, Mr. Money-in-the Bank” United States Champion The Miz defend his title against the U.S. “The American Dragon” himself, Daniel Bryan! In recent weeks, Big Show has been the main reason for the implosion and the complete dissolution of the League fixture, and now on Night of Champions, the former leader of the League fixture, “El Salvador fixture” CM Punk will seek revenge as Chicago’s own CM Punk would go one-on-one with “the world’s largest athlete Show” Big! The amazing line of Women Championship goes all the way back to 1956 when the late, great Fabulous, Moolah was crowned the first champion, and since then, several women have held the title legendary Sensational Sherri Lita Trish Stratus Melina Beth Phoenix and now on the Night of Champions, legendary Championship for Women is unified with the Divas Championship as the self-proclaimed “Champion of Women’s cooperation” Michelle McCool go one-on-one Divas Champion Melina in a Lumberjack match with several SmackDown & RAW Divas around the ring, including half of LayCool, Layla, where the title unification match winner will become known as the champion single Divas division of both RAW and SmackDown & can claim to be the first unified & Divas Women’s Champion in WWE history! With all the WWE Championship on the line at Night of Champions, The Hart Dynasty would also be defending their WWE Tag Team title at the event, but against a team to-be-determined!

> Match Results> << * Intercontinental Championship: Change the title of your hands on a DQ or Count Out: Dolph Ziggler (c) (with Vickie Guerrero) def. Kofi Kingston for the pin after the Zig Zag to retain. * Big Show Def. CM Punk by pin following the final blow. * United States Championship: Daniel Bryan def. The Miz (c) (with Alex Riley) by the LeBell lock to win the U.S. title. & * Female Divas Lumberjack Match Uniform Title: “Co-Women’s Champion Michelle McCool (with Layla) def. Melina (c) by pin following a big boot to unify Divas & Women’s titles in the Unified Title Diva. * World Heavyweight Championship: No Holds Barred: Kane (c) def. The Undertaker for the pin after the Tombstone Piledriver to retain. * Championship WWE Tag Team: Tag Team Turmoil: Drew McIntyre & “Galloping” Cody Rhodes def. The Hart Dynasty (c) (with Natalya), Jey & Jimmy Usage (with Tamina), Santino Marella Vladimir & Kozlov, Evan Bourne & Mark Henry to win the WWE Tag Team Titles. * WWE Championship: Six Pack Elimination Match: Randy Orton def. Sheamus (c), John Cena, Edge, Chris Jericho, & Wade Barrett (with The Nexus) to win the WWE title. >> Detailed results <<

The show started with the Intercontinental Championship as Dolph Ziggler line with his girlfriend, Vickie Guerrero and SmackDown Consultant Vickie NXT Rookie Diva, Kaitlyn in her corner, will defend the Intercontinental title against former champion Kofi Kingston with the stipulation that if Dolph Ziggler is disqualified or counted out, then, Kofi Kingston will be crowned as the new Intercontinental Champion! At the beginning of the fight, Dolph Ziggler is sent out and runs Rookie Diva Kaitlyn Dolph more to meet, and seeing this, Vickie Guerrero ordered Rookie Diva of the backstage area, leaving one at ringside Vickie such as the Intercontinental Title match continues! During the match, Kofi Kingston vulnerable, Vickie Guerrero was prepared to deliver a blow to Kofi, but once he realized that if the referee saw Vickie deliver the blow, would be disqualified and lose the Intercontinental title, Dolph Ziggler orders Vickie to do on your own! Kofi Kingston then come back and try to hit Trouble in Paradise, but Dolph Ziggler is duck out of the way, resulting in a rough landing on the strings of Annan, and later a Zig Zag, Dolph Ziggler would have his hand raised and still champion Intercontinental!

Moments before going one on one with Big Show, Chicago’s own “fixture Salvador” CM Punk claims that “loves” his hometown, but despises the “inhabitants” of Chicago! Punk follows that the citizens of Chicago “ruined” his city politicians “corrupt” and “corrupt cops” and the Chicago White Sox before proclaiming that the residents of Chicago that the “ill” and that they are the scum “land”! Punk keeps saying he’s “proud” to live there, but he is “proud to be one of the residents before claiming that Chicago should be” reduced to ashes “a second time so you can build a” rule of Utopia “in instead! CM Punk, then turns his attention to Big Show and says it is his “home” and not “one run” before proclaiming that he is “David” and Big Show is “Goliath” and “deep” is “the power of fixture Almighty “!

After running on and insult the hometown of Chicago before making some bold proclamations for his party, typical of Chicago “fixture Salvador” CM Punk was one on one with the giant thorn in his side in recent weeks on the “most world’s largest athlete “Big Show! Despite the placement of a valiant effort, CM Punk would find mercy of the harvest jaw rattling Knockout Punch Big Show Big Show the way to victory!

Then it was time for the U.S. title to be defended as “Mr. Money-in-the Bank” United States Champion The Miz, with his “apprentice Riley” Alex in his corner, would defend the gold against rival of seven months, “The American Dragon” Bryan Daniel! Although work on the left arm of Daniel Bryan throughout the match and despite the frequent attempts of interference by Alex Riley, The Miz was unable to find a way to beat Daniel Bryan and Bryan would take advantage of the frustration of The Miz to take the lady on the block and force LeBell The Miz to explode to become the new Champion of the USA!

Then it was time to unify Divas & Women’s titles in a unification title Lumberjack Match as self-proclaimed “Champion of Women’s cooperation” Michelle McCool go one-on-one Divas Champion Melina RAW & SmackDown Divas several , including the other half of LayCool, Layla and Kelly Kelly, Eve Torres, Maryse, Alicia Fox, Bella Twins, Rosa Mendes, Gail Kim, Jillian, Tamina, & Natalya acting as lumberjacks for the important title unification of the party to determine the Diva only the tops of both RAW & SmackDown! During the match, the referee was distracted by a fight outside Logger, Layla would enter the ring and attacking Melina, but Melina Layla launch abroad! However, this would allow Michelle McCool back and deliver a big boot to Melina on the road to the unification of Women & Divas Champion title to become the first unified Diva in WWE history!

Then came the time of the war of thirteen years to reach the head of Kane defend the World Heavyweight Championship against the man who put in a vegetative state in May in his older brother, The Undertaker, as the brothers face off in a No Holds Barred Match for the prestigious World Heavyweight title! During the meeting, the two brothers put it all on the line in the rebel party and, in spite of punishment, The Undertaker was fighting and Kane hit the chokeslam, but when I went to Undertaker Tombstone Piledriver, and Kane offset deliver the Tombstone Piledriver himself on the way to maintain the success of the World Heavyweight Title against his brother, The Undertaker! After retaining the gold against The Undertaker, Kane has established itself as the true “brother dominant” or is that sibling rivalry is just beginning?

Then it was time for the WWE Tag Team Titles to be put into play as WWE Tag Team Champions The Hart Dynasty defend against four tag teams in a whirlwind of other tag team match in which two teams will start the match as a team is defeated, another team will start and the last team standing will be the WWE Tag Team Champions and the Hart dynasty Jey & Jimmy defend against first use in turmoil Tag Team! With the help of Tamina, Jimmy would find an opening to use Tyson Kidd explosion of a super kick on the way to the elimination of the Hart dynasty, which means that one of the three remaining teams are guaranteed to become the new WWE Tag Team Champions! Use Jey & Jimmy then would face the unbeaten team of Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov, but after a distraction apparently accidentally Tamina, Jimmy deliver a drop of Use Santino Samoa on the way to eliminating & Kozlov Marella! With two teams and two teams below to go, Jey & Jimmy then use against the unique combination of & Evan Bourne “The World’s Strongest Man” Mark Henry! Use Jey & Jimmy would not be able to match the strength of Mark Henry and Jimmy eventually fall to Use World’s Strongest Slam on Mark Henry, followed by Air Bourne Evan Bourne on the way to Jey & Jimmy use to be removed! Then it was reduced to two teams like Evan Bourne & Mark Henry would face the team that beat the then champion, the Hart dynasty, on SmackDown as Bourne & Henry will face the team of The Scotsman Incident “Drew McIntyre &” Galloping “Cody Rhodes, one of them guaranteed to become the new WWE Tag Team Champions! After a chaotic game, which was “Galloping” Cody Rhodes Evan Bourne capture the Cross Rhodes on the way to pinning Bourne to win the WWE Tag Team Titles for himself and Drew McIntyre!

Then came time for the main event, the most prestigious championship WWE would be in line as Sheamus defend the WWE Championship against John Cena, “The Viper” Randy Orton, “The Ultimate opportunists” Edge, Chris Jericho, and leader of The Nexus, Wade Barrett, a Six Pack Elimination match where the only way to be eliminated are by pinfall or submission and the final standing will be the Superstar of the WWE Champion! The elimination in the first place, courtesy of Randy Orton RKO on Chris Jericho on the road to Jericho being the first Superstar eliminated! After being the first Superstar eliminated, a disappointed and downtrodden Chris Jericho would make the slow walk back! The next phase will come after an intense sequence of events such as Sheamus Edge lay out the spear and would put Randy Orton with the spear, but John Cena Edge ultimately capture and deliver the attitude adjustment on the road to eliminate the edge of the game! During the match, John Cena would be the only standing Superstar in the ring when the other four members of The Nexus out and distract John Cena long enough for his boss, Wade Barrett, to catch John Cena and Cena deliver the Wasteland Dinner en route to the elimination of the party! Wade Barrett & The link would then focus their attention on Randy Orton, but eliminated John Cena grabbed a steel chair and out to David Otunga & Michael Tarver shooting double chair to sit back and Randy Orton RKO Heath Slater and the ultimately, Wade Barrett set out with the RKO and on the road leading to the elimination of Nexus! Next, decide the champion Sheamus and Randy Orton, but when Sheamus went to the Celtic Cross, would go against Orton and hit the RKO on the way to pinning Sheamus and become the new WWE Champion! Now that Randy Orton is back on top as the WWE Champion, what challenges await the new champion on the road?

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