Woman Dies Funeral

June 25, 2011 by staff 

Woman Dies FuneralWoman Dies Funeral, In search of the craziest story is heard throughout the month? Well, here it is! A Russian woman of 49 years, Fagilyu Mukhametzyanov, was pronounced dead after collapsing with chest pains. His family, I suppose, took over all the finer details of the deceased, but as she was in her coffin and mourners queued to pay their respects, she returned to life! But then the full impact of all this gave him a heart attack and killed reais. W … T … F…? How does this (and please do not let that happen to me)? Is there no fancy medical instruments, you know, take the pulse of a person? There have been beating heart? Nobody could see your breath? Not family, not medical personnel, not the Undertaker, who put in a coffin? I do not understand.

It is a sad story, because maybe the woman could have been saved if they knew she was alive. However, if something like this had to happen, I think it’s pretty darn lucky to die as he did.

Just think about it. Mukhametzyanov had arrived just hours after her funeral that moment, God knows where it might have awakened. That is, depending on the funerary traditions of her family, she might well have awakened in a closed coffin less than six feet of earth. {} Tremors or possibly worse, n*k*d on a cold steel table in the mortuary about to be drained of all bodily fluids. {} Nausea or worse, tied into a crematory fire. {} Hug

Ack! This is the stuff that makes nightmares! Only I have to say, if a doctor does not always pull a major FAIL like this about me, please, let me in the presence of all those who love and appreciate. I’ll be the kick in a luxury coffin surrounded by flowers, with my most beautiful dresses, while the most important people in my life, a long line of them all looking gloriously elegant black color, pop by stroking my cheek, stroking my hands, say a prayer and tell me how much I love it. Please! In fact, it does not sound too bad – I mean, if it’s your time to go all …

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