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April 10, 2011 by staff 

Willing Willie, There has been much fuss over an innocent display of dancing skills of a child of six years before a popular TV show live. Called simply as “Jan-jan,” the child turning six years suddenly became a national issue when he was just enjoying their playful antics as a child. Some people may be unhappy childhood. But please, not to be taken against Jan-Jan

Certainly, we could not envy these self-appointed guardians of Jan-jan to take up the cause of the child as an alleged victim of child exploitation. But who will exploit now making a big deal of something akin to childhood innocence?

As for me, I could not care less if they attack TV host Willie Revillame as “Willing Willie” TV show has gone off the air since Saturday after the incident show the game turned into a television drama in place. Revillame is old enough to defend itself and has many resources at their disposal. He is, in fact, a co-producer of his own game program with Channel 5, now majority owned by businessman Manny V. mega-buck Pangilinan.

Since we do not see the show, I have to ask what the fuss when he suddenly became a great debate on the alleged immorality of making a six years to make a sxy dance. It all began when the Department of Social Welfare and Development Secretary Corazon “Dinky” Soliman drew attention to the March 12 issue of game show Revillame, when Jan-jan, together with their close relatives, dance number performed wing- macho.

Jan-jan Soliman regretted being made to do sxy dancing inappropriate for their age. But then drew the conclusion that the child was crying as she danced on the show because she was embarrassed by sexually suggestive dance routine alleged that his father had taught him. Then, Soliman must be the father of Jan-jan also to tap the talents of your child’s dance.

But how can we impose our own standards of dancing with people as the father of Jan-January, when he just wants his son has his own share of fame in 10 minutes. Jan-jan even got a large sum of money that his family allegedly used to buy his dream electronic toy.

The head of the Social Welfare Department cited reason to accuse Revillame of violating Republic Act (RA) 7610 or the special protection of children against abuse, exploitation and discrimination. Acting on the complaint aired in the media by Soliman, Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) took cognizance of the case and ordered a TV 5 to explain his version of the case.

The real criminals here are enterprising people who were behind the spread of an edited clip and unloaded at YouTube. After splicing here and there, voila! The edited version will spread like wildfire in social networks. Then came the fuss about the situation in January-yan.

At first, I assumed that this could be another case of network war brewing between our local televisions ABS-CBN to GMA-7 with the resurgence of the television 5. Now supported by Pangilinan, TV 5, obviously, targets not only for eating in the markets view of the two major networks. Like any other business that strives Pangilinan put your teeth on, it is unclear how soon TV 5 could move either major network.

But as the excitement reached its mouth, advertisers increase Revillame quick demo of the game were the natural target of his detractors. Obviously succeeded as principal sponsors of its program of games started to pull out. Subsequently, Revillame said Saturday that he was on a two weeks’ leave for the furor seems to go out. Replaying the game show will air during your vacation.

Nearly choked laughing at the latest trick Revillame. Even if it seems he is sorry, I could not separate the person from Revillame as a comedian. The actor and comedian, perhaps, just want to have an excuse for an initial period and more time to spend Holy Week. I read entertainment news and magazines where Revillame was presented with his yacht and vacation homes and sports cars and live the life of the rich and famous.

However, when I saw the actual pictures of the special part of the show with Jan-jan, Revillame seemed really happy and enjoying his interaction with the child. However, public opinion was definitely against him because of previous incidents involving Revillame. As an image, the public has not fully forgiven in the tragic “Wowowee” stampede at his former place of residence, ABS-CBN.

But a vision of raw footage from the series of meetings to show that from January to January was thrilled when asked to relate to its history and give a message to their parents and other relatives. He was already on the verge of tears as he thanked his father and his aunt, Jocelyn, prompting Revillame to ask: “Oh, umiiyak ba’t ka? Sasayaw Di ka ba? O sige Na kiss if Tito Willieā€¯.

The best person to determine if he was the victim of abuse or exploitation is none other than himself in January to January Judging Behavior of January to January, when he returned to “Willing Willie” March 28, the child even expressed their desire to be an actor, or at least a dancer. If the child was tested to give such response, from January to January, obviously not the abused child is being made to appear.

Revillame and apologized if it offended anyone segment. He, however, vowed to high heavens, that was never the intention of the series to shame, ridicule or put the young boy and talented in any kind of stress.

Both crocodile tears have been shed in January-January, but are blind to the pressing needs of the most abused, exploited and neglected “children in our midst. While not yet the financial, Gianpaulo my son has his own unique way to help street children he sees on the road. He gives them cookies or cakes that brings with it instead of alms. Jan-Jan is still the way that his father taught him to dance and not to beg in the streets.

What leads me to suspect why the head of the Social Welfare Department case is unsustainably occupy Jan-yan. Is it because Revillame backed the wrong presidential candidate last May elections?

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