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November 23, 2011 by staff 

Wild Horses Lyrics, Josh Krajcik gave the best performance of the season on ‘The X Factor’ Nov. 22. He may have just become this year’s winner!
A day earlier but equally as intriguing, tonight’s The X Factor was all about
“giving thanks.” However, leave it to Josh Krajcik‘s performance to make me thankful to have The X Factor as a staple on my DVR.

Here are my thoughts on the contestants tonight:

Rachel Crow: Rachel has been a strong contender all along, and she was giving thanks to her adoptive parents by singing “I Believe” by Yolanda Adams, which for me was actually quite forgettable. She has a great voice but there were moments that she seemed uncomfortable with the song. It was a little too preachy for my tastes. But the judges loved it so she will be safe. I would have picked a more fun song, but starting first means people will forget the performance anyway. So it was good to start the show with Rachel who will not be in the bottom 2 at all this week.

Marcus Canty: Marcus made sure to give his thanks to his mother, who has been his everything. His song was “A Song For Mama” by Boys II Men, which almost made his mother pass out. It was a performance that Marcus connected to and really made his own. It wasn’t his best performance, but the crowd was loving every minute of it. Nicole Scherzinger even called it “so honest!” I’ll have to agree with Simon Cowell when he said, “I think he put himself back in the competition.” Marcus isn’t the best of the bunch, but I think he pulled enough heartstrings to stay one extra week.

Melanie Amaro: Melanie decided to thank God for her performance. I’m not even going to touch on that, but say she better have a great performance. So she decided to perform the song that has been on every X Factor video package, “The World’s Greatest” by R. Kelly. It started off not too special but I will have to say she was looking good. Her performance got better toward the end and then instead of the judges doing any type of judging, Melanie started rambling and crying and reverting to her original accent. I guess every episode deserves an emotional breakdown. Simon Cowell actually begged for her to stay on the show, which should save her for another week.

Chris Rene: Chris gave thanks to his counselor Tim, who he mentioned was the man who saved his life from the demons of drugs. He sang “Let It Be” by the Beatles, while adding the usual Chris spin on things by adding his own lyrics (which was actually the big highlight of his performance). The judges loved it and I was also a fan of the performance. Not the best of the night, but not the worst. I’m really pretty sure all those that have sung to this point should be safe. I’m still waiting for the epic performance of the night though.

Lakoda Rayne: Lakoda Rayne has had quite the up and down road on the show so far with a mixture of good and bad performances. Each individual member of the group gave thanks from everyone from grandparents to boyfriends. They decided to sing Taylor Swift’s “You Belong With Me,” but I wasn’t really a fan. I’m pretty sure they will be fighting for their lives tomorrow. The judges loved it, which is baffling. I mean they are hot and that might save them, but it wasn’t anything amazing at all.

LeRoy Bell: LeRoy Bell dedicated his performance to his mother, who had passed away two years ago. He decided to sing, “In The Arms Of An Angel” by Sarah McLachlan, which is a song that makes me think of that abused puppy commercial. Looks like Lakoda Rayne will have some competition as LeRoy Bell seems to be on the chopping block. However, the judges loved every minute of it. Apparently the judges and I are watching different shows tonight.

Astro: Astro performed a rap that was dedicated to all of his supporters. He had an amazingly bad week last week with his meltdown, but the judges did their best to save him. I think its going to be quite the uphill battle as the damage has been done. Astro is very talented, that is no doubt, but I think his ego and attitude will return. He apologized, but I am not sure that will be enough as the weeks continue. Maybe this week, but he really needs to have an epic performance in the weeks to come or he will be on the chopping block very soon.

Drew: Drew dedicated her performance to her best friend, Shelby. She decided to sing Demi Lovato‘s,”Skyscraper,” which is a great song but made me just realize how amazing Demi is at singing that song because Drew did not give that song the emotion it needed. Drew actually made it a song that I didn’t want to listen to anymore. And when L.A. Reid (who obviously has never heard of Demi Lovato) started to give bad reviews, I almost agreed with him. Sorry Leroy & Lakoda Rayne, you’re both still in trouble.

Josh Krajcik: Josh dedicated his song to his daughter, Rowan. Last week, Josh had the best performance of the night and tonight when he sang, “Wild Horses” by The Rolling Stones he totally knocked it out of the park and should be considered the front runner. It was his moment that showed he is now in his element. This performance was pretty incredible.

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