When Was The Constitution Signed

September 17, 2010 by USA Post 

When Was The Constitution Signed, September 17 by 23. Constitution Week was actually adopted by the Congress of the United States and Public Law 915 on August 2, 1955. President Eisenhower signed the act into law, which was advocated by the RAF. My, how times have changed.

Once a sacred document of freedom, the Constitution has been battered over the years. Many people, like Obama, think it not as a means of ensuring liberty but as a restriction on what government can do. Nancy Pelosi recently asked if a bill was constitutional and she said the thought the question was a joke. As if the Constitution had no meaning or relevance over. She is not alone, that other congressmen and women have also made statements last 2 years that Congress can do what ever he wants irrespective of the Constitution.

But a group of citizens have recently started wearing the Constitution on the sleeves. The Tea Party movement has led to resumption in the study and observance of the Constitution of the United States. So much so that the liberal media, liberal and even law enforcement, consider any person who engages in or quotations from the Constitution a crazy idiot or a potential terrorist.

I often think of the old, original episode “Star Trek”, “The Omega Glory”, where Captain Kirk informs the leaders of the tribe of the Constitution that Yang was not confined to chiefs. “Look at those first three words written larger than the rest. With special pride never written before or since. Tall words, proudly saying that we the people … “Even Kirk knew that the Constitution was designed for all citizens to know and love.

The Tea Party was lighting a fire under the feet of our politicians, reminding them of how the Constitution is supposed to limit the power and authority of our government. This is not a mat or a blob of ink. The Constitution is the Law of the Land, and must be respected by all, especially by members of our government.

So hats off to the Tea Party and the Daughters of the American Revolution to celebrate Constitution Day and Constitution week. Shame on those who think it is a document of “negative rights” or even totally out of our time. The Constitution is immortal, because we the People are immortal. We’re not going anywhere and we will not allow the Constitution to be trampled.

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