What Causes Zombie Caterpillars?

September 13, 2011 by USA Post 

What Causes Zombie Caterpillars?What Causes Zombie Caterpillars?, Scientists have isolated a gene that causes viral “zombie-like” behavior of the caterpillars.

The gene is responsible for infecting with the virus LdMNPV (short for Lymantria dispar nucleopolyhedrovirus) causes gypsy moth caterpillars to climb to the top of the trees rather than the trunks of the trees all the way down during the day avoid predators.

“It ends with the sacking of virus that opens,” said lead author Kelli Hoover, an entomologist at Pennsylvania State University. “It melts and is sticky and you get [one million million] of them to pour and spread on the leaves. It is a very effective virus.”

To examine the nature of the gene, Hoover and colleagues isolated “EGT” he was suspected of being responsible for the strange behavior. They found that the gene produces a hormone that keeps track of molting and cannot eat.

Those who were infected with the virus were three versions: egt normal gene, EGT gene was deleted, and the EGT gene is removed and reinserted.

Other scientists also show that the crawlers are not the only creatures that become Zombiefied. In fact, a fungus-balzani camponoti Ophiocordyceps infects the brains of ants, and requires them to infect other ants.

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