Westminster Dog Show

February 12, 2011 by USA Post 

Westminster Dog Show, Halo defines a front paw fur within the sacred ring of the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, the Samoyed will get the equivalent of a half-day spa – pamper that most women would kill for the Valentine weekend. First, its owner, Lisl Dutterer Perry Hall, will be its dense scrub, with silky shine shampoo to bring out his whiteness. Then she’ll blow dry and fluff the puppy for not one, not two, not even three to four hours, but thorough. She will brush her teeth, cut his nails, clip the fur grows thick around his feet and maintain primp until show time Tuesday afternoon.

Then she and her boyfriend Chris Moffett will do it again.
AdvertisementWhile is monumental for most dog owners have an animal entered in the prestigious exhibition which runs Monday and Tuesday in New York City, Dutterer, a novice dog show, has two – Halo and daughter, Easter.

That’s double work, double the stress, but conventional wisdom would have it, double the chance of winning a prize. When there are only 26 Samoyed entered the room, and two of them are yours, the odds certainly improve.

“We always say:” It’s a dog show, anything can happen, “said Dutterer.” They’re like one of those two. ”

Dutterer, who is 51 and a specialist in adult education, has been showing dogs for five years. But she loved the Samoyed breed since her father has a house when she was little girl. She had white wolf dogs since – except when she was first starting in the world of work, a time she found herself returning to shop with little stuffed animals, still white.

After accumulating about nine plush toys, “My mother came to my house, saw them and said:” You need a Sammy. How could it be clearer? ”

Now life Dutterer with four furry beasts – three of its own that belongs to his mother. In the salon, she runs a small pillow embroidered with the saying, “No equipment is not complete without dog hair.” These facilities include its signature piece of jewelry – a necklace with the face like a bear, a Samoyed carved in gold.

Samoyeds compete at Westminster, as part of the working breed, and dogs, including Siberian Huskies, Boxers, Great Danes and Mastiffs.

“Many people at home,” said David Frei, “probably thinking that dogs Westminster spend their time lounging on satin cushions and eat good dog good.”

But some 2,500 purebred dogs to participate tomorrow in the 135th annual Westminster Kennel Club Show and Tuesday at Madison Square Garden wearing a secret, “said Frei.

They are not really very different from the dogs 10 or 20 to the average New Yorker spends all day in the streets and in the neighborhood.

“The public sees this dog so disciplined in the ring,” said Frei, who for the 22nd year will tell the show on USA and CNBC. “What they do not see is that same dog outside rolling in the mud, or drooling, or pour it over your black pants.

“This is the real point we’re trying to do on the television – that these dogs can be champions, but they are still dogs are pets, they are family members.”

Okay, it is also true that the laboratory or mixed race next will not be on national television in competition for the most prestigious award in the dog-show world – best in show at Westminster (8-9 pm tomorrow on U.S. 9 to 11 am tomorrow on CNBC and 8-11 pm Tuesday on USA).

All competitors at Westminster have won the “champion” of the designation of the competition in other shows, and 50 best show dogs in the country last year, 46 will compete here.

But even the owners, “said Frei, are not only a crowd Bon. “You can be standing in the show ring and the man or woman next to you can be a professor at Columbia or a nuclear physicist -. Who just happens to really Brittany Spaniels?


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