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October 5, 2011 by staff 

West Virginia GovernorWest Virginia Governor, Earl Ray Tomblin Democratic weeks exceeded Republican attack ads to win the race for governor of West Virginia on Tuesday, with success, distancing himself from the Obama administration and the president’s plan for health care.

Tomblin, who was acting governor during the last year, finishing the final year of a term vacated by Joe Manchin, governor beloved who resigned after winning a U.S. Senate seat.

The race was full of negative ads from both sides and fell in recent weeks. The national parties spent millions of dollars each year.

With 96 percent of precincts, Tomblin had 50 percent of the vote compared with 47 percent Republican Bill Maloney, according to unofficial results.

Tomblin campaign as the rightful heir to Manchin. He said that together helped shape policies that create pain-free balanced budget and surplus income at a time when other states continued to fight during the recession.

“We tried to stay on message as much as possible,” said Tomblin told The Associated Press before heading to his supporters Tuesday night. “We have a stable budget and a stable economy in West Virginia. That’s what people are looking for.”

A veteran state legislator, Tomblin dodged questions about his mother’s business and greyhound breeding efforts to tie him to Obama. Republicans were upset that Tomblin did not join most other states that sued the administration on the health plan.

Obama lost West Virginia in 2008 and remains deeply unpopular here, but Tomblin is a repeat of the U.S. last year’s election in the Senate especially when Manchin roll back efforts to tie him to Obama.

Democrats outnumber Republicans by nearly 2 to 1, in West Virginia, but are considered more conservative than their national counterparts in social and fiscal issues, support for gun rights and tax cuts.

Maloney called to congratulate Tomblin before conceding the race at a meeting of supporters of the campaign in Morgantown, where he has served as a drilling engineer and became a millionaire businessman. The political newcomer said he started the race with “zero name ID, zero and zero traction capabilities.”

“Along the way, the inmates were lined up against us, but I do not care because I was not working for them, I was running for you.”

Obama ads featured pictures of President floating on the screen with Tomblin. One point wonders: “What are you doing about the governor Tomblin Obamacare anything?”.

At least 21 points aired, 15 were attack ads. The negative publicity was Dushyant Shekhawat against Maloney.

“He is not fighting Tomblin; .. They are fighting against do not like Obama should focus their campaign against Tomblin,” said Shekhawat, a federal employee at the National Energy Technology Laboratory.

The link with the president resonated with Mark Gingerich, who voted for Maloney.

“I think it is important at this time to have a conservative Republican governor, because states will have to do something together to end Obamacare, socialized medicine,” said Gingerich.

Tomblin, meanwhile, blame ads Maloney for sending jobs to Pennsylvania when the drilling company was co-founder moved there. However, the move came four years after Maloney sold its shares in the company.

Tomblin was not as well known as Manchin, who resigned during his second term to fill the vacancy created by the death of 92 year old, USA Senator Robert C. Byrd. Tomblin became acting governor because of his position as Senate president, a post he held more than anyone in the state.

Tomblin drew a contrast between himself and Obama said West Virginia was much more economically rational for the country. The state has an unemployment rate below both the national average and has also begun to gradually reduce corporate and consumption taxes, while improving your credit rating from Wall Street and emergency reserves, the points are noted with frequency Tomblin’s campaign.

Like Manchin, Tomblin discussed with stricter regulations for coal mines Obama administration, maintaining a claim of former governor filed against manipulation of the Environmental Protection Agency permits.

Tomblin has represented the heart of the southern coal mines as a legislator since 1974, and the mining industry has been crucial to the economic health of the state. West Virginia Coal Association endorsed Tomblin, and the energy sector was the main source of money for the campaign.

Growing up, Tomblin lived above his family’s restaurant. He received a degree in business administration from West Virginia University and a master’s degree in business administration from Marshall University.

Tomblin entered politics just as I was finishing college, to be elected to the House of Delegates in 1974 at age 22.

Later he bought a local restaurant owned by a real estate company and was involved in a business owned by family members, South Park, before selling it.

The Republicans had angled for a similar result last month in New York an upset special congressional election in which Obama’s favorability loomed large.

“We want Tomblin back there,” said retired Janet Varney, who along with her husband voted for Maloney. “We simply believe that Obama’s policies will continue to -. And we disagree with the policies of Obama”

While West Virginia has had a Democratic governor in the last decade, has not elected a governor of the southern state since 1960. The GOP took in the region’s reputation for political corruption in this race.

Both Maloney and Republican Governors Association, which has been at least 3.4 million and Tomblin attack since late August, ads make an issue of a greyhound breeding company in charge of his mother. Tomblin asserted erroneously diverted money to a state fund to benefit greyhound breeders.

Tomblin said the breeder of dogs with the fastest, not the officials, determined to reap the benefits.

Richard Farley, Morgantown, is a Republican. He said he was torn until the last minute.

“It was hard because I had to choose between Maloney, who represents nothing, and Tomblin, who – well, I can not support anyone who has been involved in the game,” he said.

“Unfortunately, I had to go with Maloney,” said Farley.

Obama ads themed it off, though.

“I’m not sure what the president has to do with the race for governor of West Virginia. It’s sort of no-problem,” he said.

Maloney focused on the classification of the state of poverty and highlighted his experience as an entrepreneur. He committed to West Virginia have a new address aggressively the orientation of its tax structure, regulatory policies and the judicial system. He also campaigned in his contribution to the rescue plan that freed the 33 trapped miners in Chile last year, saying that drilling ever experience.

Works Tomblin and Latin America, financed by the Democratic Governors Association, led Maloney about whether your company pays your taxes on time. America Works and devoted at least 2.4 million of negative ads.

Tomblin also touted the support of groups ranging from the National Rifle Association and the Chamber of Commerce of the State of the United Workers Union of Mines and West Virginia AFL-CIO.

Tomblin to resume the campaign almost immediately to maintain security: It is again in 2012 for a total of four years.

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