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December 29, 2011 by staff 

Weird News Stories Of 2011, The weirdest science stories of 2011 include (clockwise from top left) the one about the game-playing chimps, the update on the 2012 Maya apocalypse, a bird-death epidemic and the zodiac debate.

Even with the supposed Mayan doomsday coming up, it’s going to be hard for 2012 to match 2011 when it comes to weird science: What other year can boast a bird-killing “aflockalypse,” a chupacabra prowling around the nation’s capital, two Loch Ness-type monster sightings and two doomsday predictions. (News flash: The predictions were wrong.)
That’s why the Weird Science Awards exist: To pay tribute to the strange but scientific (or pseudo-scientific) tales of each year. This year’s winners of the fifth annual Weirdies will take their place alongside glow-in-the-dark cats and dogs, reattached rabbit pnses, the 2,700-year-old marijuana stash and the Stone Age sex toy as talismans of this wacky age.
We’re offering 30 nominees from the past year, and it’s up to you to pick the top 10 award-winners. One of the nominees — the one about pee pressure — is a laureate from this year’s Ig Nobel award ceremony, which honors “research that makes people laugh and then think.” You can use that as your judging criterion, or you can go for the article that makes you laugh, and then ask, “What on earth were they thinking?”
Write-in votes and second-guessing are encouraged; you can register them in your comments below.

The 10 nominees that get the most votes as of noon ET on Jan. 3 will be recognized as the 2012 Weirdy winners, and to mark the occasion, we’ll review the year in weird science on Wednesday with Ig Nobel creator Marc Abrahams.

Here are the nominees from the past year, in chronological order:

Animals die in ‘Aflockalypse’; technology gets blamed
Pole shift forces makeover of airport runway
13th zodiac sign causes stir, but astrologers shrug
World’s smallest periodic table inscribed on shaft of hair
Gorilla wows spectators by walking like a human
Fungus turns ants into zombies to do its bidding
Picture of ‘Bownessie’ monster causes a stir
Microbes in lake and meteorite spark weird-life debate
Sugar wards off death for flies hooked on meth
Chimps play video games with a sense of self
He-she birds cross the animal world’s gender lines
Loch Ness monster-like beast filmed in Alaska
Father of cryonics movement frozen for the future
Dog’s glow-in-the-dark effect has an on-off switch
UFO fans latch onto report of underwater anomaly
Mysterious orange goo gunks up Alaska shore
Chupacabra? It’s probably a mangy old fox!
Science reveals how to win at ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’
Dolphins learn how to use shells to catch fish
Corpse-dissolving machine invented
Cleverbot chats like human, passes Turing test
Tool-using fish caught for first time on video
Ig Nobel Prizes: Judgment clouded by pee pressure
Preacher’s doomsday prediction goes wrong … twice!
Roman-era couple held hands for 1,500 years
Spot the devil that’s hidden in Giotto fresco
Mexico adds another brick to 2012 Maya legend
These beds haven’t been made in 77,000 years
Scientists say Shroud had to be created in a flash
Just this once, Samoa drops Friday from the calendar

Review the nominees, then cast your vote. We’ll talk about the winners next Wednesday on “Virtually Speaking Science.” In the meantime, take a walk down memory lane with these Weirdies from past years:

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