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WEB IRC CLIENT, Java IRC client – IRC Applet – JWIRC based on Java technology from Sun Microsystems. JWIRC java applet IRC is a small business from the web page. The applet is multi-channels programm, which consequently allows you to have a conversation through several channels at once. The irc applet does not limit you to the number of channels. It is possible by optimizing the efficient use of memory. Users can send and receive files through DCC.
Appearance of the java applet completely customized. Webmaster can change any colors, make menus, enter limitations on the use of some fields and commands, make a language pack for all countries, established the evolution of the frames of a speech (smile the image) and more. All parameters of the applet are described in its documentation.
For java applet on your computer operation is required to connect Java version 1.3 or higher or company Sun all versions of Microsoft Corporation.
In all operating systems Windows * Java is already present, excluding Windows XP. For Windows XP you must install Service Pack for it, if not already installed (or configuring Sun Java plug in).
The Java applet is 2 files *. Class files packaged with Java and jwirc.jar. Working file with Microsoft Java, Sun Java jwirc.jar. Seting up for IRC applet on your site, you must just copy their files and communicate with the html code of your page.
If you are security conscious and that abuts the java applet you want to be with the digital signature of your company, you may receive the signature and sign the applet on your certificate. I recommend you receive the digital signature from:
After installing ircd as a server and this applet as a client, a company can organize simple and reliable relationship with customers and branches of society.
This software is shareware; you can download with the applet package ZIPeed irc, documentation, examples, and installation on your site. But remember that this is a shareware app to work (on the client side) just 5 minutes, and then continue to operate, but with the blocking send a message. For the removal of this limitation, you must register and receive the key to me. Also, you can test without any restriction of the irc applet from this site just by typing in the field named Name IRC server or IP address of your server or any server ircd public.
CGI: IRC is a Perl / CGI program that lets you access IRC from a web browser, it is designed to be flexible and has many uses as a gateway to IRC networks IRC chat room for a site or Web access IRC when stuck behind a restrictive firewall.
See features page for more information about the features or try the demo.
CGI: IRC works on the iPhone!
As you can see on the right CGI: IRC works fine on the iPhone (although I can not try it, be in the United Kingdom). The only question is to type the text is hidden from others, I do not think there is a way around that is how the interface works for iPhone.

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