Wealthy Couple On Welfare, Feds Say

December 7, 2011 by staff 

Wealthy Couple On Welfare, Feds Say, A wealthy Seattle couple has been accused in a lawsuit of cheating the government out of more than $100,000 in welfare funds. Federal prosecutors filed suit against Lyudmila Shimonova and David Silverstein in civil court Friday, and federal agents raided their $1.2 million lakefront home.

In the lawsuit, federal authorities said the couple received $135,000 in federal housing assistance, plus money from a federal program for destitute disabled people and a state program meant to feed poor families. Meanwhile, they allegedly were taking international vacations to locales like Paris, Moscow, and the Dominican Republic, said a Department Housing and Urban Development special agent.

“All these programs are need-based programs, meaning that a person can qualify for the programs only if he or she demonstrates that his or her income or resources fall below a certain level,” the HUD agent told the court. “The investigation has developed substantial evidence that the subjects defrauded these programs by misrepresenting and concealing material information.”

To obtain the welfare cash, the couple pretended they were not married and that Shimonova was renting the residence from Silverstein, investigators said. But Silverstein, a chiropractor, claims to be “happily married with two children” on his business website. Prosecutors believe the couple is married.

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4 Responses to “Wealthy Couple On Welfare, Feds Say”

  1. JohnE on December 8th, 2011 8:00 am

    It is the Attorney General’s responsibility to prosecute this couple on criminal charges in addition to freezing their assets until restitution. What they did is against everything we stand for and the prossecutor is required to act accordingly. If they do not pay for their criminal actions, it shows a bigger problem in our government. It is critical that the people’s prosecutor does his/her job and these robbers do time for their actions. Those less fortunate are already doing time in prison for far smaller thefts than this!

  2. Irene on December 8th, 2011 8:02 am

    I’m not surprised, there is so much of this going on all over the U.S. I see it everywhere. You see women in fancy coats (furs) all decked out in jewelry at the supermarket whipping out welfare checks to pay their grocery bills.

  3. anita mccoy on December 8th, 2011 8:47 pm

    Being a single mother this disgust me. I been on welfare and did what I have to do to get off. I never tried to abuse the system, just seeked the benefits that was available to me when my kids were younger, which usually was a few foodstamps and medical assistance, as I always worked, and they took my child support payments to cover for the assistance. I now have a decent job and don’t need assistance. I thought that’s what the system was for not live on all your life. I see females married and have boyfriends living with them and pretend to be single to reep the government benefits, while working and not reporting income amongst other things. What angers me is the government give these females everything, meanwhile the people that try to work and do something with theirselves always stressed, and these females that don’t even work seems better off. I too see them in the grocery store sometimes with their boyfriends shopping and here I am struggling to keep groceries with the prices high as ever, and bills. They be dressed as if they have a job and make good money, and some have houses better than people who own their homes.In the meantime this what our government force people to pay taxes for to help support lazy leaches who most are capable of working but won’t because they know the government will provide everything they need.

  4. kathy raeder on December 10th, 2011 11:23 am

    Yes their are crooks all over the place. I’m thankful that they are being caught. someone is doing their Job thank you. but for people to complain about there tax dollars going for it. there are two sides to the coin some need it. some don’t. I thought welfare is a thing of the past.. a honest person only uses what they need others take avanage of it .. name calling and ugly slurss don’t help the situation. people doing there jobs does help. maybe they should go back to the worker or workers that was surposed to be doing there jobs.and see what other places they screwed up at. some times it helps to get to the beginning of the problems. and maybe they. the workers should loose there job for not doing it right. and give the job to someone more suited for the work. talk is cheap when it is slurs and name calling. very expensive to do the right thing who ever caught this thank you a tax payer