We Love You, But We Hate 9-9-9

October 19, 2011 by staff 

We Love You, But We Hate 9-9-9We Love You, But We Hate 9-9-9, Herman Cain Presidential rivals for the Republican nomination aggressive presidential hammer Cain “9-9-9″ plan of tax for the first 15 minutes in the presidential debate Tuesday night – while Cain greeting to carry it forward .

“Herman is well intentioned, and I love his audacity, and it’s great,” said Rick Santorum when asked about the plan. Then rushed.

“The fact of the matter is, I mean, are now reports that 84 percent of Americans would pay more taxes under his plan,” he said, referring to ananlysis of the new Tax Policy Center. Santorum went on to say that the plan does not have “the attention of families,” and that “a single person pays taxes as both a man and a woman raising three children.” By removing incentives for people to have children, he said, the risks of Cain plan to push birth rates in the U.S. “In the basement.”

Rick Perry opened his criticism of the plan with “Herman, I love you, brother” – and then added that once set up his own plan this week, “I will strike plans with you, brother, and we’ll see who has the best idea how to get this country working again. “Perry said a plan that puts a federal sales tax on top of state taxes – and that adds a sales tax in states that lack them -” no going to fly. ”

“I think Herman Cain deserves much credit,” said Newt Gingrich. “He has had the courage to go out and have a very large specific idea at the right level.”

However, he added, “there are more complexities Herman lets on.”

“I mean, 9-9-9, when you go into detail as you pay on a new product, do not pay on an old product, etc., there are many more details here than he lets on,” he said.

Michele Bachmann Cain said the plan would run the risk of running the Congress to tax and Cain was suggested instituting a value-added tax, “because at every step and stage of production, which would be taxable by that point 9 percent of the benefit . ”

Cain argued repeatedly suggesting that his rivals were “mixing apples and oranges.” Former CEO pizza godfather said theanlysis of its plan to be submitted by the campaign shows that his critics are wrong. He said his plan would not raise taxes on low income people and be revenue neutral – the opposite of what mostanlysts have discovered. We also plan an amount not to value added tax.

“The reason that our plan is being attacked so much is because lobbyists, accountants, politicians, they do not want to pull the current tax code and put in something that is simple and fair,” he said. “They want to still be able to manipulate the American people with a bundle of 10 million words.”

Mitt Romney asked Cain to confirm that your plan to add the federal sales tax state tax, which led Cain to repeat his assertion that a “comparison of apples and oranges” were doing.

“Well,” he replied. “And I’ll be getting a big basket having apples and oranges in it because I have to pay both taxes, and the people of Nevada do not want to pay both taxes.”

Cain, who was under perhaps more scrutiny in this debate than any of his rivals, asked Americans to consider the plan themselves.

“We simply remove hidden taxes are on goods and services with our plan and replace it with a single rate of 9 percent,” he said. “I invite all families to make their own calculations with that arithmetic.”

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