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September 27, 2010 by Post Team 

Watch Dexter Season 5 Episode 1, Just as the goose bumps, the beginning of last year’s impressive fourth season finale, finally gone, Dexter returns tonight, with his apparently sadistic game in the psyche not only of a serial murderer of problems, but We also innocent bystanders. It is the emotional roller coaster that is impossible to lower the bow, and Season 5, “My Bad”, finally presented as a cool drink to quench your thirst for Dexter fans have had over the past nine months.

With another season like that, when you may be able to start? Without skipping ahead, of course. The writers did a great favor to the audience and continued the narrative right at ground zero, Rita (Julie Benz) lies dead in the bathtub, while Harrison’s son crying in a puddle of blood on his mother. As Dexter walks into a stupor that does not respond, his colleagues and federal agents swarm the unlikely crime scene. In shock evidenced by the disastrous turn of events, Dexter States, “was I” to the police in their front yard.

The rest of the episode Dexter set on a path to the surface of a catatonic state bit of this and all that is unbearable to watch. As worrying as it is to see Rita took the stage in a bodybag, pales in comparison to see Dexter inform their children, Astor and Cody, who are mother was killed by “a man.” His opening “I’m sorry for your loss” sounds so fake and cold as possible. Of course, as the writers have a sense of humor, says that while Dexter put Mickey Mouse ears of the children travel to DisneyWorld.

Season 5 seems to be an exhibition of Dexter’s fault, or lack thereof. Michael C. Hall, who has (finally) won a Golden Globe for the role he continues his brilliance. With the seriousness of this horrendous event weighing on Dexter, Hall perfectly balanced hybrid has become the character: a monster with no emotions trying to be a normal human being. It is not an easy task to plan the funeral of a loved one, but Dexter has a harder time to grieve that appears around the world. His inability to feel these emotions, of course, makes him reflect on all their devices in recent years, including all the tricks that address also at the expense of his wife is dead. However, at the funeral of Rita, Dexter is pulling away from everything and offer a sincere compliment to his former lover.

These dozen episodes will also be given to Debra (Jennifer Carpenter) the opportunity to shine as it not only reacts to the death of his sister in law, but steps in to help his brother out with the kids. Deb has obviously been through its fair share of punishment, although the death of Rita looks set to have profound effects on his character. This season will really test your character and Carpenter seems willing to accept the challenge.

Also it is no surprise that Quinn (Desmond Harrington) has collected the smell of Dexter in the series has been grooming him as the next Doakes for the entire season. He is the only one in the Miami Metro is the death of Rita, and most importantly, the reaction of Dexter to be a little curious. As stated in the innocent facade Dexter has, we hope that others in the Dexter’s inner circle to begin to see the light too.

After the fourth season will be incredibly easy, but “My Bad” is a great start of the fifth chapter very fundamental. In general, it shows that so far in his journey is something semi-cemented his legacy and career of its protagonist. This is not the case of Dexter. The powers that be decided to completely break the mold of the show, taking it off the beaten path, and that’s saying something for a series about a serial murderer who takes justice into his own hands.

What remains to be seen whether the death of Rita was actually invented to push the story forward or implemented all in the name of shock value. Many programs have a one-character, leaving fans to regret, said violations in the offseason. More importantly, developments in the next 12 episodes, in many ways define who is this guy that we are encouraging it. Relatable and avenger of justice can heal? O psychopathic murderer? Hall has gone on record to say that Dexter is now a thirst for revenge that can not be turned off, as he beat Trinidad in the front (and this is new momentum in full screen near the end of the first episode). But how long can that last? As Dexter rolls and attempts to find his way to normal human emotions, let’s see if it really is a hero truly worthy of our worship. Or just a murderer.

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