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Warrior Movie TomWarrior Movie Tom, A lot of films focus on the sports below, and while Guerrero is no exception, offering much more than a story of the athletes are facing all odds. Brendan (Joel Edgerton) and Tommy Conlon (Tom Hardy) are two estranged brothers who are training the same mixed martial arts competition with the prize and $ 5 million.

After Brendan physics teacher is suspended from work without pay, goes after the prize money for his family to keep your home. Tommy former Marine, who has suddenly returned from his service in Afghanistan, is also anxious to get a hold of the box, although his motives are not immediately clear. When they finally get into the ring in a cage, which is so concerned with the outcome of the physical battle as it is the emotional that has broken the family.

As the couple prepares to fight, crossed with his father Paddy reformed alcoholic (Nick Nolte). Tommy decides to train with him, even though he hates his father, while Brendan resists a relationship with him when the old attempt to apologize for his misdeeds. Family breakdown that has caused these men to further grow gradually revealed, and made so emotionally invested in each match. I was surprised that a film about cage fighting could capture the dynamic tension between siblings as well. To see why I found myself rooting for each sibling within and outside the ring, just read more.

When the movie opens, Tommy is shown in the door of his father, after he returned full of anger and resentment toward his family Afghanistan. Tommy comes off as a bit of a dimension along the story, rarely speaking except to reject the efforts of his family to contact him or angry complaints last peak. Hardy offset the reluctance of the characters expressing their anguish over the fight scenes power. As the story of Tommy develops, as an idea of ??what he experienced in Afghanistan, you begin to understand their anger and a feeling of compassion for him. It’s a bit easier to connect with Brendan because we see fragments of his softer side as a parent, such as repairing toys for their daughters after work and let the paint his face into a birthday party.

Nolte is, however, that steals the spotlight as a desperate father repented to reconnect with their children. Throughout the film, Paddy gets beat up their children’s emotional, that rivals the children receive brutal beatings in the ring. From his haggard face of the silent tears running down her face, tears Nolte at our heartstrings with a great performance.

Of all the promotion of the warrior, it is obvious that the brothers go head to head in competition, but the path to the basket is still very interesting. The film does a great job of presenting what is at stake for each brother to the point that is not entirely clear whether to favor one over the other. Of course, the experience of traditional music training session of assembly, but the complexity of the relationship of the brothers Conlon “more than makes up for the standard fare of sports movie.

Even if you’re not a sports fan, you’re excited about the final fight scenes, although difficult to see a body slam. In the end, I found myself stuck in my front row seat of this film is both a family drama, as it is a history of sports.

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