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Walking Dead Season 2, What is the relationship in the middle of (Dictionary Form) Captain Jean-Luc Picard and ‘The Living Dead’ Rick Grimes?

There are more of a connection than you think. In his first season in general, business, ‘Undead’ managed to be the smart TV science fiction has needed for some time.

To put it in terms that even the undead could understand, ‘Undead’ has a crust of zombie, but a chewy nougat center consists of attractive elements that echo the genre of programs like “The X-Files” “Star Trek.”

“TWD” obviously has no spaceships, but many science-fiction-infused shows in recent years have been content to offer the flavor, not the substance of good science fiction. Perhaps because it was free from any connotations super-nerd, ‘The Living Dead’ was better able to take the kind of humanistic themes we use to get data and Picard and John Crichton. Hey, I’ll take my dose in any way I can get.

Of course, “TWD” are not only based on monster / alien price. Witness the countdown clock – a staple of suspense and action-adventure fare – in Sunday’s final, and during the first season There have been more than a few armed clashes on the right of the Western playbook. And, of course, ‘The Walking Dead’ pays homage to the zombie drama clips: There was plenty of meat-eating in the episode last week, and any “walking” incursions provide the tension that makes the work of the series of engines.

Obviously at this point “TWD works largely because it provides efficient resistant mashups, go to elements of several genres. And do not mix things like ‘Glee’ (ie, at most five kitchen sinks, more brightness). Instead of throwing random ingredients into the pot, “TWD” is a spare tale, full of tense silence that echo the spaces between the lost, frightened people.

But I must admit that as a science fiction geek, I spent the last episodes of the series happy thinking how much I remembered solid sample, based on characters like ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation, “” Farscape “” Babylon 5 ” “Deep Space Nine” and of course “The X-Files.” TWD ‘no go for the great metaphors that “Battlestar” reached the AMC program usually keep their ambitions contained (corresponding to a show without Jon Hamm or Mary McDonnell or Bryan Cranston). Within its own bloody universe, however, “TWD” stories really began to resonate with this fan terror.

Week after week, it felt as if the show was based on what made the sci-fi shows hum. It was the mission a week away, if you will, and the lessons to be learned before go to (Dictionary Form) the next star system, or rather, the area of zombies next adventure. No one was wearing a spandex uniform unfortunate, but some things are best left in the air bag.

Edwin Jenner was the classic form of storytelling in science fiction – the lone survivor gradually yielding to madness in its content, “safe.” The ragged survivors ran into an idyllic retreat, only to discover that this place of rest was so fraught with peril as the world they had left behind (and hot showers! Not so much for computers without mercy!). There was a delicious tension that came to wonder if Jenner had lost, and if he had, how much remains the wisdom behind the tired eyes.

I moved in abundance as Jenner spoke of an “end of grief” and hand with another survivor, as she waited for the air caught fire. (I think the mark of a gender program very well – and ‘Fringe’ does this often – is that you may feel sad about the plight of a character who only recently met.) While obviously there are a lot of butcher every week, “TWD” has been good in that it represents individual deaths. It should not matter if people are not so different from us shuffle off this mortal coil. certainly did in “TS-19.

Extending theanlogy (perhaps too far), you would think of the will, the unfortunate victim of the bite, as one of the tragic foreign Picard found from time to time, or as one of those beings doomed to hunt, Mulder and Scully. Was not someone who needs to know in depth, but it was impossible not to be moved by their situation. Stranded without his family, devastated by the death, to the extent that could not connect with his new community. Even there, it became the exile as suspicions grew about possible infection. In the end, he made a choice – he decides to leave the group in terms. Jenner and the will made us think that life is worth living and when it is not – and if connections to other worthwhile cause persistent pain.

Often used to turn to my husband after he had seen an episode of “The Next Generation” and say: “I think we all learned something.” It was my way of mocking soft issues sometimes obvious, but ultimately admirable, from the series on mortality, connection, differentness and how communities work. The shows’ Trek ‘is not always subtle about these things, but, as was the case with’ The X-Files, “the best episodes often told us something about how difficult to hold on to compassion and love in a seemingly indifferent universe.

This is what the supernatural genre fare very well done: Change the rules of how the world works, and has the characters go through the painful – process of finding out what is still important to them as individuals and as a community – or illuminating.

Although “TWD” was good to say such stories within each episode an hour long, and thought the end was thrilling and emotionally rewarding, it shows resistance was not perfect, and a pair of evolution gives me qualms the future.

First, someone please hit off Shane’s head? This man was annoying before, and his assault on Lori to “TS-19 ‘I like this more boastful shower. I do not care what his motivations or psychological state, I do not care about their problems and dilemmas and desires. I do not care that he I really thought Rick was dead, blah, blah, blah. I became impatient and irritated every time he entered a scene.

Although it has been good on immersion in the thriller, horror and science fiction arenas, a genre “The Walking Dead” DC has not shown much in the soap opera. When “TWD” returns, I hope the love triangle is an important part of the show and that zombies eat brains Shane (if they can find).

All that said, however, the final season of an era, for the most part, an hour moving, exciting and worthwhile. If the program can extend this principle so convincing when he returns, “TWD” will be a welcome addition to the TV scene.

A few more notes on “The Walking Dead” and its end:

* It was so obvious that these episodes of season 1 were shot during a hot summer in Atlanta. Not only the characters refer to the heat, the players just seemed they were about to melt most of the time. They were covered in sweat. May not have been a nice meeting (especially for zombie extras covered with makeup).

* Elements of the story of Jenner reminded me very good graphic novel ‘Y: The Last Man “. If you like” The Walking Dead, “which should read Brian K. Vaughn’ s apocalyptic tale.

* We assume that what Rick Jenner whispered to motivate at least some of what happens in season 2.

* Spare Bear McCreary, the evocative score was excellent in everything, but it was especially great in the last two episodes. His work here does not sound like the ‘Battlestar’ music, however, is equally able to increase tension or amplify the thrill. Excellent material.

* This charity auction to help medical efforts in Haiti has one of the memories kind of ‘The Walking Dead. “Have a look if you have a free moment.

* Last week, news emerged that Frank Darabont had left the writing staff of ‘The Walking Dead’ to go and was considering agriculture that does not write scripts in a series of independent professionals. Ryan McGee and I talked about this at some length in a recent podcast, so you can learn more about this topic there if you want. Robert Kirkman, who created the graphic novel in which “TWD is based and who also writes for television, later offered more ideas about what was going on with the writing team, and it is unclear what the situation . However, I have to say, if Darabont, and Kirkman is going to try to make 13 episodes next season instead of a six-episode season, will need all the help possible to keep this kind of narrative tension goes a much longer arc of the season. None of them has worked in television before this, which makes me think that I would like more help, not less. But we’ll just see what emerges when the show returns next fall.

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