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August 4, 2010 by Post Team 

Virtual GlobetrottingVirtual Globetrotting, The more violent, but still soft Daniel Craig version of James Bond gets an original adventure of James Bond 007 film: Blood Stone, the game from Bizarre Creations’ new action that blends shooting, boat racing and break-neck melee .

Those responsible for the Club and Blur multiple genres combine their talents in this third person, wanderer video game version of Bond action movie. The Blood Stone Bond introductory video is pure, a combination of sensual silhouettes and millions, diamonds, set in an original song by Joss Stone as the opening sequence is playable.

Daniel Craig Bond action initiated in the preview of non-intervention by Activision parachuting onto the helipad of a boat floating on the coast of Athens, Greece. Their goal was the filth and slime and Greco, an arms dealer who appears to be reckless at disrupt the summit of the G20 blowing it to smithereens.

Bond begins his adventure by taking the cover. That is an important mechanism in the Blood of stone, like Bond can take out enemies silently with a melee attack ran out of the coverage or kill from a distance with a shot in the head. Choosing a melee attack will give the player up to three “Focus Target” tokens. These can be collected, in a sense, for the player to clear a room full of bad guys in slow motion and at the same time.

As Bond made his way through the yacht to Greco, taking by bodyguards and servants-Bond coverage will have more than a hundred “no corner of context” to keep killing the bad guy was just clearly the best parts of The Club Bizarre would make their way into the blood from stone. When Bond rushed to his enemies, even in the midst of shooting, the camera kicking a movie mode, offering a more dramatic angle violence.

When Bond finally made clear enough through the bad and found Greco-would not you know? “An attack helicopter bombed the ship, offering a chance for their prey to escape. In the chase sequence in boat!

Bond speed navigation skills were tested on a tour of the Mediterranean, with 007 having to dodge the enemy ships, helicopter shots and stay the course. Some useful, but bright orange, not too obvious route buoys Bond described the cinematic action and highlighted with reflections, jumping over the banks of earth and fire, blast enemy ships.

In Blood Stone, James Bond can drive a fast boat and shoot a gun, if you are close enough to his enemies. You can also trigger massive fuel cartridges to shoot down helicopters with missile launch, as Bond did in the climax of the chase sequence.

Then, just in case, launched the speedboat from a ramp in the town of El Greco, jumping at the last second and roll to safety.

More shooting followed, increased use of precision approach guidance Blood Stone Objective mechanical and, ultimately, another chase sequence. This time, it was the choice of Bond Car, Aston Martin an ideal location.

In a sprint to stop a bomb decimated the G20 summit, Bond chase, weaving through traffic. Semis doubled in the road, cars were overturned by his opponent and a pump for protection against fire lackey from the back of the van he was looking Bond. One expert placed shot later, the bomb was destroyed, Bond saved the day and rolled the credits.

Bizarre Creations deserves credit for making these types of different games rolled together seamlessly, the action seems more polished than many games in the James Bond license, a highlight reel of what the developer does best. The virtual versions of Daniel Craig and Judi Dench are disturbing and mysterious valley that way, but it is doubtful the cut scenes in James Bond 007: Stone Blood is his most memorable moments.

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