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Vince McmahonVince Mcmahon, Monday Night Raw gave an interesting twist comes from the incredible power of money in the bank. Not sure if the amount of what they did on Monday will affect TV ratings or buyrates. After Vince McMahon out of his way (along with the new TV character John Laurinaitis) for everyone to know that CM Punk was never mentioned again, Vince announced that there would be a one-night tournament to determine the new WWE champion. He also said that actions have consequences Dinner.

As for the tournament itself, there were some decent games, but it was very important. We all saw CM Punk won the title on Sunday in one of the changes in the larger rubric of history; so having a tournament to determine the champion of the WWE seemed pretty useless. In it, we saw Miz (knee injury) defeated Alex Riley with the end of the skull crushing, rolling R-Truth Jack Swagger, Rey Mysterio defeated Dolph Ziggler and Kofi Kingston defeated Alberto Del Rio obvious favorite.

In the semifinals, past gutted Miz Mysterio defeated Kingston and Del Rio. However, when The Miz vs Mysterio for the WWE title was about to begin, Vince McMahon entered the ring and postponed to next week.

He called John Cena and seemed to fire him. Cena says how much he loves WWE, Punk praised for a great game and said that if McMahon fired him; he would keep fighting and made a veiled reference to the impact wrestling.

Then Triple H came out and Vince tried to leave the ring. He said the Board gave a vote of confidence and decided that he would run instead of WWE Vince and Vince had been relieved of his duties and his family agrees.

While the momentum of Money in the Bank stopped the program, having no Punk, no belt, and until the end of the show, Cena did not feel very different. I do not know if they were out of their way to make you feel like any other show, but they did.

This angle has many possibilities. CM Punk is probably going to fight this new WWE champion at some point. There will be heat Punk and Triple H, who described the memo. Triple H and McMahon were emotional during the segment, which makes me wonder how much is legitimate especially considering that Triple H has been prepared for a time to take over the company. Perhaps this point of view with Punk and pushing people different from what I usually do is to tell Vince how he knows he is a bit out of touch, but want to change and Triple H is the change.

This show will make a success of hearing? I doubt it. I think it was the initial curiosity about punk, but without it, and the belt there, it was just a very normal premium until the last segment.

Although I think the WWE missed a great opportunity to capitalize on a tremendously large pay-per-view, I also realize that we are very early in history. However, it could get better.a

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