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Vienna Girardi Jake PavelkaVienna Girardi Jake Pavelka, If you saw the premiere of “Bachelor Pad 2″ Monday night and thought it was somehow sucked into a time warp to 2010 and were watching season Pavelka Jake “The Bachelor”, you’re not alone. The three-hour show was basically the “Jake and Show of Vienna.”

The first 55 minutes can be reduced to 17 contestants from other people – especially former Jake Vienna – mourning his imminent arrival at the house.

Until his triumphal entry (ABC held it to the end, of course), all mixed and mingled. One by one, each participant enters the house with a simple “hello.” All except for Erica, the season of Lorenzo, who announced: “The princess is here!” while wearing a tiara.

“I do not know who he is and hope she is not here for long,” Blake snips of the season for Ashley, who adds that Erica is “thick”.

Later, he flirts with Holly, Matt season. “He uses big words,” which comes after Blake falls “dysfunctional.”

With one point left the house, everyone is looking at the entrance to catch Jake walks in the door.

And finally, it does – but not after host Chris Harrison to work and says that he is here looking for “closure” of Vienna, after he yelled at his infamous stop interrupting him during his post-split interview last year.

Jake, who has the robotic false positive uber-second only to that possessed by Tom Cruise, goes so far as to admit he still has feelings for his ex, who is in “Bachelor Pad 2″ with her new boyfriend, Former “Bachelor” contestant Kasey.

Once you enter the house, he makes a beeline for the group of Kasey is in “Hey, I know who you are, terrible!” is excited about his nemesis.

Kasey Moments after going to Vienna, you are chatting in the pool to warn, there is Jake and his smile megawatts. “You look good and I met Kasey,” he tells her she’s there shaking his mere presence (or perhaps because he was cold.)

Either way, shivering does Jake do things you do when no voltage, babbling endlessly about the climate of Los Angeles.

If that was not enough, then Jake Kasey aside to discuss things through coats.

“You really look like each other happy and that’s really impressive,” he says, as Kasey Stoneface sits there. “The last thing I want to do is get in the way of it. I’m all for it. I want you both to be happy.”

The next day, the pad 18 mates face their first challenge: to be associated with a member of the opposite sex and then, wait, hang over a bed in the missionary position.

Of course, the last two couples standing – or rather, hanging – are Vienna and Kasey and Jake and Jackie (Brad’s season).

And, of course, Jake and Jackie managed to hang on longer, which means he gets a date – and immunity.

Kasey flees Vienna and pouting in the hot tub as everyone congratulates the winners. “You told me to never let me go,” he complains. Clearly marked that it is launching Jake win on his face, he tells her to pack her bags – which makes it even mourn over it is “bad” for her.

When the letter Dinner Date Jake and Jackie come, it comes with a special message: be obtained third hand reached to save another contestant from elimination.

To date, Jake and Jackie are treated to a romantic dinner over the tent in Capitan Theatre in Hollywood – but all I can talk about is how heartbroken Vienna. Worse, his delivery is so fake and creepy, just really want to slap.

Then it goes really “date” to a “just friends” dinner when he tells Jackie that wants to give his third came to Vienna, so it’s going to change my mind about him.

When it comes time to distribute the “blessing and curse,” as Jake said, not looking as surprised as Vienna, the decision to Jake. But she knows who see it as a sweet gesture – she knows she has an ulterior motive.

In an effort to actually put into the thickest, Jake is taken in Vienna and Kasey aside to explain his decision. “Vienna, sorry I raised my voice to be on TV. You’ve been missing and unwilling to move forward,” says managing eek out a tear. “It feels so good that close.”

But he is the only one feeling. Kasey Vienna and get up and walk away from the “torture” as she says. “It made me feel bad … it’s a fake robot has no real feelings, which is a blatant monster.”

Kasey is also upset that Jake expressed his persistent feelings of his now-girlfriend – and just in front of him, no less. It’s been trying to make you feel better the only way he knows. “I want to marry you and have their babies,” he says. Then go to your room and have sex.

With the knockout round first coming the next day, everyone fighting for alliances, we all know that even last night.

For girls, Gia Season Jake and Alli, who competed for the heart of Brad, seem to be on the block. For boys, Justin is from Ali and Kasey station in an effort to break his and the team in Vienna.

In the end, Justin and Alli (who looks like he stuck his entire stay in the “Bachelor Pad”) are sent packing – but not before Justin, a fighter, scares and steals Jake got up before heading to waiting for his limousine.

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