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April 17, 2011 by staff 

Victor Ortiz, Maybe, just maybe, Victor Ortiz has finally lived through its worst time in the ring when he left in the sixth assault of a fight with Mark Maida in 2009.

After his version of “No m? The media and fans alike vilified S,” Ortiz. Even other fighters spoke ill of heart failure Ortiz.

But if others gave to him, Ortiz gave up himself. He won his next four fights against opponents carefully selected and then tied with disappointing Lamont Peterson in December.

However, in its motion to welterweight, Ortiz went a long way to erase his reputation resigned. On Saturday night that required a 147-pound title in a sensational fight, and Andre Berto handed his first loss in the swing Arena MGM Grand in Foxwoods Resort Casino.

It was a clear fight of the year candidate appears direct action and the boys both being knocked down twice.

Berto’s heart had never been questioned and will not change after lowering the deck in the first round and again in the sixth.

Ortiz stayed mentally strong, even after being shot down in the second round and in the wild-card round six, which should receive full consideration strong year.

“It was an incredible fight,” said Lou DiBella, Berto promoter. “My uncle was the lead box and set up for Victor. For Victor, redemption is a beautiful thing.”

It was back and forth the rest of the way the crowd took turns singing for each match – and boos Floyd Mayweather Jr. when he was shown on the big screen from the front row – but in the end prevailed Ortiz, 115 to 110, 114-112 and 114-111 in a bout that should produce a final rematch.

“He answered all the questions you may have been his heart. He answered in a single night,” said Richard Schaefer of Golden Boy, the promoter of Ortiz.

DiBella also free, although it uses more colorful language.

“That was the kind of fight we needed. Props to Ortiz,” said DiBella. “He fought a great fight f ——. Ortiz won, but what a fight. You want to question his balls? There is no doubt about his balls. F — that. I was [in] second round. However, he showed great balls and killed each other there.

“My guy loses, they lose in such a great fight. I’m proud of my boy. He hoped both of them to go down, I thought my uncle was going to win.”

Ortiz, however, downplayed the redemption angle, refuse to buy into it.

“Absolutely not,” he said when asked about being pursued by the Maiden fight. “Maida was never in my class. He was never on my level. I never gave him respect, especially because he never gave me the rematch.”

Maida defeated Erik Morales last week in a barnburner. Maybe we will see a rematch between them if you want to gain weight Maidana, but there will be many of them asked for a rematch with the first Berto.

“Bert did not have a good night, no excuses,” said DiBella. “Ortiz beat him, that’s all. It was a great war. If that’s not a rematch, no struggle should be a rematch. That could be three fights.”

“Yes, I want a rematch,” said Berto.

If there were a rematch, would not be required, as Berto had no rematch clause, according to DiBella.

The fight, which matched the former prospect of the year for, was wild from the start as Berto, 27, of Winter Haven, Florida, hit the canvas in the first round, but was ruled a slip by referee Michael Ortega. It seemed as if Ortiz stepped on the foot. However, moments later, Ortiz hit a solid right hook and a hook for a wave of Berto fall with about 50 seconds left in the round.

Berto is matched in the second round when he fell Ortiz with a right hand against forcing a surprised Ortiz touching his glove to the canvas. Ortiz (02/02/1929, 22 KOs), Berto hurt again in the third round with a nasty uppercut.

Berto (27-1, 21 KOs), who said he hurt his hand in the second round, spent long periods in the middle rounds laying on the ropes looking for breath and trying to kill time while watching the clock the large video screen in the sand. But Ortiz was aggressive and continued to go after him and forced him to hit back at the tremendous fight.

The sixth round will be remembered for the two runs an impressive scene. Berto Ortiz hit with an uppercut and dropped hard with his right hand and looked on his way to winning a round key. However, just before the end, Ortiz connected to the left and struck down Berto.

“That was a hell of a round. I would vote for him as the year round,” Ortiz said.

They fought hand-to-toe in the seventh assault, but Berto Ortiz was hit behind the head. Ortega warned Ortiz finally the kick in the ninth assault and took a point for the 10th assault.

Victor Ortiz long climb homelessness and abuse as a child growing up in fear and loneliness in Garden City, Kansas, ended last night with one more fight, but this time had the faster hands and his heart was thicker than assaulting the man.

Ortiz had the floor twice and twice champion of the WBC welterweight Andre Berto sent the same landing site on his way to winning a unanimous decision in the only way he would have expected – in a brutal battle in which he was assaulted both as the assailant.

Judges Glenn Feldman and Julie Lederman scored the fight 114 to 11 while Clark Sammartino had 115-110 for the new champion. The Herald had previously unbeaten Berto just hold on to its title, 113-112.

The clear conclusion that emerges from this struggle is that it needs to be played again, because no kid is going to be in line to fight either Manny Pacquiao or Floyd Mayweather Jr. time any time soon, so why Why not do what they used to do when boxing was king: a war again because that is what sport is all about.

“These guys are going to kill each other every time they fight,”said Lou DiBella, promoter of Berto.” If ever there was a fight that deserves a rematch, that’s all.”

Ortiz (02/02/1929, 20 KOs) began with a bang, striking Berto (27-1, 21 KOs) with a short right hand that backed him and sent him to the floor with three more rights that included a short boom with more than one minute in the first round. Berto rose on wobbly legs but managed to maintain their way to safety, while Ortiz continued his media.

Berto came back in Round 2, however, landing on his face against a perfect right to Ortiz’s knees buckled and he staggered back, his glove touching the canvas of a fall.

The two traded vicious right in the center of the ring early in the third round and before Berto Ortiz staggered back and pinned him against the ropes. For now the two boys were spent, and although willing to do more harm to others were not capable of it.

Ortiz controlled most of the fourth round, but Berto landed several rights by beating and kept waving Ortiz against the ropes while choking much of their attack.

“I realized that it was vulnerable inside,”Ortiz said.” My plan was to bottle up their shots and overwhelm him.”

I had to that point, but Berto began to assert itself in Round 6, the distance control with his jab until he landed a right sizzling against the chin that sent Ortiz hit the ground.

“That was a beauty of a right hand,”Ortiz said.” That was my fault.”

But it was Berto’s doing – and continued to jump on Ortiz and sending him in full retreat. Berto pinned him against the ropes and I was bombarded with both hands until Ortiz suddenly unleashed against the left of the blue he sent Berto on the floor.

Ortiz’s work rate began to decrease significantly in Round 8 unless you included the work of his head, continually crashed Berto’s chin and chest. The referee Michael Ortega warned him once, but there could be 100 times. Ortiz Ortega warned for rabbit punching in the next round, and finally that point deducted in Round 10. Berto landed top hits for much of the rest of the round, but nailed Ortiz later with a forehand that hit back hard now champion.

“I could not keep it out as I wanted,”Berto said.” I could not get my punches off.”

He certainly did not do enough in the final two rounds to keep Ortiz to take enough of it to work also have its title. Both Berto has the opportunity to recover is to Ortiz, a young abused child whose greatest moment in life came to abuse another person.

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