Verizon Iphone Release Date

January 11, 2011 by USA Post 

Verizon Iphone Release Date, Rumours like this are heard just before the release of a new platform or a revolutionary device. And there are only three or four things in the pipeline that I would consider likely.

The first is the long awaited iPhone Verizon. This is pure speculation, of course, but my guess is the release date for this ringer end of this month or early next month, perhaps with 4G, maybe not. Historically, such announcements have come from Apple, but since it’s just another carrier to pick up an existing product, this could be the exception.

Another possibility could be a new Windows 7 Phone device. The latest mobile operating system from Microsoft is collecting more sales than originally anticipated, and the initial demonstration devices have been fairly smooth. It could well prove more popular than most critics expected start.

The third robber is the HTC Thunderbolt, an upcoming 4G phone based on Android with all sorts of goodies, including two cameras, video calling 4G, and 768 MB of RAM coupled with a 1 GHz processor. This will probably be my next purchase, honestly.

Again, all speculation, but things have been pretty quiet over at Big Red. It is a sign that something brewing.

In any event, with the advent of broadband wireless true and supported mobile video calls (you can do technically a 3G network, but performance is sometimes lacking), you’d better get used to be on camera, even when you’re on the road. For some, strange reason, like you see when they talk to you even if you do not want. There is even a sort of “video-call” label began to take shape: It is considered impolite not to broadcast the video when the person at the other end is so; it’s the wrong form of have a poorly lit image, etc.

I predict that this whole video call to any of those “Gee, these things really changed, but we never noticed it happens” deals. You tend to be more polite when you see someone – nobody likes to look bad on camera – and you’ll need to check your expression, at any time. This means nothing more servile or rolls their eyes at the other end of the line.

The following prediction: Webcams on TVs.

Most new TVs have Internet capabilities, so why not the ability to video calls? It is a logical step and one that some have already taken. I channeled my computer to my TV so I can write e-mails while watching movies, etc. but I also do lectures Skype from there.

It is difficult to risk the temptation to sing “screen” or “Keep” when a call comes in.

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