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October 7, 2010 by staff 

Verizon Iphone, (CNN) – Verizon iPhone rumors have been going for years – but this time the timing is perfect and has all the ingredients for the real deal.

Clear lines can be drawn between the recent announcements, carefully worded statements, and upcoming events outline a roadmap for Apple (AAPL, Fortune 500) to begin to start selling its iPhone on Verizon Wireless early next year.

The rumor began to turn when the Wall Street Journal reported Wednesday that iPhone Verizon (VZ, Fortune 500) “would be published in the first quarter of 2011. The phone would look like the iPhone 4 currently sold by AT & T but be based on an alternative technology used by Verizon Wireless. ”

Verizon and Apple declined to comment, but here’s a look at the trail of breadcrumbs they have planned.

Hint 1: “Alternative wireless technology.”

Most newspapers and blogs took that means CDMA, the standard Verizon Wireless currently uses for its cellular network – in contrast to GSM, the standard AT & T Wireless.

But “other wireless technologies” is more likely that Long Term Evolution (LTE), a new wireless technology that was unveiled at the announcement is not coincidental that Verizon has also landed on Wednesday. LTE is a fourth generation (4G) wireless network standard that Verizon says will be capable of broadband-like speeds, which are about 10 times faster than 3G speeds.

LTE is a world of meaning for the iPhone. While the Verizon CDMA network does not allow consumers to make calls and surf the Web simultaneously on the iPhone – a feature that Apple has proudly announced – users can do that LTE. In addition, unlike CDMA, wireless carriers worldwide as a new universal, global standard have adopted LTE. It would be an iPhone-LTE 4G Apple more profitable and easier to sell worldwide.

And the best part: Verizon says its 4G network will still be able to offer broadband speeds, even when it is imposed by millions of users sucking data. This was not the case of AT & T’s 3G network – and especially not in New York or San Francisco. Many predicted that when and if Verizon gets the iPhone, its network would face the same strains that AT & T (T, Fortune 500) has, but experts say it is unlikely with a 4G network in place.

“4G is the solution to 3G,” said Tony Holcombe, CEO of Syniverse’s mobile services business. “He has the speed and bandwidth to handle traffic demand.”

Verizon launches new network soon. This week at CTIA Enterprise Applications & conference, Verizon announced that by the end of the year-LTE 4G networks would be available in 38 cities, reaching 110 million Americans. The company plans to unveil a series of tablets 4G and 4G smartphones Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January.

Hint 2: 4G smartphones in January.

AT & T iPhone exclusivity contract was set to end in December 2011, according to court documents, but the Journal reported that manyanlysts have long believed: The terms were renegotiated, and the exclusivity agreement to come expire at the end of this year.

This means that the iPhone becomes a free agent in January. If true, an announcement of the iPhone 4G Verizon at CES would be timed to perfection.

“Apple has always fled CES and announced its iPhones usually in summer, but I can see him breaking with tradition to announce a Verizon iPhone 4G there,” said Daniel Hays, a partner at PRTM. “What better way to make a huge level Global boot breaks the mold? ”

This would also explain why the phone “look like the iPhone 4″, as the Wall Street Journal reported. If it’s as simple as replacing the chip GSM phone with a chip LTE, Apple would not need to change anything else on the phone, and a launch of the iPhone 4G (or whatever it is called) in the middle of the iPhone life 4 would not be too irritating.

“When I saw that Wall Street Journal story, the last point had been put in place,” said Ken Rehbehn, ananlyst at Yankee Group. “I think you’ll see an iPhone coming to a new Verizon network that is being launched. LTE give Apple enough bandwidth for attractive applications, especially around the video. ”

Hint 3: video applications!

If you were in front of a TV over the last three months, you’ve probably seen an advertisement for the much vaunted iPhone video chatting tool called FaceTime. FaceTime is the problem with it currently requires a Wi-Fi and do not pass on the AT & T 3G.

In 4 of the iPhone launch, Apple CEO Steve Jobs said would FaceTime Wi-Fi-only in 2010, and that the company has worked with carriers to FaceTime available wireless networks in 2011.

Well, January was in 2011, and LTE 4G network, Verizon will be operational by then. He is certainly capable of handling an application like FaceTime.

Of course, nothing is ever that simple. Verizon does not expect its 4G network to reach the same size as its current-CDMA 3G networks until 2013. This means that there will be gaps in coverage that will require the iPhone to access the current Verizon, the network obsolete.

But Qualcomm – widely used to working with Apple on its “Verizon-capable iPhone – has the technology of dual-band chips. In areas where the 4G networks are unavailable, the phone could simply retreat to rely on the system slower but almost all 3G.

After years of speculation, it seems that the stars were finally aligned. We bet in January 2011 is the right time to launch the iPhone on Verizon

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