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July 6, 2011 by USA Post 

Verizon Data PlanVerizon Data Plan, When Verizon Wireless ends with their unlimited data plan for the new smartphone customers on Thursday, will mark another blow to the endless Web surfing and video streaming. The measure most wireless carrier in the nation has long been expected. More people are turning to smartphones and an increasing amount of data for all wireless activities. The change could help ensure that wireless operators can handle the traffic flowing over the new high-speed “4G” or fourth-generation data networks that are deploying.

AT & T Inc. and T-Mobile USA, U.S. carriers second and fourth, respectively, and have set limits on the use of monthly data. AT & T uses tiered data plans like Verizon is rolling, while T-Mobile reduces the data rates for unlimited data plan customers who use their monthly allowance. Sprint Nextel Corp., the country’s third largest airline; it still offers an unlimited plan.

The death of an unlimited number of wireless data is happening as service providers see an explosion in the use of data, mainly due to an increasing number of users of smartphones. According to market researcher comScore Inc., 77 million people in the U.S. had smartphones in the first three months of the year – 11 percent over the previous year. And according to a Nielsen study, the growth of smartphone users data average rose 89 percent to 435 megabytes in the same period of time.

In short, there is more profit to be made with data plans from a ceiling. Steve Clement, ananlyst with Pacific Crest Securities, said that this growth would not work with a fixed pattern of prices over time, so to make money traffic up companies have to try something else.

By moving away from unlimited plans, operators can benefit more from the largest users of data. And, asanlyst Jonathan Atkin of RBC said, offering low-level packet data – such as plans to 200 megabytes T-Mobile and AT & T offer – which may attract more users of smartphones.

Part of the trend data is a buffer for consumers accustomed to the idea that data is not an unlimited resource. If companies did not move to the plans based on the use of data, while the deployment of new fast data networks, networks that abuse, Zachary investment researchanlyst Patrick Comack said. And while the price of Verizon’s network is greater than & T, your service is faster, so you can charge a premium for the moment.

Current Verizon Wireless unlimited plan, the costs of current users and 30 per month. With the new plans, smartphone users to choose between paying 30 and 2 gigabytes and 50 gigabytes of 5 or 80 gigabytes for 10 and use of monthly data. Customers who use more than their allocation of charges and 10 for each additional gigabyte.

AT & T, meanwhile, costs and 25 per month for 2 gigabytes of data and 45 and 4 gigabytes. The over-allotment rate is the same.

Verizon and AT & T says a lot about the abandonment of unlimited data plans is about what users pay for data you need.

“If you drive a car, drive 50 miles, you pay for the gas for 50 miles,” said Verizon Wireless spokeswoman Brenda Raney.

AT & T Inc. spokesman Mark Siegel said the company’s customer said he wanted an option instead of having an unlimited plan and 30.

How are customers likely to react to the new plans? It depends.

Current users of smart phones from Verizon will not be affected, regardless of whether or not a long term contract with the company.

And since 95 percent of current users of smartphones the company uses less than 2 gigabytes per month, it is likely that most of the newcomers – including new and existing customers trading up to a phone smart – will not be affected by the change.

AT & T Inc., the picture is similar: Siegel said 98 percent of smartphone customers use less than 2 gigabytes in a month.

Neil Strother, ananlyst at ABI Research, believes that the caps on the use of the data make things more confusing for consumers. Telecommunications companies have to become more transparent about what it means to the tops of data and help them maintain control over the amount of data they use. Airlines do not offer online calculators data and notices that customers can use to learn about how to use the data.

“I think the problem for most people is that they simply do not want this bill shock,” Strother said.

The most recent changes do not mean that the data plans will look like this forever, though. Someanlysts suggest that companies could eventually offer different levels of speed, perhaps the burden to always use a 4G network, or that customers begin with their 4G network and then switch to the slower 3G network after beating one month of data usage of the award. Existing data T-Mobile unlimited plan flirts with this idea.

Strother expects to see a bit of experimenting, saying the carriers is likely to try different models of pricing to keep themselves and consumers happy.

“Frankly, no company wants a block of customers say,” I do not like this, I’m moving to another individual. “They want to maintain,” said Strother.

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