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December 3, 2010 by Post Team 

Ventura Show Fema, The popular television show on truTV dropped a bomb that FEMA camps confirmed by Jesse Ventura on the “conspiracy theory”. He talked about them on the Internet for years. Alex Jones PrisonPlanet is practically lives on them. He joined former Governor of Minnesota Jesse Ventura on the show last Friday to highlight the existence of FEMA camps bomb. One can not deny it any further. There are some 800 FEMA camps locations. But before you run to your bunker thought that all are FEMA concentration camps in the U.S., they come in several flavors. Many are simply used to store materials and equipment such as mobile home units used during Katrina. The highlight of the program was Jesse Ventura deal

The rumor mill about the FEMA camps has been around since long before the widespread use and popularity of the Internet. What Jesse Ventura and his team of investigators to truTV from “Conspiracy Theory” last Friday was not to separate some of the myths the facts. But even the facts are pretty scary!

For example, our federal government has established a friendly 72 “fusion centers” around the country. These facilities are designed to combine harmless and coordinate federal, state and local agencies in times of threats and emergencies. But according to Mike German, a former FBI agent, there is no federal control. He is currently working with the ACLU to get more information about the purpose and function of these fusion centers.

Jesse Ventura to embark on this adventure after speaking with Kathryn Blish, who was a delegate from Missouri for Ron Paul at the Republican National Convention 2008. It seems that his association with Ron Paul’s campaign has earned him a spot on the “watch list” of a federal government of potential troublemakers. You may recall a document from the Department of Homeland Security in January 2009 detailing how people with an anti-gun or Ron Paul bumper stickers on their cars should be considered potentially dangerous to the Missouri State Police.

According to John Bush of the operation “defuse” a watchdog of citizens; the federal government is compiling a massive database on the activities of citizens and political associations. But who exactly is running these fusion centers? It is not clear, however, in a previous episode, Jesse Ventura discovered a group known as Infra-guard, composed of DHS, the FBI and the CIA organized for private companies to collect and share information on United States citizens. Could they be involved?

The largest bomb on the FEMA camps, Jesse Ventura aired “Conspiracy Theories” revolves around HR 645, the National Centres of emergency law that does allow the construction of camps through the FEMA 800 country. Much of the groundwork has been developed earlier under the plan REX-84, written by none other than Oliver North when he served in the Reagan administration. REX 84 was preparing to test year 1984 “Continuity of Government” Federal Government (CoG) plans. They shall come into force in case of attack against the United States.

On September 11, 2001, the federal government’s actions during the attack by Al-Qaeda have essentially followed the REX 84 plan. George W. Bush flew around randomly, seemingly strange, a military base to another. But, in fact, part of the plan. To keep the chair moving randomly outward to confuse the enemy. 9 / 11 revealed a significant gap in our plans for COG, like most of Congress had nowhere to go. Earlier arrangements for the Congress to be transferred to an institution CdG were demolished in the 1990s after their secret bunker under the Greenbrier Hotel in West Virginia has been exposed.

The bomb FEMA Camps confirmed by Jesse Ventura on the “Conspiracy Theory” was when he knocked on the door of an establishment marked as “residential family camp” in Texas. The installation was like a prison, surrounded by a barbed wire fence with two sons. The fence had signs warning visitors not to bring supplies residents that could be used for evacuation. There was even a playground for children with swings and slides. But people in the facility do not provide much information Ventura, returning it to the DHS and ICE, the Immigration Criminal Enforcement Agency. Alex Jones led Ventura to the other places the FEMA camps, where thousands of “grave shirts” were stored in plastic. Ventura Jones said each could be used as a coffin and detention of four agencies in the case of Mega-death scenario, where a pandemic is killing thousands instantly. There is no doubt that whatever the situation; the history of FEMA camp is still alive and full of mystery. One thing we know is REX 84 that the old plans were updated as new REX 2010.

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