Vanishing On 7th Street

January 22, 2011 by Post Team 

Vanishing On 7th Street, “Vanishing onto 7th Street”’be used until the end of time as a horror thriller, where those who have remained stumbling around in a dark, deserted city light research against a seemingly eternal night. What of the point of view of an evangelical Christian beliefs, the strict terms of horror film needs a better villain.

Logic does not interfere with the attributes of a bloody horror film, but the public wants to understand the basic rules. This darkness, containing voices whispering and shadows, probably those who disappeared during the abduction, conquers souls alike.

The only rule seems to be someone clutching all sorts of light, a flashlight or even a match, is spared. Sometimes. Lights on and off willy-nilly if nothing is certain. And, really, how many times can you have characters journey and lose control of torch without prompting laughter?

When “Vanishing” hit theaters, the audience may already have gone small and since the magnet will be available upon request six weeks before.

The film, directed by Brad Anderson, proudly proclaims it was shot entirely in Detroit, probably because it is a great American city center that can watch and depression desert without too much effort by a film crew.

After a few wide shots of abandoned streets and damaged cars after a power outage, the film quickly retreats into a single, a tavern with the name of ridiculous “Happy Hour” Sonny, where four terrified survivors nestle against the dark miasma.

This is a slick TV journalist (Hayden Christensen), a physiotherapist (Thandie Newton) lost her baby missing, a projectionist (John Leguizamo), the projector saved him and a young (Jacob Latimore) saves his mother’s bar.

The city’s infrastructure has collapsed and the daylight hours grow shorter precipitously. Meanwhile all the characters often scream and shout if the seat was as much mental as physical. And while it is the survivors continue to run the jukebox with its old fine collection of rhythm and blues, it takes forever to realize they are running the generator of the tavern, their only source of light.

Anthony Jaswinski script focuses on the shock and terror on religious issues, although the role of a church in the neighborhood of the savings of characters and a little chatter about guilt and destiny ensures that these issues are not completely fade into obscurity. The film is designed more to tease the audience as the edges of darkness creeping ever closer to its few characters.

Anderson provides a number of style and energy in his direction. But the threat is too amorphous and people disappear, leaving behind only a pile of clothes for their existence on Earth, with no real horror. Indeed, if not removed, their disappearance should not be cause for celebration?

As the film ends on a note very flat, it is possible that the filmmakers themselves never quite understood what this threat to humanity omens. Never go in the direction of a film of alien invasion, “Vanishing” fails to establish even an M. Night Shyamalan feeling of dread. A cloud of darkness creeping sensitive along the streets may be obscured already photogenic, but it’s not exactly a bad guy you love to hate.

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