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Valentines Poems, Valentine’s Day is a time for lovers and those who want to show their love for their families and what better than to recite a quote or poem romantic love during this special dinner by candlelight. So let’s get to the …
“I risk a tree that it is precisely this quality strange desire to persist in the face of its own negation found convincing. In this spirit, and with the exception of Shakespeare (there seems to be able to wear off), all the poems I chose, in no particular order, are of this type. “

In his Coy Mistress by Andrew Marvell
A romantic take Horace Carpe Diem in which the suitor would like to take a little more than just the day. This poem contains many of the ablest vanities metaphysical witness “our love of vegetables” or to try these.

The Love Song of J Alfred Prufrock by TS Eliot
This is a really subversive poem, whose first three lines signals, the arrival of literary modernism, and can be read almost as his credo. Prufrock cons-employment is a troubadour of Edwardian salon that fails to raise his voice or lute because of simple lack of courage. The poem is a hymn for all those who have failed through inaction, which probably includes all of us at some point, which is undoubtedly what gives it its great emotion.

Wood Arracombe by Charlotte Mew
The saddest poem ever written. The reader provides all the back-story as someone younger reports the death of a lonely old man.

A Love Song NCO by John Betjeman
Warrior days are seduced to his inevitable fate, as its name suggests, a temptress in the mythical tradition. The race of quiet brilliance in this poem is just the fact that Betjeman is the narrator of a soldier, trained to repel any military aggression without doubt, but helpless in the face of “strong singles” with Joan Hunter Dunn youth sports. She directs the “winner”, not only in tennis but also in all respects. A warning about the dangers of hormones mixed with physical activity.

The list of Hunt by Thomas Wyatt
When Henry VIII announced his intention to marry Anne Boleyn, Wyatt wrote to the king, in an effort to dissuade him, saying he himself had been aware of it. This poem describes a doe that the speaker and others to continue in vain and wearing a ruby necklace that specify “Noli me tangere [Do not touch me] for I am Caesar.” Where Henry took no notice of the letter, thinking perhaps that Wyatt had it written on jealously. The rest is history monumental.

Fleas of John Donne
If there is a large number of imaginings in Marvell, then there is only one in this, at first sight, a masterpiece of bad taste. Almost, one feels like an exercise in virtuosity, Donne turns a smart man in a romantic symbol of persuasion. Said has fleas and biting himself the object of his attentions and becomes an unlikely crucible Sex: Give the hypocritical assertion that, like the two of them are now partners in the chips, they might as well agree with coarse physical details.

Lover poorly chosen by Rosemary Tonks
A poem of bitter ruefulness with former lover addressed as “criminal.” This is a repetition of exuberant variety around curses the thief, the reason the heart-. She protests too knowing, however, is what gives it its charm.

I thought I saw my Holy later adopted by John Milton
The uniqueness of this poem is that it is interpolated to the outside: the reader should know that at the time of writing, Milton is blind. There is a place where he can still see, however: in the dream. This paradox is used to provide the poem with a truly devastating denouement.

A private bottling by Don Paterson
The end of many a relationship has left a bitter taste in the mouth, in this case is that of single malt whiskeys. Our insomniac narrator sets a pinch of fairy ring on a piece and the circle begins sad when he finally remember sorry unmet potential and mixed with acid to stop the traitor. He concluded bitterly that man ever offered a toast to a woman as.

Sonnet 116 by William Shakespeare
In this database of wedding ceremonies, the “spirit” probably means something closer to what we mean by the word “spirit”. Or we have a more modern term that covers “soul mate”. In this poem, we can, as often happens, give the last word of Shakespeare, a brief description of the desire for lasting love: “Love is not love / which alters finding. ”

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