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Undercovers, “Agents Secrets” (20:00 ET Wednesday, NBC) is great.

But if you’re looking for something more than superficial of all the looks, you may be disappointed by this JJ Abrams-Josh Reims spy drama, which ditches much that was good to show previous spy Abrams ‘Alias’, and replaces it in, well, a lot of nothing beautiful in appearance.

“Agents Secrets” stars two actors attractive raw Gugu MBATHA and Boris Kodjoe as Steven Bloom and Samantha, a catering team of husband and wife spy who gave life five years ago. Do not be surprised when they are called back to duty and be super smooth secret operations in a number of attractive foreign locations. (One of the steals of “secret agents” is that Abrams, who directed the pilot episode for the show, missed his vocation as an interior designer. Everything about the show is fabulous – even supposedly decrepit interiors are fabulously decrepit. )

But what lies beneath the surface – under the covers, if you will – are truths about relationships that also cease to amaze. Love is not always easy, is clear. Even when the two parties to a marriage are attractive and devoted, sometimes life is so uneven that I forget to appreciate each other. Visit your local store of greeting cards from other examples of “wisdom Undercovers” style.

The trick of the show’s premise is that when Steven and Samantha were CIA agents, working separately, and we’ve never talked about what they had done in the past. So they are learning about others, but “secret agents” seems so aggressively focused on saying to herself, episodic stories, these personal and professional revelations seem destined to be as cheerfully banal and inconsequential as anything else about the show .

From ‘Alias’ went off the air a few years ago, there has been a certain amount of spin about what went wrong with that schedule, some of its creator, Abrams. Let me say this loud and clear: some of us liked the mythology of the series, especially in his first two seasons. Sure, things got too dense and stupid performance later in the show, but without going into mind-numbing detail, suffice it to say that there was a lot of things that went wrong with ‘Alias’ in his later years. For all its problems as an excuse saying that secret agents “seems to be saying – that is,” Mythologies can be tricky! Let’s get rid of them! “- It takes only a short-sighted and disappointing in what works and does not work in that type of performance.

I’m not asking mono alias “secret agents” or “Lost” to the case. I ask you to recognize what we see every week with flavor-espionage operations in many, many TV programs these days. Unless we people care about these maneuvers (such as the funny ‘Chuck’ and the increasingly terrible ‘Fringe’), which just seem like the same old movements in fancier clothes. (Sidebar: If there was abandoned “[Fringe 'Thursday 21:00 ET, Fox], I recommend you to reconnect with the series this season. He was very good in the middle of season 2, focusing on the type of interpersonal relationships and well-constructed challenge mythological elements that “secret agents” seems desperate to avoid.)

In short, “secret agents” seems determined to throw out the baby with the bath water. The key point of the program is to show sxy super spies have interesting adventures and meet again in their attempt to put the spark back in your marriage. There is nothing necessarily objectionable, but forgive me if I expect more from a series that JJ Abrams is involved in (although, given the number of television and film projects on his plate these days, I guess that their participation on the side of the small screen is minimal).

Having said all this, “secret agents” is not a task of looking. Gerald McRaney, who plays grumpy driver and little impressed by Bloom ‘is one of the main pleasures of the series, and Ben Schwartz, who plays field staff support nerd, is energetically enthusiastic (though the character may be marked down a few notches). Kodjoe Mbutu-Raw and jokes along with the pilot and air show’s production values are first class.

I’ll keep watching, hoping that “secret agents” do not run out of memory and weight below its shiny exterior.

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