Ugly Schmucks

September 18, 2010 by staff 

Ugly Schmucks, I do not understand the appeal of a pns in 3D destroyed by chewing the flesh of fish. Buzzkill Call me if you want, but I cannot understand why this is funny. As far as being scary, it is certainly terribly bad taste, but fear not as presented in “Piranha 3-D”, which is, I’m assuming, is supposed to send some kind of comic up.

I guess this is a comedy because the audience laughed a lot watching him with more than covered their eyes or head to avoid the shoulders of their dates. This audience laughed to eat the pns scene and roared approval for the submarine, the n de scene, and lsbn synchronized swimming. It roared again the centerpiece of gore-Athon on the lake when the Piranha Spring vacationers swarmed leaving bony bodies. I was shocked and a bit depressed.

A lake that is home to a Sodom and Gomorrah debauchery of Spring Break is beaten with a massive earthquake just before arrival at the party. The earthquake opens a crack that had been sealed for millions of years. The interior is fully evolved and deadly species of piranhas trying to put out a million years worth of bloodlust.

Julie Forrester Sheriff Ashore (Elisabeth Shue) and his top deputy Fallon (Ving Rhames) preparing for the arrival of drunk when receiving a call about a fisherman missing (Richard Dreyfuss). As seen in the first minutes of the film, the fisherman was the first victim of piranhas and when the police are well, capturing the film faster than usual police.

The option to try to close the lake, but also require a team of scientists led by Novak (Adam Scott). Scientists are faced by piranhas, but not before two of them become food piranhas. The closure of the lake while it is not happening as the small police force is no match for the drunken revelers to become flesh of piranha.

In the meantime, the son of Julie Sheriff Jake (Steven A. McQueen) takes a job as assistant Derrick Jones (Jerry O’Connell), the creator of Wild Wild Girls. Derrick plans to shoot girls taking their tops off and even tries to recruit crush Jake Kelly (Jessica Szohr) to star alongside his protégé Danni (Kelly Brook) in his latest video, much to the dismay of Jake. Naturally, everyone will end up face to face with piranhas, which survives and has pulled his pns I’ll go find out.

It is supposed to correct the camp? Kitschy, on top, Herschel Gordon Lewis, Roger Corman right material? I have that do. But, as directed by Alexandre Aja, with a surprising amount of skill and tact of direction, I found “Piranhas 3D” rather than a bad taste and fun camp. I know, is supposed to be in bad taste and I understand that appeals to some, but I have a hard time enjoying this kind of bad taste.

There’s something nihilistic about the Gore approach of “Piranha 3D.” Director Alexandre Aja and his protégé Eli Roth, who has a cameo in “Piranhas 3D” and a host of wet t-shirt contest, enjoy the violence and blood so much that humans lose their value. Aja has a bad rooting interest in the fund in each of his movies twisted murderer in “High Tension” people of the mountain of “The Hills Have Eyes” and now the piranhas in “Piranha 3D” Aja wants the bad guys win or at least it seems to this observer.

This is a horrible prospect; inhuman it seems impossible to get back. I find it depressing to focus and enjoyment that many seem to have in the destruction of their fellows, no matter how false or huge it makes me sad. Say what you will about the quality of films like “Halloween” or the original “Nightmare on Elm Street” that mattered to the characters in each of these films, especially those played by Jamie Lee Curtis and Langenkamp Heather, who always was our sympathies and held over evil they faced.

When films became hits and ‘Friday the 13th “Jason began to show before things began to change. When Freddy, Jason and Michael Myers became the horror of stars began to change and rooting interests turned ugly. That brings us to where we are today with people cheering on the human suffering, I bet by the gore and enjoy the degradation.

Yes, it’s just one of the top horror movie. Yes, it is not entirely unrealistic. If that is the perfect excuse to enjoy seeing people limb from limb grated then enjoy. But do not ask me about. I’ll find a movie where the characters are still above its use as a bloody accessories and sex toys. Incidentally, if this is your kind of movie, I do not have to pass the time. Just saying.

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