Ufo In New York

October 14, 2010 by USA Post 

Ufo In New York, It was said that the alien invasion would unite the world. America is the leader of the free world, if it decided to allow foreigners to rule over us, other countries will follow by necessity.

Overall independent and patriotic Americans will rally behind their president in a crisis, as in 9 / 11. What he decides, as our commander in chief is very important. The government within our government knows it. They are waiting.

There is a movement underway that evoke mass hysteria and wonder at the entrance of aliens on Earth. It is the spirit CONTROL hoax, hosted for us by a group of people or the government’s intent on controlling their fellow man. The leader out of the shadows that will “reach an agreement and pretend to protect us against” foreign invasion. “As the most powerful man in the world, world leaders (prime ministers, presidents, kings) who shake hands with the devil to protect their country, would take the hand of man, especially if the U.S. president has already done. In most cases there would be no other choice.

This man is a false savior. Is Barack Obama shake hands with this man? What it does is crucial to the hoax.

Will he commit to the end of freedom of thought for all Americans? Because that’s what it is. Even now, you’re prepared for the hoax. Every week there are new reports of “UFOs” and abductions by “foreigners” around the world via television and Internet. Not long ago, these reports did not even appear on television because they were considered “false.” They want you to believe that aliens are coming. But they are not. Impostors are coming. It’s a hoax.

The main religions and mediums have written on this false savior to come – it’s time to wake up and see who he is in bed with.

Fear closes minds to what could be, keeping in the dark with a denial. Fear asking us to accept the government-invasive interventions. Think before you commit to innovative technology that could apparently “improve” your life. The hoax entry is an illusion of human invasive technology.

Americans, you waive your rights day in the name of fear because you are subject to a regime of fear: fear of terrorist attacks, fear of abduction, fear of job loss, fear of food shortages, fear of health insurance.

Because many live in fear, it became the norm. We are on the verge of finding someone to “save” us. This implementation of fear on our society has been deliberate. And many are sucked into the drain others.

We thought that maybe Barack Obama was the man who could help us, and that change would be a good thing. This change has not been good.

It became a fear of us.

But knowing the truth: Fear is the man. When you are manipulated, even in the media with fear you need to have a good detector of waste. Mind Control hoax is garbage. When it comes, away from it.

More common sense:

Vice-Chairman Joseph Biden said the Supreme Court would decide the shredding of people.

Obamacare the program would cost 300 to 500 billion. Brain implants, in coordination with a system of interconnected computers, a type of chip program would provide access to health care system to flash vital signs of a patient, monitoring it for the welfare, health, etc. from a remote location. Would it cost less overall health care, saving the government money? The key is the medical community, the government needs to control doctors, they are now threatening, and medical students, doctors and nurses entering now indoctrinated in the government’s agenda. They already think that this idea is simple easy to access, would work well, and would reduce costs. Young people are a part of the technology-oriented, hands-free generation of an easy life. SEE: Mind Control: The Future of Brain Implants

The system of electronic medical record (EMR) is leased and is a wonderful way for physicians to monitor patient health. But in the wrong hands, so goes the thought of freedom. The government cannot deny the consideration of such a program, starting with microchip.

VIEW: 02/11/2010 Obamacare: we choose slavery or freedom?
Will you chip your newborn to the hospital before leaving the house of fear for his safety?

Will you have your baby smart to keep track of his health to detect early signs of MSN?

Will you chip your newborn because everybody started doing it and you fear what others will say, because it goes against your religious beliefs?

Will you chip your newborn because it is the law concerning the entry of electronic medical system?

Will you chip your newborn because if you choose not to, you have taken?

These decisions are all based on fear. Fear affects the lives of not only yourself but also your children.

When the hoax arrives, will you be afraid? Do you follow a leader who shakes hands with a “good guy” who pretends to be a believer in God, but we will deliver to alleged “foreigners? Think about it. Think of your children. They will suffer.

Life lived under the authority of a dictator, without freedom of thought is a life without choice. You lose the choice of what you do, what you study, if you are well enough to live or should be euthanized, you can love and who you pray. See what other dictatorships have done for their own people: Hitler, Stalin, etc. Common sense tells you not to give another full authority, because no man can “save” you.

There is only one way to live without fear and that is with God. Without the ability to communicate with him in thought, you will live a life of darkness. The false savior demand that you give to God. God is good for ALL people. We are all made in the image of the Creator. It is time for us to recognize and unite again, as free people, Americans freely and without the walls of prejudice built by emotional differences. Now is that time.

Stay away from anyone asking you to give up freedom in the name of fear. We all need to be free. The time is NOW courage. Be brave. Speak out against any officer who lives alone or lives on fear. The rest of the world is watching.

I request the Government of the United States, the Vatican and other world leaders to now disclose what evidence you have regarding real aliens to come before the hoax. This is the way of tangible peace. You save yourself and your own people.

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