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October 7, 2010 by staff 

Ufo In China, Michael Horn, the American media representative for Swiss contacted UFO Billy Meier, will provide multi-media presentations for schools, colleges and universities from 2011. They still have evidence of non-reproducible physical in the case, as Meier’s UFO photos astonishingly clear, movies and video, sound recordings and metal samples.

Horn will report on scientificanlysis and authentication of evidence presented to investigators in the late 1970s, long before home computers, PhotoShop and digital effects, as well as reviews of scientific experts.

Standard of proof

In addition to the evidence, Horn will present what he calls an even higher level of proof, the bulky body of Meier’s specific verifiable scientific information published by him a few months to decades before the “official discovery”. Horn argues that this evidence is “absolutely foolproof” and that he will rise to the highest level of control and court challenges.

According to Horn, “UFO All previous information, such as Roswell, observations of the Air Force, China, etc., is largely anecdotal and, while entertaining, is no real hard evidence. You may think it ‘ is UFO 101 ‘. The Meier case is full of evidence, which is why I refer to him as “graduate-level courses. And when you’re educated about it, you’ll wonder why you never heard before. I will discuss the answer to that too. ”

Academic Environment

Horn says he is more interested in presenting information in an academic environment than anywhere else. “Basically, UFO-themed events amount to preaching to the choir. I much prefer to face an auditorium full of curiosity, critical thinkers, students and teachers who ask the tough questions. I especially science teachers Welcome, astronomy and physics students because they are already involved in legitimate scientific studies. If Meier UFO contacts are genuine, if it is truly encountered alien beings for almost 70 years, is clearly history’s most important in human history. I intend to leave the information, and my 31 years of research in this area clearly establish that this is indeed the case. “

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