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August 7, 2011 by staff 

Ufc 133 ResultsUfc 133 Results, Sometimes the brilliance can be found in the simplest of moments. Tito Ortiz sat on his knees, his back against the wall, throwing hooks meaning to Rashad Evans. Arms hanging in the air as he left his abdomen revealed a canvas awaiting the artist’s brush.

With one swift stroke, Evans put his knee into the ribs of Ortiz, the last wrinkle, the death throes of the struggle forced his breath. Dan Miragliotta stepped in to stop the barrage of punches later, Ortiz and hold the point of impact.

I have criticized Rashad was a primal scream and jumped over the fence Octagon, or any other type of explosion to reassert male dominance. The man who created some frustration for the past fourteen months waiting for Mauricio Rua, falling to their detriment, and see his old friend and teammate win the title in a place for him, and then having to walk out the gymnasium he helped build, only to have the reckoning with Jon Jones delayed by surgery very convenient in an injured hand surgery — which later would prove ultimately unnecessary.

However, as Dan Miragliotta Ortiz came to protect additional punishment, Evans quietly walked away, a look of satisfaction on his face boring. It is a stark contrast to the reputation it has of being arrogant, being an e*hibit*nist. Some attribute it to a mature fighter – Evans turns 32 next months, but he shows a similar type of lack of interest when it was still in Atlanta Chuck Liddell back at UFC 88.

Rashad celebrates her 32nd birthday on 25 September, but his birthday, one day before in the UFC 135, when Jon Jones tries to defend the light heavyweight title against “Rampage” Jackson.

The first minute and a half of the main event of UFC 73 brought back memories. Rashad is a notorious slow starter, and Ortiz put it on the table momentarily to give pause Evans supports fourteen months of rest would be a detriment. He seemed to wake up after that, and set up a brilliant fight in the last 8 minutes. He showed a very strong body against the fence, and a blow midway in the first changed course for the rest of the fight.
Tito was more like the man who fought Matt Hamill in October, but we must give him credit for the effort he put forth in five weeks in advance. Bader I think victory is more indicative of skill level that Bader Ortiz’s ability to hang with the elite, but Ortiz is still a viable type of goalie in 205 … provided the right money.
Last week was Dan Henderson and Fedor Emelianenko, this week Vitor Belfort and Yoshihiro Akiyama. Belfort, apparently (I do not look at replays) Akiyama hit the back of the head after he faceplant into the mat. I understand that the shots on the back of the head are dangerous and illegal, blah, blah, blah. I cannot find anger in situations like this. This is an unfortunate byproduct of a sport that allows a fighter to launch attacks from behind his (or her!) Opponent. What is the solution to this problem? Stop the fight and award a fault? A disqualification? Offer sufficient disincentive, and we’ll see fighters ready to go for a finish. A rush of adrenaline blinds these fighters. They are throwing punches to the skull measured. They are reacting by instinct on the basis of the training given to them. An intentional blow to the back of your head? Punish him by all means. I do not think tonight was the intention of Vitor Belfort, and I thought that was the intention of Dan Henderson, last week.

The only thing worse than being crushed in Speedo trunks? Being crushed in Speedo trunks by a man who shaves an arrow in his chest hair.
Apart from performance Rashad Evans in the main event, Rory MacDonald was the only highlight in this program. As I mentioned in the predictions of our staff, the UFC has done a job of promoting the questionable to the point that I had forgotten that he had been scheduled at this show. Why not launch a video featured on YouTube? Or his last fight against Nate Diaz? The UFC has depended largely on the strength of its brand, but this summer has shown that the mark can only sell so much on their own. People should be talking about Rory MacDonald. People should watch his next fight. Instead, it will be forgotten for the next few months, only to appear as a modest billboard future meeting.
But! Let me talk about the two ends of my mouth! Build your stars, yes. People excited about young talent, yes. But comparing a promising 22-year-old, without a doubt the greatest fighter seconds or more of this generation? No. Look, I’m so high Rory MacDonald as anyone else, but Joe Rogan proclaiming that he has the potential to be better than Georges St. Pierre is an irresponsible and unfair to compare. MacDonald has forced you into a situation where a failure unless you get to these comparisons. Just look at LeBron James. He has been compared with Michael Jordan from the first day he entered the NBA, and now it seems it will not match the career of the greatest player in basketball history, which will be considered a wasted talent.
Alexander Gustafsson’s strong performance. Well done to prevent the demolition, a good job with the hooks along the fence, and good instincts when Hamill was injured. I would like to see the best short-range, or use it at all. Stefan Struve reminded me in that direction.
Matt Hamill Matt Hamill is now. He is beyond its peak in 34 years, and things will not get any better for him. He has made some progress since entering the UFC, but it is ultimately the same fighter that keeps persevering their hands on the waist and invites you to punch him in the skull.
Facebook brief preliminary notes: Mike Chiappetta Mendes does not think Chad is guaranteed a title shot now, to quote Dana White, which is not binding before the fight. I’m not sure who else would give it to, since I assume to Hatsu Hioki an immediate injection of the question … I could not say how he obtained the fight Hendricks / Pierce, but I liked what I saw both at various points in the fight … similar agreement with Brown / Phan. Brown faded after a great first round. Phan recovered well in the second, and I liked his work with the body away.

It is the coup de grace to the above, but at the time revealed Hallman Speedo suit. Dana White Twitter that are banned in the UFC in the future. I do not know if it was a joke. I know that the only pictures of this struggle in the choice of the Hallman UFC website dark clothing. The Soviet-style UFC erase history is no secret. I never thought I would put to use more than one pair of underwear.

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