Ufc 117 Play By Play

August 8, 2010 by Post Team 

Ufc 117 Play By Play, (Examiner) — Oakland, CA – This is the Mixed Martial Arts National Examiner, Ryan McKinnell reporting live from the Oracle Arena in Oakland for 117 UFC: Silva vs. Sonnen.

I’ll be here all night, the cage side, so all the action takes place. So make sure you subscribe to my page and be sure to click your browser regeneration sites to ensure the last action, as I will be upgrading all the year round.

So sit back and enjoy what will surely be an epic night of the fight. The event begins at 7:20 PM EST starting at the under-card.

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Ben Saunders vs Dennis Hallman

RD 1: The round begins with the pressure instantly from Hallman and Ben back in the cage. About a minute Hallman wins a nice double-leg and scores of withdrawal. For the other four minutes, Hallman manages to keep watch over Ben on the ground with a series of effective ground and pound. Although some of Boo can be heard, has generally been a very intelligent and effective round for Hallman. The score is 10-9 Hallman

RD 2: After some early pressure and good body kick by Saunders, Hallman finally wins another trip disassembly, about a minute in the 2nd round. Saunders passed by an attempt to armbar from the bottom, but he defends well and takes Hallman, later landing a nice pump. Later, Dennis moved to another and is doing damage control with some nice elbows splashing. Saunders makes every effort to “cage” walk-up on the side, but Dennis does a great job of keeping control and keeping it in half guard. Dennis now works round the rest of the half guard and finished the round strong, taking the round 10-9 on the scorecard

RD 3: Saunders, once again begins the round with some good striking. A nice counter right shakes head Hallman. A big straight left, right hook, left head kick combo gets a raise from the crowd, and Hallman is a bit stunned. Immediately trips, but is populated by Ben. Ben is doing the BJ Penn, ‘hip leg “like looking for a trip Hallman disassembly. Saunders drops the attempt to TD and Dennis Saunders is hitting against the cage. A nice knee to the body of Ben. The referee separates them and start to change some heavy leather. Some nice for Ben left, a head kick, now a missing body, the crowd explodes. Hallman with a hook good accountant and then, and even nicer to take a left down : 30 in round 3. Hallman finished the round strong, laying in the middle of Saunders-guard and a rain of punches and elbows. Saunders is severely beaten, but he certainly had the advantage in the foot. 10.-9 Hallman.

The OFFICIAL scorecard is as follows: 29-28, 30-27, 29-28 to Dennis “Superman” Hallman

Stefan Struve vs. Christian Moorecraft

RD 1: Moorecraft earns a TD early in the extremely high Strve and is working from the top. Around 1:30 in the first round, Struve shows a triangle that barely escapes Christian. Now it looks as if Christian is more comfortable with the situation and it’s raining vicious shots Struve. However, attempts Struve is trying to display again, but in vain. Moorecraft is now the position and landing heavy shots down on Stefan, and in some places it seems almost extinct. A pleasant transition Moorecraft have it throughout the installation. Struve go for a lock ankle but Christian rolls out of control on the side and ends the round with some brutal blows. Moorecraft 10-9.

RD 2: The round begins with a burst and a brief exchange in the box and at: 22 of Round 2 Stefan Struve lands a brutal right Moorecraft line that touches the ground, where tracks and finished him off. And at: 22 of Round 2, the winner by TKO Stefan Struve

Todd Brown vs Tim Boetsch

RD 1: Mishawaka, IN native, Todd Brown comes to the anthem of the State of Indiana, “Last Dance with Mary Jane” by Tom Petty. Mounting.

Boetsch comes out aggressive, but UFC newcomer, Brown, is fairly quiet and seems as if searching for the moment to shoot. Brown stumbles a bit and Tim rush for a TD and gets it. Finally, Brown gets up and gets splashed by Tim. Boetsch lands some big shots that Hoosier staggers a bit, but Brown remains a tough round.

RD 2: Round 2 consists of all the amazing on both fronts. Brown uses a nice jab / low kick combo and Boetsch is really working his overhand right and rear hook. A solid round from both fighters, but Tim is not enough to carry 10-9

RD 3: Boetsch start the third seeks a little gas chamber, but is still in control. Brown seems to be lost, but much still in the fight and confidence is amazing. Boetsch is cut over the left eye and streaks of blood on the floor octagon. TD wins Boetsch lands explosive fighters in half-guard against the cage, as Boetsch start working. Brown is able to stand and eventually separate the combatants. Brown lands a nice straight right and tries to follow with a Superman punch, but not the land. Boetsch lands a right uppercut is good that the plant should be Brown, but he eats it and keeps on coming. A great TD by Tim ends the round and it is anticipated that wins the fight 30-27.

The OFFICIAL scorecard is as follows: 29-28, 29-28, 29-28 unanimous decision Tim Boetsch

Johny Hendricks vs. Charlie Brenneman

RD 1: This is a great match up, as these two guys are carried out college wrestlers. I hope the fireworks. The round starts with a bit of nervous energy as Hendricks fall into the hands of Charlie and the earth begins a good few knees while he has a key / guillotine. Charlie drag to the canvas and is landing knees to the body. Charlie gets up and starts swinging wildly, and starts to connect, Hendricks sendinbg backtrack. While Charlie is precipitated withdrawal TD Johny and win a solid and is now trying to pull the legs out from under him so he can get a better position against the cage. After doing a solid job, the reference is the fight up. The round ends with a trip TD by Charlie. Very tough round to score, 10-9 Brenneman.

RD 2: At the beginning of the round of crushing Hendricks Brenneman and again, and again with blow after blow and shot after shot, but Brenneman is trying to cope as a warrior! These are people BRUTAL shots, make a turn! Referee Josh Rosenthal intervenes and stops the action after the crazy flakes in: 40 of round 2.

Your winner: 40 of Round 2 by TKO, in winning Johny Hendricks.

Phil Davis vs. Rodney Wallace

RD 1: Davis starts the action with a good high kick that just blocks Wallace. TD Davis won a double explosive leg and is now in half guard Wallce. Davis is trying to isolate an arm and is trying Wallace Kimura. Davis lands a few elbows good half guard and is looking to assemble, and does it. However, Wallace uses a nice butterfly guard force Davis to his feet. While trying to stand, Wallace eats a few knees to the face of Davis. Back on earth now, a trip to Davis TD, and Phil is landing more elbows to the face of Rodney and is doing a nice job. Once again, Davis used his arm and Kimura as bait for eventual complete assembly. The round ends with Davis in the middle of doing some damage guard as the horn sounds good. Davis 10-9

RD 2: Another break out of my head is blocked by Wallace at the start of the round. Wallace Davis was impatient and tries to capitalize, but that is taken by “Mr. Wonderful Davis” Phil. Davis is on the control side and is looking to isolate an arm. Davis rides round out the change mount, side control and half-protection, en route to a dominant round 2. Davis 10-9.

RD 3: A third round would not be a third round without Phil Davis high kick that is blocked. At least in this fight … Rest assured, it happened again. Now both fighters seem to be a little tired and splashing without real damage. A vicious body kick from Davis to get a rise out of the crowd. Wallace now hitting Davis in the box and are looking for a TD. One has to think all Davis has to do is sit and pray his way to victory in this, is that the first 2 rounds were so one-sided. Phil As if somehow I could hear, puts on his TD and is now in the control side, looking to ride this one out. Wallace stands, however, once again, and Phil is forced to knock him out with a nice trip, making it look like a signal. Davis is proving once again why it is a valuable perspective in the UFC. A highly decorated college wrestler, Davis is apparently the work-based learning as you grow as a fighter. Sometimes it’s almost as if I see him thinking about what I should be doing while working his BJJ. In the round comes to an end, Davis is in the middle of the guard doing some damage, but nothing major. Davis 10-9 for

THE OFFICIAL SAYS THE FOLLOWING SCORECARD: 30-26, 30-27, 30-27, in winning by Phil Davis Exma.

Dustin Hazelett vs. Rick Story

RD 1: The round starts with Dustin arm-bar/triangle trying to take a fly, but is criticized by history, which is landing a nice ground and pound. The story has lots of energy and is really lead to “McLovin.” History is on the side of control and is looking to punish further by Dustin previous attempt to pull guard. A quick stop-up and another TD Story. Another stand-up and history is only Dustin punched in the ribs and body. It’s like a little pitbull. History gets another TD and Dustin is out of his element, even on the floor. The elbows of the story in half guard and a backup and allows you to be Dustin. It seems as if history is giving Dustin a ton of credit for their running game, although it is landing some nice shots. The round ends with the story of Dustin punches against the cage, landing brutal shots to the head. Great round of History, 10-9.

RD 2: The round begins with an intense history of the earth and see a good right hook that wobbles Hazelett. Now on the floor above story allows Hazelett, allowing it to fall further. Body, head, body, head, Hazelett collapses on the floor and the story continues with a barrier that has referee Josh Rosenthal, intervene and stop the action.

At 1:15 in the 2nd round, the winner by TKO, Rick “The Horror” Story

- After a brief 20-minute THE PART PPV card is about to begin -

Roy Nelson vs Junior Dos Santos

RD 1: Roy out with your hands is very high and tight, and looks as if it wants to be in everything. He fakes a punch, but then finds the DT. No success. About 2 minutes JDS lands a brutal uppercut that rocks Nelson. Nelson is now looking to survive as JDS pummels shots to the body and head. It seems as if Nelson has weathered the storm, but this guy like me that another uppercut drops Nelson BRUTAL! He’s hurt! JDS is now landing knees to add the attack! Nelson survives however, and the wings of a wild hook misses only. A forehand Nelson, another uppercut by JDS misses only. Nelson remains in the pocket now. I have no idea how Roy Nelson just to survive that round! He only went to the wrong corner at the bell! Dos Santos 10-9, maybe 10-8.

RD 2: A good fit for Nelson lands at the start and was looking for the shot, but is filled with JDS. The crowd is really into it. A right hand by wild Nelson lost. Nelson JDS is splashed with jabs and now seems to be finding a rhythm. A combo of good body and is collecting Roy JDS apart. Roy is tired and breathing heavy. A brutal right hook to the body by the JDS. A huge photo of two legs of Nelson who just shrugged by Dos Santos. Not good for “Big Country”. JDS shoot now and fabrics Nelson TD. More combos by JDS and Nelson looks at the clock. Roy I have seen in some wars over his career, but I do not think I’ve seen this tired … Even in the fight or the fight Arlovski Rothwell. This is brutal. A big left hook and Nelson is bruising JDS above. JDS is cut in the right eye pretty interesting. JDS 10-9

RD 3: A front kick striking the “chest” of Nelson starts the round. I put the chest in the appointments, because it is a bit like your whole body is a giant, floppy, super hard chest. JDS pleasant detachment and is working some shots. Roy gets up and gassed. Totally exhausted. Uppercut / hook / straight by JDS, now with the body. What a clinic. A hook flying Nelson lost, but people like it. More brutal combos of JDS. Another hook JDS Nelson’s head snaps back. Nelson is looking like an extra from “Over the Top”. More shots in the body of JDS, but Nelson did not give up! Just to be here to receive the blow. The fight ends with both fighters embrace in the center of the Octagon. Nelson, hands on knees, JDS, hands held high. What a fight-not the least.

THE OFFICIAL SAYS THE FOLLOWING SCORECARD: 30-26, 30-27, 30-27, to win by unanimous decision Junior Dos Santos

Ricardo Almeida vs. Matt Hughes

RD 1: Hughes starts searching the contents of a strike with “Big Dog.” Could end up being a big mistake, unless it is to set up a takedown later. Almeida is very solid on his feet, he is using great movement, head and feet, and maintains a perfect amount of the distance. A left hook drops Hughes Almeida! Hughes now has aa Almeida guillotine from expansion, and Almeida is available! Hughes wins by submission in the first!

(Note: Not exactly a guillotine. It was more a pure power, north / south arm triangle. Do not know really, Hughes refers to it as a wrestling move “old”)

At 3:15 of the first round, the winner through the presentation, Matt Hughes

Clay Guida vs. Rafael Dos Anjos

RD 1: Rafael is his infamous hook to start the fight, but he misses and that is inconsistent with a hook Guida. Much of the energy from these two, not really a surprise, I guess. Greater Dos Anjos left stunned for a moment, but recovers. Rafael outbreaks, but is populated by Clay, who is now looking for a TD of their own. The crowd chants: “Guida! Guida! Guida!” Clay is a single leg for most of a minute, but gives up. Dos Anjos tries a flying double knee, but puffs. Dos Anjos uppercut with his signature, but it’s time to land and stunning enough to win Guida TD track. Clay positions and stands as the round ends. 10-9 Dos Anjos

RD 2: Dos Anjos is wearing a very smart game plan and it seems to confuse Guida, and swings wildly and misses. Guida is full of energy, but does not help in this fight. In any case, it was hurting him. It is being too aggressive and Rafael is telegraphing everything he does. Shooting Low, then high kick from Rafael. Now Clay starts to be too aggressive Dos Anjos da one TD for the Illinois native. Clay is trying to pass guard Rafael, but is not succeeding. You really have to work if they want to steal this round. One minute left. Clay is now in half guard and is apparently trying to override, by an arm-triangle, but is unlikely to happen. Dos Anjos guard ‘is too slippery. I do not know if Clay did enough to win the round. But I will give it to him, 10-9 Guida

RD 3: The clay is to use a better head movement and strikes as the round begins. But it’s all to set up the TD inevitable. And as I write this, a HUGE slam by Rafael Guida as he collects and brings to the canvas, landing in half guard. In a very innovative, Guida looks for the arm of a triangle in the box, and is digging his shoulder Rafael neck / jaw, and taps, Rafael! It seems you may have broken his jaw with the leverage of the cage.

His winner at 1:51 of the 3rd round by submission, Clay “The Carpenter” Guida

Jon Fitch vs Thiago Alves

RD 1: Fitch comes out aggressive, but we all know what’s coming. And of course, about 40 seconds into the fight, Fitch won a solid TD and is looking to recover Alves. Alves has a hook and has a lock on the body, while Thiago is trying to stand. Alves stands, but Fitch still has his back and drags him down to the ground. Once again, Alves stands up and dumped in the back, this time in secondary control Fitch. Fitch is grinding Avles elbow in the face and reverses Fitch Alves! Alves is now in the midst of Fitch guard but it seems that Fitch is trying to force a tie at the foot of the referee, Herb Dean. Fitch Alves allowed to stand. Smart Move. Lying there doing nothing on the cards. Jon lands a few meters from the body knees in the Thai-clinch. Alves is stalking, but Fitch maintained his ground with some nice combination for the body and head. Within Fitch kick by Alves can shoot it, but it refused. Fitch receives a retirement at the end of the round and it is possible to have it stolen. Fitch 10-9.

RD 2: The combos to the body seems Alves wearing out a bit, because it actually comes after Fitch. The aggressiveness of the leaves open for a TD by Fitch. During the TD, however, Fitch is caught in a guillotine. Fitch escapes the guillotine and is trying to work, but Alves is trying to keep active feet. Alves will not stand for a moment, but Fitch throws it back down. Fitch is now looking to recover Alves and people start booing at the rate rules. Alves pulls a switch on Fitch and has control of it for a minute, but stand back and let Fitch-up. Alves is trying to hit him, but nothing is really landing as the horn sounds in round 2. Fitch 10-9

RD 3: Fitch started the round in search of a DT, but Alves is doing a good job of keeping him at bay with his striking. A nice right hook and an Alves free-kick that just misses. Alves is too aggressive again and give up the TD with Jon wants to bring her back again. Jon has a hook and is taken back Alves or mount it. This is turning into a textbook, grind-it-out, the kind of fight that is known by Fitch. Despite the boo is a fun fight with a ton of strategy involved. During a rear-nkd choke attempt, Alves cage and manages to walk the earth in Fitch’s guard. Fitch is doing what he did before, though, and he is only awaiting the round ends. Fitch 10-9

THE OFFICIAL SAYS THE FOLLOWING SCORECARD: 30-27, 30-27, 30-27, all for your winner by unanimous decision, Jon Fitch.

Anderson Silva vs Chael Sonnen

Chael Apparently I can not really wait to fight, because Anderson is a signal to hurry up and enter the cage. Michael has been pacing and shouting in the last couple of minutes. We hope you save some of that for the real fight.

RD 1: The fight begins with so much energy. Michael Anderson is aggressive and is looking for his shots. Chael lands huge left Silva stunned! Silva is confused! Michael receives a withdrawal and it is peppered with shots! The crowd shouts “USA! USA! USA!” Anderson is trying to stand up but Chael is to keep the pressure on the top. He is doing exactly what he said he would in all pre-fight hype. Chael more hits and he goes back to Anderson and more hits! The crowd explodes! Michael is now in half guard and punches rained down elbows. The right of a position until Sonnen hits square in the jaw Silva! He looks confused, as I said before. We have never seen Anderson in so much trouble in the UFC. More beats! Sonnen is overwhelming Silva posture from a position above him.

RD 2: A low level of lack of Silva begins the round and is stunned Chael a little, but not enough! Sonnen wins a beautiful take down right after. Sonnen is now in the midst of Silva-guard. Sonnen is brutally work around Silva. The elbows, backs of ears, shrug, whatever – he is wearing down Silva. More Sonnen elbows position, but have to be careful, is becoming reckless of the lid. Anderson has a brief Kimura from the bottom, but he gives it? It seemed solid? Round ends with Sonnen on top conducting a serious job. Sonnen 10-9

RD 3: The round begins with Anderson throwing a spinning back kick that Sonnen shrugs. Sonnen gets another TD! He is looking to take back as it is on the side of controlling the position of the back. Silva is just turtling, and I do not know what is waiting. The blows did not seem to be hurting, but I mean, how could it not be? Sonnen is on guard Silva and the pace has slowed a bit. Sonnen is down and dirty hammerfist elbows to the head of Silva. Over the same as the round ends. Sonnen 10-9

RD 4: At the beginning of the fourth seems that Silva has to force a strike if it wants to retain his belt. Silva began the round with a flurry and Sonnen stuns! Sonnen will hurt a lot! And the crowd goes wild! Silva won the withdrawal of Sonnen! The crowd roared to a crescendo. Sonnen Silva achieves a switch and is now at the top! The crowd roars again! Sonnen is working the same soil type and the pound has been doing all struggle – hammerfists, elbows and jabs. The chants of “USA! USA! USA!” start again. More ground and pound from the challenger as we reached the mark of 1 minute in round 4. Silva is trying to telegraph a triangle, but does not succeed in the round comes to an end. 30 seconds can not win a round, even Anderson Silva. Sonnen 10-9

RD 5: Sonnen is bad cut over one eye and seems to be cut above the other. All you have to do is win this round. Silva dropped to the canvas with what looked like a left hook! Now Smith is back and Chael is in the driver’s seat. 4 minutes left! Sonnen is looking to move and does, to a control. But very soon after Silva returns to its guard. Silva has to know that he is losing this fight. He has to work as hard as you can. Sub attempts, standing, what you can do to change the fight. 2 minutes left! And it does! CATCH SILVA Sonnen in a triangle and the Forces of TAP WITH 1:40 LEFT ALONE! AMAZING!

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