UFC 115 Liddell vs. Franklin

June 13, 2010 by Post Team 

UFC 115 Liddell vs. FranklinUFC 115 Liddell vs. Franklin:As with all major shows, be here for you to live results and comments for the UFC 115: Liddell vs Franklin. The live blog will begin with the start of the broadcast of Spike (at 9 pm ET) so be sure to do with blood from the elbow of his house for this event.

As always we have a rule: NO SPOILERS! So as not to spoil anything about the bill that could make the issue so please do not discuss the results of fights in the comments until the end of the broadcast or the fight causes the air.

The issuance of Spike is in the air. First, the fight soon.

Mac Danzig vs. Matt Wiman - Round 1 – Danzig looking sharp with his fist combinations early. In an exchange that slide and go down with Wiman at the bottom and landing blows Danzig. Wiman with a deep guillotine against the bottom and he uses it to mount to roll. The choke is really deep and Yves jumps to stop the fight. Wiman said: “I think he’s out” and the referee jumped in. Danzig is not very clearly and that’s a horrible decision by the referee. Matt Wiman wins by technical submission (guillotine), the 1st round.

Tyson Griffin vs. Evan Dunham – Round 1 – Feeling the process early with straight punches. Dunham in search of one leg and Griffin jumps back leg landing blows. Griffin landing a hard right now. Dunham is having problems with the minting of Griffin, who has been able to come and go and land, seemingly at will. Nice combination by Dunham and now a push kick to the side of the head. Dunham is starting to find his range. Dunham with a sack and taken back. Dunham hooks and starts landing blows. Griffin does a good job of defending the choke and the round ends. Dunham Close round but took it over in the second half. Round 2 – Dunham with double leg and jumps guard Griffin to try to lock up a guillotine. Dunham work with the head and he is safe. Dunham d’Arce looking for a choke but can not finish and have returned to standing. Both men landing some blows and again Dunham gets a good double leg. Dunham is working to take the back. Landing some punches and Griffin now stands. Dunham stays in the back with a body triangle. Finally Griffin dives forward and hit the side of Dunham on the floor. Dunham did not let go and have returned to Dunham on his back with his foot Griffin. Dunham round 10-9. Round 3 – Both men landing big shots early and Griffin is in your favor, knowing that probably has to finish to win here. Griffin looking for the kill, but can not get. Dunham with a good body kick and now Griffin is recovering from a fight. Griffin stands up after a little over a minute and Dunham remains in the back with the body triangle. The round ends, but Dunham and 10-9 was clearly no way we lose this fight. Official Scorecards: 30-27 Dunham, Griffin 29-28, 29-28 Dunham. Evan Dunham wins by split decision. Who found 2 rounds of Griffin in this fight should not score another fight again.

The PPV broadcast is live now.

Carlos Condit vs. Rory MacDonald – Round 1 – Condit Rory throws a punch and catches it and puts it down and then tells Carlos to get a backup. They are on the ground now with MacDonald at the top. Condit trying to use protective rubber, but Rory top positions. Condit work with punches and elbows on his back.Rory with a solid jab to stand again. Condit catches him with a strong hook that stumbles a bit. MacDonald’s right hand is hurt and Condit. MacDonald Takedown now. Condit once again does a good job with their attacks and eventually back up again. Trade is now opening leg and right hand MacDonald after he catches a kick from Condit. The round ends and it was a difficult question mark, but I was going for takedowns MacDonald 10-9 and blow that staggered Condit. Round 2 – Both are doing good work from the clinch. MacDonald lands three hard knocks. As MacDonald works for a takedown Condit uses a kimura to revert to the top. Now MacDonald sweeps up and stops again. MacDonald’s three hard shots and he took the strike. Condit shoots and puts. Condit knee lands hard and MacDonald is needed. The round ends with the landing of a jumping front kick Condit. These rounds were close, but I gave them both to MacDonald. Round 3 – Son bigwigs trade and now a throw of Rory’s head. Rory blow now and Condit good shot now. They go to ground and Condit is at the top. Condit landing some big elbows and now moves to mount. Great Condit elbows, but Rory finds a way to escape their feet. Great combo of Condit and Rory tries to shoot, but can not get off. Condit is now blitzing him and his face is very swollen with Rory. Condit is absolutely dominant in this round. Condit is landing blows and jumps in reference to that after 10 seconds left. If I had gone over ten seconds, I have finished marking a tie. Carlos Condit wins by TKO (strikes), round 3.

Ben Rothwell vs Gilbert Yvel – Round 1 – Rothwell blitzes him immediately with a series of hard knocks. Now Yvel Rothwell fires back and as outbreaks of dismantling and Yvel attempts a guillotine. Rothwell sweeps survives and Yvel. Return to standing and Rothwell, leads straight down, now working at the elbows and hits side control. Yvel manages to climb back to his feet. Rothwell dismantling another and this time ends at the Mt. Yvel manages to return to their feet. Yvel is beginning to land some big shots. Rothwell staggered. The round ends and Yvel was almost able to steal, but I have yet to give Rothwell to win most of the round. Round 2 – Next Rothwell looking for takedowns. Rothwell is up now on the control side. Rothwell to mount and is landing blows. Yvel manages to get out and he is now at the top landing some big hits. This fight should be stopped, Rothwell is getting beaten. Rothwell get through it and is now able to get a takedown and is up on the mountain. The round ends and has been a 10-9 round Yvel. Round 3 – Rothwell with early removal. He is in side control trying to get the crucifix. Remount completely Rothwell. Yvel is able to return to half guard. Rothwell working for a kimura from side control. Rothwell now has the crucifix. The round ends and 10-9 Rothwell and I’ve won a 29-28 decision. Official Scorecards: 30-27, 29-28 and 29-28 all for Ben Rothwell. How someone got the 2nd assault for him I have no idea but the right man won.

Martin Kampmann vs. Thiago Paulo – Round 1 – First minute sit out. The right hand Kampmann lands. Both men trading blows. Kampmann leg kick. Kampmann with two solid blows now. Thiago is a demolition, but can not get. Head kick from Thiago and then a right hand. Thiago trip with a takedown. Kampmann keep your head and uses it to blow. Thiago with a takedown again and he can not get the d’Arce. Kampmann is reversed and is close to finish with a choke and the round ends. Kampmann 10-9 round. Round 2 – They exchange big shots with the arrival of man, not too hard. Thiago Big right hand. They go to ground and Kampmann is on top. Kampmann goes and takes her back briefly. Thiago uses a kimura to sweep up. They are doing some work and get Kampmann walking distance. Kampmann with a big knee and it hurt Thiago. He’s up 10-9. Round 3 – Kampmann with a takedown and is just dominating this fight. Kampmann working to build a triangle Thiago da arm and the back. Stand again and there is only a minute from time to Thiago for something to happen. Instead Kampmann is back on top in the field now in a triangle arm lock. The round, and fight, goals and Martin Kampmann as one of the best performances of his career. Official Scorecards: 30-27 in all areas of Martin Kampmann.

Pat Barry vs Mirko Cro Cop – Round 1 – Both guys throwing hard punches early, but not the man in connection with excessive force. Great kick by Barry. Barry and Cro Cop lands falls but is back up and does not seem too much damage. Barry is returning kicks and working for him. Mirko kick Council. Barry’s right hand and Mirko back down. Barry lets you step back up. Back to the leg kick again by Barry. Mirko lands a few punches and came back in the distance. The two men laugh and hug them. The round ends and is 10-9 Barry. Round 2 – Mirko lost out of my head. Cro Cop charged with a flurry of punches and get a few inches Mirko collided with a side kick. Leg kick lands hard Mirko. Barry loses the head kick and slips to the floor to Mirko takes advantage and is now at the top. Mirko work some ground and pound. Mirko full mount and Barry leaves the back. Mirko looks for the choke, but you can not get under the chin to going back to landing blows. The round ends and Mirko 10-9 to match up. Round 3 – remove the head of Mirko. Now, a three punch combo and a kick Mirko ax. Barry shoots when it launches out of my head. They are both launch and take many hits. Left hand lands Barry. Mirko solid blows. Now to go and alndding Mirko bigwigs. Barry fires back, but Mirko poured over and knocks him down. Mirko follow up with a series of blows. Mirko jumps and returns to Barry. Cro Cop is sinking the choke and Barry is forced to tap out. Mirko Cro Cop wins via submission (rear nkd choke), round 3.

Rich Franklin vs. Chuck Liddell - Round 1 – kick by Franklin and a left hand. Franklin goes back to the leg to kick Chuck fires a change. Enriched with another left. Rich occurs dismantling, but can not get so few punches land. Chuck has just collided with a head kick. Chuck lands a few punches and then gets a takedown Quick Pick ankle. Rich manages to stand back and Liddell has a cut over his left eye now. Chuck’s right hand and now faces rich fires again. These two are in their favor. Rich land are commercial and right of the button and Chuck goes cold. Franklin lands a few shots more difficult after Chuck was down and finished. Rich Franklin wins by KO (punch), the 1st round.

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