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February 25, 2012 by staff 

Tyler America Idol, This week, American Idol revealed the Top 24 after giving each of the 45 remaining contestants one last chance to “sing for their lives” on a large, circular stage that was surrounded by a giant body of water on all sides. (Why? Who the hell knows.) In the two-episode slow, dramatic reveal, the show gave us glimpses of some of the best final solo performances, and then made each contestant walk down that long hallway to the hot seat, and find out if they were going home. The show referred to this process as “The Final Judgement: Part One and Part Two.”

First of all, that immediately makes me think of that awful 1980?s Europe song “The Final Countdown.” Secondly, if it’s FINAL, how can you have a Part 1 and 2? But I digress . . .

Seacrest made several mentions of an upcoming “twist” that would “be sooo big, it would change everything!!!”and in the end, it was nothing. As usual, this show spends 90+ minutes “teasing” the audience about something that means very little. What was the twist, you didn’t ask? Well, the show decided to add one more guy into the Top 24, making it a Top 25. The guy they chose will be revealed on next week’s live show. I know. Yawn . . .

The judges were the stars of this week’s show; they got to take turns breaking the good/bad news to the contestants. Jennifer Lopez did a lot of crying, as usual. Randy Jackson was pointless in his Bill Cosby sweater, as usual. Steven Tyler didn’t seem to say a word until about 45 minutes into the first episode. Sometimes I swear he is asleep, and wakes up at random times to realize he is on national television. Helloooo??? Earth to Steven!!!

Before we get to who DID make it into the Top 24, let’s discuss a few of the surprising ones that didn’t. I will say that even though every single season, Randy Jackson says at some point: “This is our strongest season yet. We have so much talent this season!”, this season, he might actually be right. It was one of the few times that I found myself searching for contestants to make fun of in some way, or say “Why did they pick them?” Pretty much everyone has a lot of talent. Not only that, but there are a lot of very unique individuals in the mix this year. Lots of different styles of voices. It should be interesting, to say the least.

The early favorite to WIN the show, Lauren Gray, didn’t even make the Top 24. Honestly, I don’t know why the hell she went home. Her vocals were incredible, and came from a place deep in her soul. When she sang, it made me feel. I do not understand sending her home at all, especially after they showed us her final solo performance of “I’d Rather Go Blind,” which was simply stunning.

Also going home was Scotty McDreary: The Sequel, Richie Law, the very talented Neco Starr, and someone named Scott Dangerfield, who I swear I have NEVER seen at ALL until this episode, but he was freakin’ amazing. For me, the two biggest surprises were 17 yr. old David Leather Jr, who seemed to be the next Michael Jackson and possess immense charm and talent, and Jermaine Jones, who had one of the most emotional, sweaty reactions I have ever seen to being cut from the show. Holy Crap, can this man sweat! Sweaty McSweatmeister cried himself a river when he found out that he didn’t make it, then he leaned against his mom and sweat all over her too. Since they spent SO much time showing us how insanely distraught Jermaine was by not making it, and even more time showing us how upset the judges were by his tearful reaction to not making it, I’m guessing he is going to be #25 next week. You watch

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