Twitter Users Angry Over Bruce Feldman Suspension

July 15, 2011 by Post Team 

Twitter Users Angry Over Bruce Feldman SuspensionTwitter Users Angry Over Bruce Feldman Suspension, Typical. Bullsh * t. Punks. F * ckery. Abhorrent. Embarrassing. Hypocrite. Embarrassing. Those were just some of the words that our followers on Twitter used to describe what ESPN did to Bruce Feldman. I really do not know where to start with the following story, because it is so ridiculous, so wrong, so outrageous and incredible that it can not be understood by the rational human mind. Thursday, ESPN carried one of the worst decisions in the worst PR moves I’ve seen made by a major media company. The following story is Edward R. Colin seems cowboy Murrow.

Sports by Brooks said Thursday that ESPN college football writer Bruce Feldman was suspended indefinitely by the “world leader”. Now, indefinite suspension is not something to be taken lightly, especially ESPN. Hell, Jemele Hill is a week to talk about Hitler, Dana Jacobsen has a week to speak ill of Jesus, and Tony Kornheiser has two weeks to Dissing closet Hannah Storm. So you know that ESPN is taking very seriously when one of his best and most respected writers, is suspended indefinitely. The “world leader” expects what made Bruce Feldman to be vile, reprehensible, and unworthy of journalistic integrity and professional. In a way, what Bruce Feldman did was much worse.

He helped write the book Mike Leach.

This is the story of Brooks:

ESPN vice president and news director Vince Doria, ESPN The Magazine Editor in Chief & ESPN Books Editorial Director Gary Hoenig, Editor in Chief and Stiegman Pat participated in the conference and were behind the decision to punish Feldman. Doria, Stiegman Hoenig and Feldman reported today that it has been banned from writing for any entity ESPN, is prohibited from appearing on any ESPN platform, is not allowed to tweet from their Twitter account, or participate in any promotion of a book recently published in Feldman, who played a role.

The editorial management of multiple sources has told me on ESPN in recent months that Feldman only participate in the book project Leach with the direct approval of ESPN management – in fact received Feldman. Since the book was published Monday, Feldman has deliberately avoided any kind of personal promotion or mention of the book Leach. (You will find no mention of the book in Feldman Twitter account and blog at ESPN.) Despite these facts, Feldman told ESPN executives Doria, Stiegman Hoenig and now he was being suspended indefinitely for his involvement in the book Leach.

Let’s break this step-by-step so we can understand more clearly the giant clusterf * ck that ESPN created for themselves here, according to Brooks and other reports around the Internet …

1) As background, Mike Leach goes into a fight with ESPN college footballanlyst Craig James in a dispute involving son Craig, Adam.
2) Bruce Feldman Mike Leach helps write his book, wield the sword, including comments on the controversy over James and the possible role of ESPN hype, twist, and let’s just say that they are and the promulgation of lies about the James Adam controversy.
3) Bruce Feldman, and this is important now, get permission from ESPN to participate in the book of Leach. You’ll see why this is crucial in a second.
4) Excerpts from the book published incriminating Craig Leach and James Leach others in the controversy.
5) Feldman is indefinitely suspended for taking part in the book of Leach.
7) # FreeBruce Feldman and Bruce are now trending on Twitter as the Internet, media, and anyone with a shred of decency or common sense to realize the farce that ESPN throws …

I’m kind of math, so forgive me if I go directly to the simple logic. Since ESPN has been silent (did not respond to a request for comments Deitsch and traditionally tight-lipped about such things), one must assume that the history of Brooks necessary. ESPN’s Bruce Feldman suspension for doing something that ESPN gave him permission to do so. (For the mind indefinitely, this is not one of those slaps on the wrist for using Hitler in a column or say f * ck Jesus, no, this is real, dammit.) If the world and the universe have existed in these measures, we should all be dead now, humanity blows himself in a kind of horrible, fire, explosion, and self-mutilation. If you want to try and get into the minds of the idiots who made this decision, take a large blunt object (preferably with some spikes or something funny) and smash themselves in the head 32 times. Then dip your body in sulfur and jam an ice pick in his brain. Only then will reach the necessary intellectual capacity to even consider such a decision. Fortunately, I’m not the only one who feels this. # FreeBruce.

The second level of the story Feldman is where things get even more ugly and despicable ESPN. We talked this week about the book excerpts Leach and how did Craig James look like a douchebag even greater than it already seem to be (quite the impressive feat by the way). Leach extracts (published e-mails to his henchmen James Nixon Spaeth Communications) exposed to James like a snake ready pompous and insidious to promote their bloodlines family ridiculously, a badger playing coach for his son without talent, use his position as ananlyst on national television to try to influence coaches and programs, the progress of the lies told by his son without talent, hiring a PR agency for further progress in those lies, get a coach fired, and cost a coach his job. That’s the kind of person that ESPN stands behind 100%. Senator Craig James. Bristol should be proud.

ESPN has launched the sidewalk of the writer who is universally supported by the entire college football single media sports journalist who has a Twitter account. Feldman ESPN should not stop, they should thank him and give him his own half-hour program on ESPN2 for bringing to light things wrong Craig James and his horde of pathetic creatures made in twisting the story of Mike Leach. Instead, ESPN has done and said nothing about the hypocrisy of James, the conflict of interest in the network reporting errant story, or anything related to the sordid details about Craig James and how ESPN handles leach initially history. Everything I have done is inspiring thousands of fans to boycott ESPN, somehow. Well played.

The third level of the story Feldman is where I can find the greatest interest to be. What does this suspension and support instant, overwhelming for Feldman ESPN mean? The importance of this history cannot be overstated. This is ESPN’s journalistic Waterloo. Now there’s no turning back for Bristol. All the chips have been pushed toward the center of the table in the name of protecting the ESPN brand at all costs. A million ESPN says the books could not do the damage this decision, one has. Even the decision not more than this disaster. Damn journalistic integrity. Damn the truth. Damn the thing to do. Damn it to hell. ESPN has suspended a writer for doing his job – to help a coach to tell his side of the story. Let’s face it, though. What appears to the thousands who Twitter # FreeBruce is this – Bruce Feldman ESPN suspended to someone bigger and more important for him on ESPN look bad. The large amount of criticism from ESPN and Feldman support means it will take months and perhaps years of ESPN to regain respect lost for this error. In fact, it can never return. I had a lot of sports fans that questioned the integrity of ESPN before this story broke. Bruce Feldman is just the latest nail in the coffin.

I do not see how ESPN is moving in this story with a semblance of dignity left. Yes, there are still many aspects of ESPN are very good. There are still people who enjoy everything ESPN. I’m still going to see the British Open, I’m still going to see the Women’s World Cup Final, and most of you probably will like. But as for the development of ESPN and news newsbreaking position in the world of sport, forget it. It is finished. ESPN sold what was left of his integrity and respectability as a news organization to hell the second was suspended Bruce Feldman. Oh and one more thing …

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