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September 12, 2011 by Post Team 

True Blood SpoilersTrue Blood Spoilers, If you have not seen the end, look below. This post contains spoilers of the September 11 episode of HBO’s “True Blood.”]

Confession: Because at the end of last night was infinitely better than the disappointing end to last season, half of my notes were written in capital letters and dotted words of four letters. Enjoy some of Maxine pork rind casserole, because we have a long way to go.

We join Jesus and Lafayette (and Marnie, more or less) in a scene familiar to almost all couples at some time or other, the awkward silence in a lunch with a side of fries is the only item on the menu.

Lafayette apologized to Jesus for everything that had happened during her time with the coven. “LaMarnie” took this as an opportunity to express their discontent by Jesus for the strength of cast Antonia and she stabbed him in the hand with a fork and took him prisoner.

She told Jesus that he had coveted tried to suppress a lifetime – the powerful magic within him – and she threatened to kill Lafayette, if they do not deliver the goods. She did, and she killed him. Sad trombone.

News In Stackhouse, Sookie and Tara Coffee Klatsch called by its annual season finale in which a rehash of how crazy their lives had been in recent times and, oh by the way, is totally feels great about.

Jason, meanwhile, said Hoyt for his dalliance with Jessica. Hoyt predictably angry and gave him an ass kicking Jason in its own right. (In fact, Jason deserved a beating that mustache alone.)

At Merlotte, the bar was a hive of activity with lots of little things jokes 5 stories of the season.

Sergeant Patrick Devins, a fellow Marine’s past Terry was presented seeking to reconnect. Arlene was perplexed because Terry did not mention Sgt. Devins. Apparently, saving the life of a man (twice) do not tell your wife?

Sookie is held rehired by a broken heart that tends to Alcide. He told her all about his breakup with Debbie and tried to convince them that they were together. He was doing a bad case of puppy dog ??eyes when he was interrupted by an urgent phone call. More on that in a minute.

Later, Tara appeared and Sookie and Holly told what had happened to Jesus. Took part in search of Lafayette and left me to wonder once more if Sookie has really worked a complete change in Merlotte.

Girls LaMarnie found, along with Bill and Eric in the front garden of Chez Compton. The boys were plated for a game and began to burn like LaMarnie, dressed in a caftan of Mrs. Roper Collection Resort, a spell.

The girls started their own charm and invoked the presence of the ghostly inhabitants of the cemetery of Bon Temps. Antonia also made an appearance, and the flames were extinguished before the deal a little witch wisdom.

Gran was there and freed Lafayette before returning to the afterlife with Marnie on the trailer. Sookie gathered up another horrible scream and that was it. Ding dong the witch is dead, etc, etc

Later, Sookie helped the boys cured by allowing them to feed on. He then launched into an impromptu ceremony rose supernatural end which ended with her rejection of the two boys. Brad Womack first and best lady.

We also learned that the spell of call girls brought the best and worst of Bon Temps, where Arlene Rene paid a visit to the bar. Urged him to stay away from Terry because his past had finally reached him. Sinister!

In Shreveport, Pam was still reeling after Eric berated him for trying to blow up the Moon Goddess. In a rant inspired me everything I ever said I wanted to say about Sookie and then had a good cry as Ginger consoled.

Back to Bon Temps, Sam and Luna had a conversation about the future of their relationship and the mystery of a wolf appeared, and that good night. Marcus has to be, right? After Franklin, I learned that you are not dead until it is posted or fed to alligators.

Elsewhere, the night of Jason improved exponentially when Jessica appeared at his door dressed as Red Riding Hood Sexy. She said she did not want a relationship, but it was totally down to continue having sex with him, and of course was fine with Jason.

After Jessica left, someone knocked on the door and it was time lost from Rev. Steve Newlin – which, incidentally, is now a vampire.

And remember Alcide urgent phone call? An employee attempted to warn about a problem in an old building. The problem? A crater on the ground floor of a concrete parking lot that could only mean one thing: Russell back, baby!

Chez Nan looped to inform Bill Compton and Eric left (ie, was fired from) both the AVL and the Authority was interested in forming a rebel faction. He then went on a tirade against Sookie, and the boys responded with stakes her.

Finally, Sookie returned to an empty house to find Debbie carrying a shotgun in her kitchen. Debbie shot and hit Tara, who had rushed to the aid of Sookie. Sookie then fought Debbie’s gun and shot him in the face. (In her face! That’s cold-blooded. Bring me the smelling salts, because you can never recover from this tragic loss.)

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