True Blood Season 5

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True Blood Season 5True Blood Season 5, Much of the death, sex and a huge cliffhanger in this incredibly good sense to irregular season.

I cannot think of an episode in recent history, filled with so much goodness in one hour. Maybe it was the same pace final of season 2. So let’s get right into it.

I’ll start with Sookie, because “When I die,” despite the situation of Marnie-own-Lafayette, was really a showcase for Anna Paquin.

Sookie went through the wringer here: dealing with the aftermath post-Marnie, the choice between Bill and Eric (finally!) While being pursued by Alcide, nearly being killed (more on that later) and have a heart-rending visit great.

Yes, Grandma. I did not expect a great cameo, right? Me neither. I did not expect that great uprising of the dead and the strength of your hand on the throat of Lafayette, to expel Marnie.

But I’m getting ahead.

The first half of this episode was dedicated to being possessed by Marnie Lafayette. Call it Lafanie. Marnette O? I’ll stick with Marnette. Marnette So is having an informal breakfast with Jesus. You know, along with a “let’s stop getting involved with black magic” to speak. Too late! Marnette stabs Jesus in the hand is revealed as Marnie, links to Jesus and ordered to transfer his magic to it.

After a while of trying to convince Marnie to do things well and leave Lafayette (surprisingly, this does not work), finally gives in, calls the demons of Mexico and Marnette stabs him in the heart and licks the knife. Having the death: Jesus! Yes, “True Blood” got rid of one of its most benevolent.

Marnette is moving fast. Kill some guards, Bill King, Bill and Eric ties na*ed to a stake and is prepared to sacrifice the witches … or something. Fortunately, Sookie, Tara and Holly arrive at the scene to sing together and spread salt and … summon the dead for Marnie to take his side.

After the Great comes to Lafayette and Marnie out, it’s up to Antonia to convince her to stop the madness. “All creatures have an end, even the vampires,” says Antonia. “You will be peaceful.”

Convinced! Marnie screaming the whole thing died. “This f — ing sucks,” he says.

“Change is difficult,” the response is underestimated Antonia fun.

Before returning to the Dead, Sookie cannot resist chatting with Gran (which, incidentally, was not happy to see it). “I’m lost without you,” he tells Sookie Gran.

“The answer is always – in his heart” was the reply of the Great vague.

Just when I thought this episode was going down, we have some much-needed comedy. While women tend to Lafayette, Eric burning speech.

“Sorry, we have a little crunch here,” laughs Eric.

This is the “True Blood” got lost in the season: get all the characters of some large plots and lines, a mixture of blood and humor, a heart and some sadness and some laughter.

And it just kept getting better. Here is a summary of how the impact end of the season for each character.

Bill / Eric / Sookie: Drilling you-you choose subplot this season came to an end orderly, credible in about 15 minutes. Feast on their blood after nearly dying at the stake (and tunics play!), Eric and Bill look longingly at Sookie. Clearly, she realizes it’s time to make a decision.

For a moment, it seems that she is going to Bill. She forgives him before his betrayal, says he always will love him, etc. Then it goes to Eric, confesses her love for him, too.

But in the end decided to be alone (for now). “There is only one way to see this end. It’s me walking away either. It is the most difficult decision I had to do.”

But on the right. It would have been happy if she chose to someone here. Especially the viewer. And it seems that Bill and Eric has some sort of dynamic duo of badass.

Later in the episode, Nan Bill pays a visit. Apparently, the American League vampire and the Authority are not happy with Bill and Eric. They want them dead at the situation of Marnie. Nan will carry out the order, but says she is going rogue, leaving the AVL and the Authority and almost commanded to go with it. And Sookie she uses as a pawn, saying that resemble those puppies around, so you want to live.

Nan’s bad enough for Eric is quick to kill the three guards with her and Bill stabs in the heart, killing her. “I’m not a f — ing puppy dog,” says Bill.

I’m enjoying the new bill / Team Eric. Sookie must break the two most frequently.

Jessica / Jason: So, Jason decided to tell Hoyt sleeping with Jessica. It had to happen. Hoyt almost reacted the way they all thought it would – punches right in the mouth and kicked in the ribs. But it hurts most: “There is something within you what is missing,” Hoyt says his former best friend.

Later, Jason is nursing his wounds when Jessica arrives dressed as the sexiest story of Little Red Riding Hood (is Halloween). “Invite Me,” he says.

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