True Blood Season 4 Premiere

June 27, 2011 by Post Team 

True Blood Season 4 PremiereTrue Blood Season 4 Premiere, A month ago I received the Blu-ray “True Blood,” the third season. I had seen about half of the season already, but stopped watching somewhere around six episodes. Therefore, in advance, got out on the first album and started again, enjoying the introduction of the werewolves and Russell Edgington control over them with vampire blood. Then I found out what Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin) is down, down, down my interest was. Really? A fairy? I was willing to give the series a step in the plot werepanthers, but Sookie to be a fairy was a disappointment, not to mention silly fairy land little visited, a land that seemed to be a big part of plot the series forward.

Entering the fourth season.  Screener I received copies of the first three episodes this season not long ago and was anxious, but be careful to start to see them. The return of a franchise for the extravagant spectacle that was the season one and two, or would go down in this whole tale? Fortunately, within the first ten minutes of the season premiere, the land of fairy is out of the way … and I hope that, if you ask me.

Now, before you disturb the next two episodes of the season we will quickly touch on what else happened at the premiere of the season so we know where we stand. Sookie has been for a year (the land of fairies is a good way to advance the plot apparently), Eric (Alexander Skarsg? rd) bought the house, Tara (Rutina Wesley) has become a lsbn fighter, low income Octagon, Sam (Sam Trammell) is a changer some others spend time with Jason (Ryan Kwanten) is now a police officer in good faith and Andy (Chris Bauer) is still addicted to vampire blood.

In my opinion, none of this is very interesting, or at least presented in way that is new or exciting. However, the dynamic between Sookie and Eric is very entertaining and even better in the next couple of episodes. In addition, the plot becomes increasingly more entertaining and important as these first three episodes of the game is the involvement of Jesus (Kevin Alejandro) and Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis) who join a coven led by a witch named Marnie (played for the excellent Fiona Shaw).

Now this coven of witches does not play an important role in the season premiere, but the role they play is hinted as join hands and take a bird to life. What does it mean? Well, maybe just my name that will give you a clue about what it might mean as a spy vampire, Katerina (Alexandra Breckenridge), ends the episode to sit down with Bill (Stephen Moyer), the new vampire king of Louisiana.

As for what to expect Eric and Sookie advance grow much more, in circumstances we cannot even begin to expect and one of the cast will not make life second episode. Want to tell you who? It’s a shame I will not.

In addition, the participation of the werepanthers Jason goes from being locked in a freezer to be tied to a bed, why and what happens after I say no. And as the new king of Louisiana, Bill begins to exert its power. We even have a flashback scene with Bill 80 in a London club, and yes, it’s as punk as you’d expect it to be.

Finally, the question of whether or not to Arlene (Carrie Preston) baby worth worrying about because it seems to be a question that can never be answered, but certainly something has to happen there or are you just fall. And the relationship between Hoyt (Jim Parrack) and Jessica (Deborah Ann Woll) is already getting heavy as it was when they could not decide if they wanted to be together or not. I like these two together a lot, so I hope you do not get stuck too with lots of drama and soap.

Therefore, the release brought little to the plate while the next two episodes are some rough edges, at the time you reach the end of the third episode is not a real promise to the angle of Wicca, in my opinion, is the most exciting elements.

The big question I have is how exactly Sookie is a work of fairies in the rest of the season? She is obviously still the center of history and time to leave the brilliant “fruit of light” and nonsense of that fairy land, I’m fine with the rest, but I can not begin to express what a fool believes that part the story was and how happy he was to see that seems to have disappeared. There is a small amount of information added to the fairy tale as Eric has an encounter with one end in episode three, but I will not go further on that front.

What I will leave is a preview of episode two, where Eric has his confrontation with the coven of witches, at the request of his king.

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