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June 26, 2011 by Post Team 

True Blood Season 4True Blood Season 4, With each passing year, True Blood preseason buzz gets louder thanks in part to the HBO marketing systems genius. But social media is largely responsible for the dissemination of advertisements and teasers, which increases the anticipation for the vampire soap. June 26 last, fed the thirst for blood – and leaves both satisfied and desire.

Personally, I’ma big fan of True Blood. But even with the series I love, I tend to be critical, only because I expected more from them. True Blood suffers from some chronic weaknesses, such as the intricate plot lines and long periods of time in which the characters never interact with each other. The show is at its best when all the paths cross and a solid connection can be made. When I heard that season 4 is called “Season of the Witch,” I have a bit scary. New highs very well, as long as we do not remove the old floor. Actually, when you look back in the first season and realize the only things that were dealing with a bunch of vampires, the gearshift, and a mind reader, it seems so quaint.

So it was with concern that I have seen the Season 4 premiere, “she is not there.” And let me say – so far, so good.

First, let’s see where we were. The end of the third season was not so much from when I was about cliffhangers new predicaments. Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis) is faced with new visions, while learning found his boyfriend Jesus (Kevin Alejandro) is a witch Tara (Rutina Wesley) is facing her PTSD, cutting hair, and thinking seriously about their future; Hoyt (Jim Parrack) presents Jessica (Deborah Ann Woll), with its own place, Sam (Sam Trammell) and (Marshall Allman) Tommy seems shaky relationship hit rock bottom, and after Bill (Stephen Moyer) throws Eric (Alexander Skarsg? rd) in a pit of wet cement near Russell King (Denis O’Hare), Eric escapes, but not only hit back by revealing the original intent of Bill Sookie (Anna Paquin), who took it over time to be disappearing into the land of fairies. Thank goodness.

So where does that leave us? (If you have not seen the first eight minutes, beware of spoilers. Other than that, nothing much to worry about.)

Not what we know from the advance: The Faerie World is not all painted. And Sookie’s grandfather was surprised how much time has passed since you’ve been there. While this first scene is crazy in a “this feels like an entirely different” kind of way, necessary to give the rest of the episode a shocking effect, as viewers we are in the same position as Sookie.

The first half of the episode flying. As we learn along Sookie with the people of Bon Temps have been doing since we saw them last, I was on the edge of my seat, waiting impatiently for the next family character to appear. There were so many questions that need to be answered. Surprisingly, the episode does a great job in answering most of these questions … while adding a hundred more. This is a brilliant job at that. That leaves you in the middle of the action, allowing you to deduce what happened and instead of bogging you down with light exposure.

True Blood is known for making social commentary through the use of supernatural beings and humans around, and judging by the two interesting scenes with Eric and Bill playing simultaneously a camera and a host, respectively, I have hope this season goes a little with politics and the media.

The episode slowed somewhat in the second half. But the revelation of marriage (and I’m not talking about nudity, but there is something about that, too) in the last minute is very well done. And it lays the groundwork for what we can expect for the rest of the season Bill and Eric.

That is not all the characters in this first episode, but I’m sure they’ll be around soon. But there are several references to past characters, which is rare on television. It’s great to see a show that does not forget its past. And yes, there are witches. We met Marnie and the rest of her coven, although the extent of her power has not been fully used here. It is safe to assume that, from the trailers and previews, we’re in a much more witchcraft.

Overall, I am thrilled that everyone is right now. It sets out the season rearranging the chess pieces, while our eyes closed. The game has suddenly become much more interesting.

Season 4 premieres of True Blood airs on HBO on Sunday, June 26 at 9 pm.

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