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June 27, 2011 by Post Team 

'True Blood' Premiere‘True Blood’ Premiere, Since it has been nine months long, we’ll have a quick reminder that we all left: Bill King and Eric Russell Edgington stuck in a concrete base. Bill then tried to do the same with Eric, but Eric came out. Sookie was crazy when he heard that Bill began to see it as a task of the Queen so broke. Ticket U.S. & the Queen fought about it. Tara was sick of vampires and telepaths shifters and (oh my!) So I cut her hair and hightail it outta Bon Temps. Jason had a new girlfriend glass … Panther was a man of the city of remote regions, champion; Jason was left in charge of glass when it left the city. Sheriff Andy looked longingly at a base of V. Lafayette has a boyfriend, Jesus. It is a brujo (witch aka) and thinks it’s too Lafayette. Lafayette reaction: btch, please! Sam discovered he had a brother, Tommy, who was also a shift lever and a little ass. Sam took it, and they became angry and shot him. Terry and Arlene are having a baby! Too bad the baby psychopathic murderer, RenĂ©, and not Terry. Arlene is convinced it will be eeevil. Hoyt finally said goodbye to his mother and moved in with Jessica, who now lets him drink. Vampires are usually left with the public relations nightmare that someone was killed Russell on national television. Oh, and Sookie found out that was a fairy and went to a ball of light with another fairy, Claudine.

15 minutes or 12 and a half months later…

So, when Sookie came into light, was taken to Fae, home of the fairies. Everyone was happy and eating “the fruit of light.” Apparently it is very tasty, but Sookie, being the girl occasionally brilliant decides not to eat. Unfortunately it is too late for her old friend, Barry the Bellboy and Grandaddy Earl (Gary Cole), who has been missing for 20 years, but looks exactly the same age. Why? Because this place is like the casino Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief – the people there are trying to get you to stay and when it does, it is as if time passes, but in reality for centuries. It appears that Bill did last season Fairy Faerie Queen a little sad, so now is the collection of all human beings with a little Fae in them and seal the portal. The queen is all fear and horrible face with the aid of power electric hand of fun and some AEDs rebel Earl Grandaddy Sookie and return to Earth (Bill and Eric Cue with Sookie burst open eyes, feeling!). But since Earl has been absorbing the fruits of light, apparently not very well make the jump, and after a sad goodbye to the grave of his wife Adele (I still miss that great!) That turns to dust.

Sookie heads of household, which is all set after endless disasters (remember all the sacrifices and werewolves maenad….) and there are improvements. And a lot of construction workers. Both Sookie and workers seem to blend into the other is to be there. Then Jason comes into play with the police uniform. It is Halloween. That is a cop. it’s been a while. Reais. During those 15 minutes Sookie FAES dealing with the ugly / beautiful, close to last year on Earth. Everyone thought she was dead. (Well, almost … let’s get) Andy is upset because her case prevented him from getting an open plate. It is also totally addicted to V, so it is not helping. Bill is happy to see it. So Eric was quick to point out that not give up on her (see!). Bill orders so far (yes, the orders. Wait for it) and nice leaves Sookie, who has not had a year to cope with their problems as it has. Jason, meanwhile, sold the house to a holding (red flag! Red flag!) So, Sookie looks for help in getting it back. She asks the lawyer superpowers Andy’s sister, Portia Bellefleur (Courtney Ford). She’s very pretty, flirty and a little bit with Bill, if you read the books, you know it’s super nasty and Compton Bellefleurs because they are related. It’s like your great grandfather or something…. However, she agrees to help Sookie. But her mind is the bill (again, ew). We will get back to the house…

Let’s run this by: Tommy is in the care of Maxine Fortenberry, mother of Hoyt. He wears a shirt button, comb and says grace. It seems he was shot in the leg only. Sam is paying for physical therapy. Also in “anger management” are actually he and three other shifters who sit, drink, btch, and you know, change. This week in horses. It is only half happy to see Sookie. Arlene and Terry are the proud (or not) the parents of little Mikey. (I found it amusing that his name was because the baby reminded me of the baby in Look Who’s Talking also was named Mikey) When we first meet Mikey, who is sitting in a pile of headless Barbies only. Arlene is very worried. Tara is now Toni. She’s a cage fighter (which is what you do when you fugitive after her life are going to hell. See: Ryan Atwood in The OC). It is also a lsbn. When she learns of Sookie is alive (through the text of Lafayette) wobbles but stays with her girlfriend. Lafayette and Jesus are still together, despite not wanting to be part of it, Jesus continues to push Lafyaette to witchcraft. Joining a coven with Merlotte waitress, Holly, by Marnie (Fiona Shaw), which is a little cuckoo. (She brought her dead bird to life. When he died away again, she was thrilled. Yes…) Jason, besides being a policeman, also remains the care of people in the fish fat brings food. His appreciation: a hit in the head and locked in a freezer. Jessica and Hoyt have the typical marriage, spectacular fights, and laughter, drink blood. Although it might not be enough for the eyes of a Jess Fangbanger during “date night” in Fangtasia. Nan, Eric and Pam are at work trying to humans who are not frightened by Vamps. Oh, and speaking of vampires – remember how I said it looked like Bill ordered to stop Sookie Eric? He did it because … Bill King and now busy running a political campaign of public relations for humans and vampires in peace. Also watching the witches – who have a mole on the coven of Marnie.
Sookie is happy back at home. Portia working hard for her to get home again. And it’s been a couple of long days for her, or years, depending on how you look. So does what any other single girl would do. Take a shower, throw in the towel on the bed and grab a nightgown. Although the towel does not fall. Achieved a 6’4 “Vampire Viking. (Fainting). She tried the” I rescinded her invitation “line, which of course does not matter, does not own the house now. …. The thing is Eric ago. He knew she would be back in time (True Love) and if the owner of the house, he had her own. So I bought it.

“Sookie, you’re mine.” * FANGS

Okay, Truebies, what do you think? I’m glad to have it back? Season 4 premiere away all the blah * so many people had about the end of Season 3? It is sad that there was Alcide? (I was annoyed by the changes….) book? (Bill is the King?) Let’s hear it in the comments!

Coming into this season, based on the previews: Sex, fangs, screaming, fighting, crocodiles, witches, faeries fear. Therefore, as usual. You cannot. Wait.

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