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May 25, 2010 by Post Team 

Trinidad Newsday:Persad-Bissessar and “People’s Association” seized power of the PNM, Patrick Manning, directed, taking home 29 seats to the PNM 12 seats, according to preliminary results. According to preliminary projections early this morning, UNC took home 22 seats, ensuring a safe place in government, the COP five and the first two. The PNM bagged 12: won 26 seats in the 2007 elections. At that time, the UNC won 15.

The UNC / POP coalition was able to make more seats that would have won in the 2007 elections were contested then as a united entity. The coalition was able to push more into the territory of PNM collecting key marginals along the East-West Corridor. And predictably, the coalition led many “safe seats” of the PNM is not believed to have been vulnerable.

The scanning results, which recalls the defeat of the PNM in the 1986 elections to the NAR, gives the coalition a two-thirds majority that gives that power to approve sweeping constitutional changes in the tenth Parliament.

In Rienzi Complex, Couva last night, Persad-Bissessar agreed to immediately set about rebuilding the nation.

“I am overwhelmed by your love, I am humbled by your devotion, I am honored by your confidence. As Prime Minister-elect of our great republic of Trinidad and Tobago, let me say I am very grateful for their overwhelming response to the People’s Association” said Persad-Bissessar a jubilant crowd of thousands.

It is their intention, “You can hold me to the promise of change offered. I knew it was time. A new page has turned and the responsibility of each one of you is now on my shoulders. I will not disappoint .

“From now on, as we move toward building our nation will not UNC, TOP no, no CP, nothing will MSJ no more, no PNM because we are a nation, we are one people and together we rise together. We need every hand on deck alone. Our nation has been in crisis and the only way we can rebuild this country is whether side by side together and lift up everyone …. Being the guardian of your brother, who Sister stores and no one should be left behind. ”

Persad-Bissessar, the new Prime Minister, now joins the ranks of women leaders in the Caribbean, including Dominica’s Dame Eugenia Charles (Prime Minister from 1980-1995), Janet Jagan Guyana, (Prime Minister in 1997 and elected president in 1997 he served until 1999) and Jamaica Portia Simpson-Miller (2006-2007).

The UNC political leader’s victory came almost exactly four months after he beat former UNC leader Basdeo Panday, internal grinding according to a survey on 24 January, three months after she became leader of the opposition in the ninth Parliament after winning the support of the main supporters of Panday in the House of Representatives. His victory also comes 23 years after he first entered politics.

The People’s Alliance was able to win important marginals as the two seats Tobago, Barataria / San Juan, Tunapuna, San Jose, San Fernando West, Moruga / Plateau and East Chaguanas. The seat was declared by Eastern Tobago so early was 8.30 pm in Complex with PNM THA First Secretary Orville London West Tobago yield the seat shortly after Rienzi.

Several prominent members of the PNM Cabinet lost their seats, including: Information Minister Neil Parsanlal (Lopinot / Bon-Air West), Minister of Education Esther Le Gendre (Tunapuna), Minister of Public Administration Swaratsingh Kennedy (San Jose) and the Minister of Finance Karen Nunez-Tesheira (D’Abadie / O’Meara).

Parsanlal lost the COP Lincoln Douglas, Le Gendre to COP political leader Winston Dookeran. Nunez-Tesheira lost his seat at the COP Anil Roberts, a popular television presenter. Swaratsingh, which was confirmed last week that it remains a Catholic priest, suffered defeat at the hands of former High Court judge Herbert Volney who left the bench to participate in elections.

The election also gave a historical first for the newcomer to politics CP was able to win seats for the first time since it was formed in September 2006. The party had failed to win a seat in the 2007 elections, despite the capture of about one third of the popular vote then.

Dookeran secured convincing victory over Le Gendre. He had narrowly lost the seat of St. Augustine in the 2007 elections. CP deputy political leader Prakash Ramadhan took home the See of St. Augustine at this time.

“I would like to thank Esther Le Gendre for his service he has rendered to the people of Tunapuna in the past two years,” said Dookeran CP’s office in El Dorado. “I welcome Mrs Kamla Persad-Bissessar in the pioneering role as the Prime Minister.”

The results also represent victories for the workers, two union members, Errol McLeod and Rudy Indarsingh taking positions for the UNC in Pointe-a-Pierre and Couva South.

By all indications yesterday’s election saw a high turnout, with queues at polling stations before dawn, and even in some places before the polls opened at 6 am. A total of 1,040,011 voters were registered to vote.

The tenth parliament the ruling PNM will sit on opposition benches for the first time in over a decade after its political leader called early elections for the second time in his political career. To Manning, the results were deja vu last night after he also lost the 1995 general election after calling an election a year earlier.

Amid the deepening unpopularity and a rising tide of criticism of his administration, including scandals involving his links with Udecott, and the construction of a church in Guanape, Manning broke the Parliament for unclear reasons on April 8, one day Persad-Bissessar before had been scheduled to debate opposition motion of no confidence. Manning grabbed the election date for a total of eight days, since the country was pushed into limbo by his abrupt decision came two and a half years.

Yesterday’s events also represented Manning’s political career full circle. Manning kept its headquarters in San Fernando East constituency, consolidating its position as one of Trinidad and Tobago, more deputies to serve. His victory in the East San Fernando came exactly 39 years after he first won the seat of the PNM at the age of 24.

But this achievement would do little to calm the now clear questions arise about its future as PNM political leader, amid the growing popularity of Diego Martin West MP Dr Keith Rowley, who led the criticism of Manning in the PNM in recent two years since Manning sacked him as Minister of Industry, Trade and April 2008. the last night claimed the Rowley Diego Martin West seat by a convincing margin of Manning, for the first time hinted Balisier House to resign as political leader of MNP.

“This was a surprise to me,” Manning said in a speech conceding defeat at 10.40 PNM. “I want to assure everyone that is not the end of the world or the end of the political world. Accepted the result and accept full responsibility for the outcome.”

The developer added: “Very soon we will be calling the General Council and the party together and one of the things that now have to consider my future in politics.”

To Persad-Bissessar, Manning said: “I would like the first woman prime minister as well.”

In his victory speech in Rienzi, Persad-Bissesar promised to immediately start the process of selecting his cabinet, to ensure continuity of government policies to increase the levels of consultation to focus on education and visiting the schools. He paid special tribute to Dookeran, Jack Ashworth TOP political leader and UNC President Jack Warner. He also thanked Basdeo Panday UNC founder, whom he defeated in internal party polls, wishing you a happy 77th birthday.

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